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By Mark / 8 months ago

Coffee is literally the best plant in the world – We shall now take 5 minutes of silence to appreciate this sacred bean. Now that we have expressed our appreciation, let’s take a deeper look at how coffee affects us on a daily basis. Let the record show how many times coffee has saved us and kept us awake when we were at our sleepiest state. However, although most of us consume coffee every day, and while that’s great, we should still be careful when drinking it.

Which one is right?

Even though many of us love to mix and match a number of things with our coffee to boost its flavor, it’s important to remember what it is that makes coffee healthy and why. There are an array of different ways to drink coffee, from good old strong shot of espresso, the milky latte, the straight up black American coffee to the macchiato, latte, and even the almond milk coffee. So what is it that you need to do with your coffee to ensure that it is leading you down the road to a healthier body? Follow these tips and you can’t go wrong.

Find the Right Coffee Beans

Like most plants, the coffee bean is sprayed with synthetic pesticides. There is no clear evidence that synthetic sprayed coffee beans cause any kind of damage, but if you want to keep it 100% healthy, make sure you buy organic coffee beans that you can consume while feeling relaxed.

Find the Right Measurement

Believe it or not, but the amount of water that you put in your coffee makes a lot of difference. It’s better to know how much coffee to add per cup of water. Now you don’t want to add a lot of water to your coffee to the point where there is no point of drinking it, but you want to put just the right amount where it distills the intensity of coffee and yet retains its healthy effect on your body.

Make Sure It’s Sugar Free

The struggles of having a sweet tooth are real, especially when it comes to coffee. You see, adding sugar to your coffee every day is not really the healthiest thing you can go for. On the long run, all the sugar that you have been adding to your coffee will mess with your energy levels, give you diabetes, and tooth decay. Yikes!

Avoid Artificial Creamers

If you feel inclined to add an artificial creamer to your coffee, one word for you, don’t. Those artificial creamers that claim to be “low-fat” are nothing but a cheap marketing scheme. Not only do they not work, but they’re also very unhealthy for you. Full-fat milk is way better for you than artificial creamers.

Try Adding Cinnamon

Another bliss that Mother Nature has bestowed on us is Cinnamon, not only is it delicious, but it’s also very healthy. If you want to add a little twist to your coffee, consider adding a pinch of cinnamon. Fun fact: Cinnamon can decrease blood sugar levels and help you lose weight.

Try Adding Powder

One of the greatest things that humanity has been blessed with is the Cocoa bean – next to coffee, obviously. Next time you crave coffee, do yourself a favor and add a dash of cocoa to it. Coffee and chocolate are definitely one of the best dynamic duos of all time.

Keeping It Healthy

No doubt, we all love coffee. But, as the saying goes: too much of a good thing is a bad thing. There is no problem with drinking your cup of coffee every day; all you have to do is watch out for bad habits you might be developing without noticing. Make sure to avoid adding sugar to your coffee every day, and stay away from those artificial creamers. Also remember to measure the ratio between your water and coffee, buy organic coffee, and add cinnamon and cocoa to your coffee.

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