Does Working out Really Gets You Going?

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All forms of exercises from hitting the gym to participating in a yoga class are undoubtedly the life-changers in the modern world. The number of people adopting a workout routine is rapidly growing, thanks to the high level of awareness on the importance of exercising. If there was one thing one could do to lower the risks for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, flues, cold and even sleep problems; it has got to be doing the right form of the various exercises.

The question on whether working out gets you going or not is a no brainer and the reasons are highlighted below. Over the years, scientists and health professionals have been looking for a magic pill in the health and fitness sector, which could solve all the problems associated with lack of happiness, increased risk to diseases and body shapes. This resulted in the study of the importance of exercising and the results were amazing.

Importance of working out

Boosts your mood and memory

What if you were told that the very exercise that makes you sweat and keeps your heart running faster is the reason for your happiness and increased concentration? Working out has been proven to boost human memory by improving your focus, decision making, attention, and personality. The major parts of the brain, such as the hippocampus, temporal lobe, and prefrontal cortex benefit a lot from physical exercises.

A 20 minute workout, for example, has immediate benefits to your brain. It instantly increases the levels of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, and adrenaline. All these increases your moods. Working out also enhances the production of new brain cells in the hippocampus, which boosts your long term memory.

Increases your reaction time

If you’re the type who prefers to sleep and watch TV all day instead of focusing your energy on something productive or creative; you aren’t necessarily lazy but you probably have a slow reaction time. You take too long to respond to something urgent, something you should be knowing already. When you train your body on a daily basis, you are training the mind as well and your life takes a paradigm shift- everything starts happening on time. This is because exercises change brain anatomy, physiology and functioning. You won’t be a spectator anymore, you become a performer.

Transforms your social life

Working out doesn’t necessarily bring more people into your social loop, but what it does is boosting your confidence and gives you the courage to go out and meet new people. Many are often not happy with the way their bodies look and while a majority pledge to take action, only a few do really work on themselves. By hitting the gym or taking that intense cardio exercise, you work on losing those extra pounds and eventually get your body in shape. This way, you gain the confidence to face yourself and others before trying to solve the other life challenges.

Improves sleep patterns and eases anxiety

Sleep disorders and anxiety are two interrelated problems affecting the everyday person. These conditions are not programmed into some individuals, but they form due to the very habits we keep nurturing within ourselves. Anxiety, for example, is linked to stress and depression; all of which can be eliminated by doing regular exercises.

Sleep deprivation is one of the most common symptoms reported by people with depression. Lack of sleep is caused by a number of factors such as poor sleeping habits. By exercising, you activate the various muscle groups and reduce the chances of respiratory diseases which is an increased risk for people with sleep deprivation. Again, complete lack of sleep causes an increased release of insulin which could lead to fat storage and a higher risk for type two diabetes.


Choosing the best workout and exercise classes

More often, people wishing to join an exercise class get stuck in choosing the best classes that will suit their needs. While this is common with new people seeking to explore the various workout options, veteran gym goers still get it wrong sometimes.

In a typical fitness world, there are three basic types of people. The fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and lifestyle seekers. Under the first category are people who want to get their body in shape. Those who are sick and tired of that hanging belly and muffin top bodies. The bodybuilders are more interested in building lean, attractive and killer muscles.

Lifestyle seekers are those who are more impressed with certain body shapes and they hope that the gym could help accelerate their dreams. All the above types of people usually benefit from working out depending on their level of focus and hard work. If you fall under the first category, for example, and you’re passionately looking for fitness resorts that will not only promise, but also deliver results; you’ll benefit the most from high-impact exercises and measured nutrition.

Doing the right thing or doing it right?

Depending on what your goal is, it’s always easy to narrow your options to the path that will guarantee consistent and faster results. Many people who struggle with losing weight and burning those excess fats knows how hard things can get sometimes. The problem with the body transformation market is that it promises beyond a realistic point and leaves people confused between what is real and what is not.

A six-pack-guaranteed exercise package that has been limited to 30 days, for someone with belly fat is more of an insult. Such misleading propositions are what makes people go for unrealistic options and end up losing hope in the long run. Apart from the wasted time, some of these exercises are not safe and could lead to serious injuries.

Instead of focusing on the end results, it’s always advisable to focus your efforts, energy and time on the body transformation process. Fall in love with the cardio exercises and embrace the power of compound exercises suggested to you by a qualified fitness instructor.

As a general rule of thumb, always appreciate the fact that you must start somewhere, and make an effort to work on yourself. Invest time in the workout sessions and watch yourself improve and get better as the days go by. Compete with yourself instead of feeling sorry that you can’t lift like the other gym members or that you’re the odd one out.

Everyone at some point in life needs to exercise or get involved in at least one physical activity. In a world where a majority spends 75 percent of the day working, sitting down, or glued to their laptops; it’s more than necessary to pick a workout routine that will not only keep your health in check but also rejuvenate your sources of happiness and well-being.

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