5 of The Best Health And Wellness Apps You Need on Your Phone

There are so many health and wellness apps available, how do you choose? Check out our top 5 picks.

One study found that people who use fitness apps were more active than those who didn’t.

Health and fitness apps are designed to help people overcome barriers to making sustained habits consistent. Alert notifications, progress trackers, ease of use and other in-app features can make a big difference in helping people make meaningful improvements in their health and wellness.

Read on for a list of 5 of the best health and wellness apps that you need to download right now.

1. Calm

Calm is one of the top health apps for meditation and sleep. There is both a free and a paid version and the free version offers plenty of perks.

For example, choose a background scene and sound. Choose how long you want it to play even when you are out of the app. Choose from a roaring fire, a mountain lake, a tranquil forest and more. It’s great for when you need to be productive or get into a calm state of mind.

There are also many guided meditations including managing stress, mindfulness at work, and getting ready to sleep. If you love the app, upgrade to the paid version for access to exclusive content including masterclasses and many more meditation topics.

2. Nike Run Club

Nike never disappoints and its fitness app is no different. Nike Run Club is hands-down one of the best fitness tracking apps.

Track your run, compare your miles to your friends each month, earn trophies and badges and have access to a coach.

There’s a slew of guided runs to help you increase your tempo, endurance, and distance.

It easily syncs to playlists on your phone so that you can listen to your favorite songs as you go. If you want some extra motivation why not order a custom phone case with a photo that will help you stay committed. Shop here for custom phone cases.

3. Sleep Cycle

Sleep cycle is one of the most downloaded health apps out there. It tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you up during your lightest sleep within a 30-minute window.

This way you avoid feeling groggy and tired throughout the day. You’ll be amazed how big a difference waking up at the right time in your sleep cycle can make.

4. Happify

Want to be happier? There’s an app for that! Happify is an award-winning app that uses positive psychology to help you in one of several key areas of improvement.

You can choose whichever track you want to focus on such as overcoming negative thoughts or decreasing stress.

Each day, you’ll have a goal, task or game to complete that will help you work towards your goal. Pretty soon you’ll find you are feeling a whole lot happier.

5. Lose It

There are hundreds if not more apps out there for weight loss. But Lose it is one of the most popular fitness apps for how easy it makes weight loss.

All you do is put in your information and make sure you stay under your calorie limit for the day. Scan barcodes as you eat or manually enter information to track your food.

If you do a workout, add that in too so that you can eat more calories that day. Learn how to create a workout schedule that will help you reach your goals.

Bottom Line on Health and Wellness Apps

We hope you found this list of 5 health and wellness apps useful. Whether you need motivation, accountability or a way to track your progress, health and wellness apps can help.

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