5 Effective Ways to Get Rid of Loose Skin after Weight Loss

By Mark / 8 months ago
Loose or excess skin can be a problem.

You've worked hard to lose weight, so don't let excess skin ruin the aesthetics of your success. Find out how you can get rid of loose skin and firm up your body to look fantastic.

Get Back into Shape

Congratulations, you did it. You lost the weight you wanted to shed. You looked ripped, have more energy and are creating an awesome V-shape torso, but one problem still remains. This problem is excess or loose skin. Don’t worry, the solution is at hand.

#1. Building Muscle

Continuing to work out with weights is a great way to tighten the skin. If you lost weight through reducing the number of calories you consumed daily, you probably lost lean muscle in addition to losing fat.

This problem is easy to remedy. There are several ways that you can build muscle to help tighten your loose skin. You can consider getting a personal trainer to teach you how to properly perform the right exercises. After a period of time, you will have learned how to properly execute the exercises and you can either do them on your own or continue with your trainer.

#2. Drink More Water

If you’re going to reshape your skin, you will need to increase your water intake. The water content in muscles is around 75%, so if you want to ensure that you are increasing lean mass, water is very important. But, it’s not only beneficial for your muscles, it helps your skin as well. The skin is an organ that is highly elastic. Water benefits the skin by improving elasticity. Over time, this improvement in elasticity will help you tighten your loose skin.

The general rule with drinking water is to try to get at least 64 ounces a day. This number can increase or decrease depending on your activity level and diet, but you should always remember to stay hydrated.

#3. Dietary Supplements

Water is one way to increase your skin’s elasticity, but there are other things that can help as well. Dietary supplements containing Omega-3’s can help your skin elasticity improve. Supplementing with fish oils help with skin health, help to moisturize the skin and also help you improve lean mass. It will take some time to start seeing the benefits of supplementing with fish oils, but the health benefits are well worth the wait.

#4. Get Massages

A massage is beneficial in numerous ways. It will relieve stress, it will help loosen tight muscles and best of all, it will help improve your skin’s elasticity. Massages help increase blood circulation, which in turn helps to deliver nutrients to all areas of the body, including the skin. Getting a massage on a weekly or bi-weekly basis will do wonders to help tighten your loose skin. You can choose to go to a professional masseuse, have a partner or friend give you a massage or do it on your own.

#5. Skin Moisturization

Moisturizing your skin is yet another way to tighten loose skin. A moisturizer with a high Vitamin E content is perfect because one of the main functions of this vitamin is to help you maintain healthy skin. Coconut oil is another great option to use as a skin moisturizer. It is all natural and it is antibacterial.

You can find a moisturizer that contains coconut oil or you can find coconut oil in any health food store and apply it to your skin. Coconut oil smells great as well, so in addition to tightening your skin, it will be like aromatherapy, helping you to relieve stress as you firm up your skin. Getting rid of excess skin after weight loss is a process that won’t occur overnight. It requires patience, determination, and consistency.

Look Great in Your New Body

Building muscle is the best thing you can do for your skin and your health, but it’s not the only way to tighten your skin. You also need to improve your skin’s elasticity through diet, taking care of your skin and by getting massages.

You were able to lose weight and that’s a feat that many were unable to accomplish. So while you’re waiting for your skin to tighten up, just smile and look at your loose skin as a sign that you were successful in accomplishing an important goal. Then smile again, because you know you will be successful in tightening up your loose skin, too.

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