Do Organic Products Help You Grow Your Muscles?

By Mark / last month

If you want to start your muscle building routine right, eat the right protein at the right amount and at the right time. To ensure your muscles are getting enough of the right stuff opt for products that are organic. For example, if you want beef, turkey, chicken, eggs and dairy as your protein sources look for the organic variety. If you want to further rev up your muscle building regimen, consider consuming organic whey protein and natural steroids. Remember that if you really want to grow your muscles the healthy way, don’t just settle for any kind of protein. Opt for the ones that are certified organic. But why should you opt for organic protein sources? Do these organic products really help in muscle building?

Organic Products Help Build Healthy Muscles

A review conducted on 67 studies revealed that organic meat contains more omega 3 fatty acids than meat from commercially raised animals.  The said review also found out that organic meat contains slightly lower levels of saturated fats compared to conventional meat. In addition, meat that comes from grass-fed animals have more CLA content that is not only beneficial for muscle building, but it also plays a significant role in cardiovascular protection. 

So, if you’re asking whether organic products help you grow your muscles, the answer is a big yes. Numerous studies suggest that going organic helps one build better muscles since the body will have more access to the essential nutrients needed for muscle growth. 

On the contrary, if you don’t opt for organic products, you run the risk of doing more harm than good to your body. It may not be one hundred percent guaranteed but when you consume organic, chances are your body will get more natural ingredients and less of those synthetic or artificial chemicals that conventional foods have. And, aside from organic meat, vegetables and fruits, it is also wise to opt for natural steroids. 

Steroids Made from Natural Ingredients Won’t Have Significant Side Effects

Another great way to build your muscles is to make use of steroids. But, make sure it’s the legal one or else you’ll only be putting yourself at risk from its dangerous side effects. 

Regular consumption of natural products for muscle growth greatly spares you from the evil effects that their conventional counterpart brings. For example, using a steroid made from natural ingredients help increase the body’s muscle quality by also improving its endurance, size and strength. These natural steroids may still have side effects depending on the person using it, but it would not be too significant to be considered highly dangerous to one’s health. After all, it’s made from natural ingredients.  

Organic Meat and Dairy Contain More Omega 3s and CLA for Muscle Building

The best thing about going organic is the fact that these foods contain a lot more nutrients than those that are not organic. For example, organic milk has about 70 percent more omega 3 fatty acids than its conventional counterpart.  It also has a 50 percent more vitamin E and 75 percent more beta-carotene which will be converted by our body into vitamin A. Organic milk also has more CLA or conjugated linoleic acid. This CLA and omega 3 fatty acids play a crucial role in shedding off fats and in building muscles, while vitamins A and E are important for enhancing muscle recovery. You can also obtain the same nutrients from cottage cheese and yoghurt. 

Organic Whey Protein Has High Amount of Leucine

Whey is one good example of a high quality protein source as it boasts of high amounts of branched-chain amino acids known as leucine. Also, leucine is considered as the most growth-promoting of all amino acids. It has been shown to work effectively in preventing muscle loss that usually comes with age. Leucine is also known to help improve muscle strength. 

Moreover, if you’re looking to buy whey protein to ensure your body has enough amino acids for muscle building, make sure it’s organic. Otherwise, you will also be consuming unnecessary fillers that could be unhealthy. 

Remember that your bodybuilding efforts must involve the consumption of only organic and natural products. It would be hard to keep eating inorganic and anything that has artificial chemicals in it and still call such routine as part of your bodybuilding regimen. Note that when you’re eating toxins, like you would when you’re consuming foods that are not made from organic and natural ingredients, it would be wrong to call it as body “building”. You cannot “build” something while ruining it at the same time!

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