Crazy Bulk Trenorol Review – Does it live up the hype?

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Welcome to this Crazy Bulk Trenorol Review! We’ll go through the benefits and side effects of this bodybuilding supplement a bit further down the article, but first, let’s find out exactly what Trenorol is.

What is Crazy Bulk’s Trenorol?

Trenorol (Trenbolone) is a bodybuilding supplement made by Crazy Bulk.

The company manufactures several bodybuilding supplements. Trenorol is one of its bestsellers.

Crazy Bulk is one of the more credible brands in the niche of bodybuilding supplements, dietary supplements, fat burners, and testosterone boosters.

Trenorol is not a testosterone booster or a dietary supplement.

It is a supplement meant for bodybuilders, power lifters and fitness enthusiasts.

While it is not an outright fat burner per se, yet it does aid weight loss.

Trenorol is not an illegal steroid. It is a legal and safe supplement that is available for sale across the country.

crazy bulk trenorol review

History of Trenorol

Trenorol has been around for a few years now. Crazy Bulk has been in business for more than fifteen years.

It has several bestselling bodybuilding supplements to its credit.

The company has sold more than half a million bottles of their bodybuilding supplements and other products.

The brand is known for making supplements specifically for bulking and cutting.

It also has stacks meant for specific purposes. All the stacks are of their own products. Trenorol is available for sale as a standalone supplement.

It is also a part of a few stacks sold by Crazy Bulk.

The company makes natural alternatives to illegal steroids. It does not use chemicals or other synthetic ingredients.

Benefits of Crazy Bulk Trenorol

The primary benefits of Trenorol are mass gains, enhanced strength and better condition.

Trenorol or Trenbolone is one of the highest rated bulking supplements in the market today.

It provides raw power and facilitates the growth and development of lean mass.

Most bodybuilders use the supplement during their bulking phases.

Many also use it in the cutting phase. The benefits of Trenorol can be maximized by stacking.

It can be stacked with many supplements including DecaDuro, D-Bal, Anadrole, Winsol, Clenbuterol and Testo-Max.

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Trenorol can emulate the androgenic effects of the steroid known as Trenbolone.

It is one of the most versatile steroids with immense effects on muscle gain, strength and endurance.

The steroid can speed up the desired physical condition. It quickens recovery and healing. It is useful for bulking and cutting.

The same benefits are offered by Trenorol, which is a safe and legal alternative.

Trenorol helps with nitrogen retention. Adequate nitrogen has to be retained to facilitate protein synthesis.

Muscle tissues can only grow stronger and develop further when there is effective nitrogen retention and protein synthesis is sped up.

In addition to developing stronger and bulkier muscles, the supplement also accelerates fat loss.

Those who bulk up using this supplement do not gain fat in the process.

The development is mostly of lean mass. If there is any fat gain during the bulking up phase, Trenorol can burn and shed that during the cutting cycle.

One of the other important benefits of Trenorol is its impact on the production of red blood cells.

Increased production ensures better oxygen supply to the muscles. This increases strength and obvious power that can be felt during workouts.

There is also a sustained impact on endurance. People taking Trenorol during a bulking up or cutting phase will have the ability to work out longer and harder.

Trenorol improves vascularity, reduced water retention and makes muscles more pronounced.

It is easier to develop well sculpted muscles with defined contours while taking Trenorol regularly through bulking up and cutting phases. 

Trenorol improves power, eliminates fat and makes pumps stronger and later the muscles develop prominent forms that are necessary for a ripped physique.

The safe and legal supplement can make physical conditioning a much easier challenge.

The benefits of Trenorol do not take long to be noticeable.

The changes begin in a week up to a fortnight. Effective results are visible in a month.

Side Effects of Crazy Bulk Trenorol


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Crazy Bulk has fourteen different supplements. None of them have any serious side effect.

Trenorol does not pose any risk to your health.

It may interact with some other supplements, which is why Crazy Bulk recommends stacking their own products.

Their stacks have been proven to be safe and effective.

Trenorol works similarly for most people but there can be mild side effects for some.

It is possible some users will experience random changes in appetite when they start taking the supplement. There is a heightened sense of alertness.

The increased focus or concentration is fine through the day but it can impair sleep.

Those who work out in the evening may experience some disruption of the normal sleep schedule. This is a transient problem and should subside naturally.

Some users are tempted to increase the dose to get faster muscle gains. This is not recommended.

Increasing the dose beyond three pills can have side effects.

The recommended dosage works just as well for all. Crazy Bulk does not reduce its potency per pill.

There are other companies that tend to reduce the potency so they can sell more.

The company is seriously committed to delivering the best results as per their own claims.

Ingredients and Dosage of Crazy Bulk Trenorol


crazy bulk trenorol capsules

The main active ingredients in Trenorol are Beta Sitosterol, Samento Inner Bark (also known as Uncaria tomentosa), Nettle Leaf Extract (also known as Urtica dioica) and Pepsin.

There are other ingredients including gelatin, lactose, rice concentrate, silica, maltodextrin and vegetable stearate.

The product contains milk products so those who are lactose intolerant may have to exercise caution.

The supplement does not contain any salt, sugar, wheat, gluten, rice or yeast. There is no shellfish or artificial flavorings, colors and sweeteners.

The recommended dosage is three capsules daily. The smallest bottle has ninety capsules.

There are thirty servings that should last a month. The three pills should be taken with some water around half an hour to forty five minutes before workouts.

If there are days when you do not plan to work out, then you should reduce the intake to just one capsule.

This should be taken with the main meal of the day. There is no need to take three pills on days when you are not working out at all.

The standard course of Trenorol is two months. Many people use it for only one month.

While there is no problem with a shorter course, the best results are achievable when the supplement is taken for sixty days, accounting for the days when one would not work out.

There should be a ten days cool off after the course of two months. This is an imperative downtime, regardless of whether or not you are working out.

Price of Crazy Bulk Trenorol

The listed price of Trenorol is $85.00 but a discount of $23 is available on the official website of Crazy Bulk. The current selling price is $61.99.

Customer Reviews of Crazy Bulk Trenorol


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Trenorol is a bestseller. It is highly rated by customers. The supplement is one of the most effective products in the niche.

It is moderately priced, especially considering the discount, so customers do not have any complaint about that either.

Most customers have reported that they do not experience any side effects during the course of a month or sixty days, depending on the scope of their bulking or cutting cycle.

Some customers insist that a post cycle therapy is necessary to reverse any suppression of hormones during the course.


To sum up this Crazy Bulk Trenorol review, it is a legal and safe bodybuilding supplement.

It contains natural ingredients. There is no patented formula or proprietary ingredient that is not disclosed to the public.

The product is available worldwide and there is free shipping to the United States among a hundred other countries.


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