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Welcome to our review of the Crazy Bulk Bodybuilding Supplements range! Before we get into the benefits and potential side effects of Crazy Bulk, let’s first discuss who Crazy Bulk actually are, and how the company was formed. 

Who Are Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk are a manufacturer of bodybuilding supplements.

They are one of the most credible brands today offering several alternatives to steroids.

The company has bodybuilding supplements meant for bulking up, cutting and also stacking.

There are supplements for men and women. Many of their supplements have become bestsellers.

The company claims to have sold over half a million supplements since its inception.

crazy bulk review

History of Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk was founded in 2004.

Over the years it has rolled out many natural alternatives to steroids.

The company is primarily into bodybuilding supplements but has lately started selling some merchandise as well, mostly apparel to promote their brand.

The company has different types of bodybuilding supplements but many have the same ingredients.

Most of the ingredients are safe and have been proven to be effective with sufficient scientific backing.

Benefits of Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk has around fourteen different supplements. Each of these supplements has specific objectives.

Some of the supplements can be stacked for better results.

The benefits of Crazy Bulk supplements vary depending on the particular product you choose and how you use it.

The inventory of the company has bodybuilding supplements, dietary supplements, fat burners and testosterone boosters.

The company has priced its supplements in the moderate range.

Depending on the supplement you choose, the benefits of Crazy Bulk products include retaining lean mass, growing muscular tissues, increasing strength and endurance, faster recovery and rapid gains during bulking up, fat loss and better sculpting of developed muscles.

The products do not have preservatives or additives. They are suitable for adults across ages.

The benefits of Crazy Bulk products have been endorsed by many customers, including bodybuilders, power lifters and fitness enthusiasts.

Side Effects of Crazy Bulk

There are no serious side effects of Crazy Bulk.

Individual experiences will of course vary.

Some people experience the desired effects with the recommended dose.

Some may have to increase the dosage.

The standard course works out for most people but the exact outcome will vary, depending on many factors including workout routine and lifestyle choices.

Some people experience mild side effects with some Crazy Bulk products.

Changes in appetite, sleep pattern and mood are not uncommon.

Some people have digestive issues but the problem subsides after the system becomes familiar with the supplement.

All Crazy Bulk supplements are completely natural.

They are premium products with effective strength assuring quick and impressive outcomes.

Popular Crazy Bulk Supplements

The most popular supplements of Crazy Bulk are:

  • D-Bal or Dianabol
  • Trenorol or Trenbolone
  • Testo-Max or Sustanon
  • HGH-X2
  • Anadrole or Anadrol
  • DecaDuro or Deca Durabolin
  • NO2-Max
  • Clenbutrol or Clenbuterol
  • Anvarol or Anavar
  • Winsol or Winstrol

The former names are the trademarks of the brand.

The latter names are generic, more of a guide for buyers to know what the supplements are and why they should be used.

D-Bal (Dianabol)

dianabol crazy bulk

D-Bal (Dianabol) is primarily for rapid muscle gains and enhanced strength.

The supplement also speeds up recovery between different exercise cycles and also distinct phases.

D-Bal facilitates nitrogen retention and sustains the anabolic state for optimal growth of muscles.

The supplement boosts protein synthesis. It is a safe supplement with sustainable effects on strength and endurance.

The standard course is thirty days and recommended dosage is three pills per day.

One bottle has thirty pills so you may need three of those for a whole month.

The pills should be taken with some water within forty five minutes after a workout.

Bodybuilders and power lifters use the supplement for sixty days to get the best results.

Trenorol (Trenbolone)

crazy bulk trenorol review

Trenorol (Trenbolone) boosts growth of lean mass and can be useful during bulking up and the cutting cycle.

Trenbolone is an androgenic anabolic steroid.

In addition to muscle gains, it can enhance power, improve physique and speed up healing.

The supplement supports nitrogen retention. It also fuels protein synthesis.

It reduces water retention and hence is instrumental in the cutting phase.

The supplement is safe and legal. It can aid fat loss and hence reduction in weight without letting any substantial loss of lean mass.

The boost to strength and stamina is phenomenal. The results are usually observable within a month.

Recommended dosage is three pills per day.

Testo-Max (Sustanon)

testo max crazy bulk review

Testo-Max (Sustanon) is a testosterone booster. It is aimed at men who have low levels of testosterone.

The supplement is equally popular among bodybuilders who want rapid gains in muscle.

The supplement is optimally potent. It can aid bulking and cutting cycles.

It aids recovery of muscles after exhaustive workouts.

Testo-Max increases testosterone levels significantly but without posing any health risk. It does so naturally.

The supplement contains D-Aspartic acid, zinc and magnesium, vitamins D, B6 and K1 among others.

The amino acid D-Aspartic acid plays a crucial role in regulating luteinizing hormone, which responsible for the natural secretion of testosterone.

The supplement works quickly and results are observable in just a fortnight.

The recommended dosage is four pills per day. The pills should be taken twenty minutes before breakfast or earlier.


HGH x2 crazy bulk supplement review

HGH-X2 is an HGH supplement. It is one of the best HGH supplements available in the market today.

The potent releaser of human growth hormone can restore vitality, increase strength and enhance endurance, boost energy and also aid the cutting cycle for bodybuilders.

HGH-X2 is just as good for fitness enthusiasts as those who have depleting human growth hormone, due to age or other reason.

This supplement also facilitates gains in lean muscle and speeds up natural recovery.

It is one of the expensive HGH supplements available today but it is also a premium product with no side effect.

HGH-X2 can help with your weight loss goals, especially if you want to shed the rigid fat in your body.

It does not lead to depletion of lean mass. The recommended dosage is two pills per day.

The pills should be taken with some water at least twenty minutes before breakfast.

Anadrole (Anadrol)

anadrol crazy bulk review

Anadrole (Anadrol) is primarily used for bulking up.

It boosts strength and endurance.

Recovery is quicker when bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts take the supplement on a regular basis.

The supplement prevents fatigue or lethargy.

Anadrole can help pumps appear more pronounced and hence is a popular choice as a bulking supplement.

The recommended dosage is two pills per day. They should be taken at least twenty minutes before breakfast.

The other supplements DecaDuro, NO2-Max, Clenbutrol, Anvarol and Winsol are equally popular for their intended benefits.

Customer Reviews of Crazy Bulk

Crazy Bulk is one of the most credible brands of bodybuilding, dietary and health supplements.

They do not have the most extensive range of such supplements and the products are often out of stock when the demand is high but if there is one company that has succeeded in emulating the same effects of steroids that are otherwise illegal then it is Crazy Bulk.

Most customers who have tried their supplements do not choose any other brand.

The company is well known for making products that have no serious side effect.

The products are also effective. Individual experiences can vary a bit but the supplements actually do what the company claims.

Crazy Bulk is also popular for its stacks. Hard core bodybuilders and power lifters know how important stacking is.

When someone has to push the sheer limit of physical prowess and need to overcome the obvious stagnation of physical development, stacking becomes essential.

Since Crazy Bulk suggests stacks of their own products, one can be assured of their safety and efficacy.

The stacks on sale are moderately priced.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the Crazy Bulk supplements range!

These supplements are a great way to bulk up or slim down depending on your goal, without putting harmful toxins or unknown chemicals into your body.

They’re also 100% legal and easy to order online.

If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend trying the Crazy Bulk range for yourself. 

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