Get Bigger, Leaner, Stronger: The Quick & Easy Way to Building Bigger Muscles Faster

Transform your looks by building muscles and cutting fat.

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More Muscle, Less Fat...and No Nonsense!

If you want to transform your shape and build the body of your dreams, you are in the right place. Because after years of struggling to make bodybuilding work for me, I have finally cracked the code.

Hey, Joe Bensam here...and I have some amazing news for you...

I spent thousands of hour in the gym, trying to achieve the kind of body I saw in bodybuilding magazines and on TV. But regardless of how hard I worked, and how much effort I put in, my results were mediocre at best.

I knew there had to be something I was doing wrong.

And finally, I realized that following conventional advice is doing things the hard way. So I went back to basics and did my own in-depth research. And what I learned is astonishing.

The Experts are Lying to You

I discovered that most of the so-called ‘bodybuilding experts’ are not experts at all. Far from it. Even if they have fancy degrees in related topics, they often know little about the real science of building muscle.

Their ‘expertise’ mostly consists of rehashing old information. They have little in the way of original thought or genuine research. And the truth is that the ideas they peddle are rooted in tradition, rather than fact.

When you discard all the conventional nonsense and get down to basics, building a fantastic body is a much easier than you might think. You just need to focus on the basics of four pillars of bodybuilding:

  • check
    Building muscle
  • check
    Cutting fat 
  • check
    Leveraging supplements
  • check
    Motivating yourself to succeed

Mastering the Four Pillars of Bodybuilding

When you focus entirely on these four pillars, you can accelerate your results tremendously. That’s because you can cut out the nonsense that conventional wisdom teaches us.


High number of reps with lighter weights? Forget it. You can do thousands of those and build no muscle whatsoever. Yet the experts still recommend increasing the number of reps you do to get results. You are guaranteed to fail.

There is a much better way to build muscle that’s quicker and incredibly effective. The same goes for cutting fat. You need to discard the noise and focus on what really works.


Bodybuilding supplements? They are highly effective if you use the right ones at the right time...but a complete waste of time and money if you don’t. And as for motivation, you need to understand the basic principles that will get you pumping more iron, more often.

So forget the traditional advice that will have you slaving away in the gym endlessly - and surviving on a mad diet that does you more harm than good. Instead, follow my simple system and build your dream body the easy way. Focus on the four pillars of bodybuilding - as discussed below - and you will be well on your way to your dream body.

My Total Body Transformation

Once I cracked the ‘bodybuilding code,’ the difference in my results was amazing. Within weeks, I started noticing the difference in the mirror. Within months, I was getting a lot compliments from friends and family - and much more attention from the opposite sex!

Within a year, the transformation was mind-boggling. I had gone from being a struggling, mediocre bodybuilder to a towering mountain of muscle. Oh boy, my mates were so jealous :)

It felt so good to know that I was in perfect shape, and that my body was in prime condition. Whilst I enjoyed all the interest from women, it was the inner pride that made the most difference. I no longer felt weak and feeble compared to the man-mountains in the gym...because I was one of them!

Making the commitment to transform my body is the best decision I have made in my life. And the good news is that you can get the same results, if you follow my simple system.

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Bigger, Leaner, Stronger


Much more muscle and a lot less fat - all in record time. Sounds great, right? But where do you get this amazing, results-driven information? Where can you find simple but effective guides that will make you:

  • 1
    Enormously bigger: amaze everyone with your new-found muscle mass...designed to inspire awe and admiration!
  • 2
    Considerably leaner: cut unwanted fat like a pro to get six-pack abs and a slim, athletic body.
  • 3
    Massively stronger: dominate the gym by lifting huge weights like they were made of balsa wood. 

...and so much more? Big question, but there’s a simple answer! All you need is my awesome set of bodybuilding resources:

‘The Ultimate Guide to Getting Bigger, Leaner, Stronger’

This awesome pack of bodybuilding action guides is packed with everything you need to achieve a total body transformation in record time. You get not one...not two...not even three...but four in-depth guides that tell you everything you need to know.


Your body transformation pack includes a detailed and specialized guide for each of the four pillars of bodybuilding:

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    How to Get Bigger Muscles, Faster

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    Blow Torch Your Body Fat! 
  • check
    The Definitive A-Z Guide to Bodybuilding Supplements
  • check
    The Best-Ever Guide to Fitness Motivation

Let’s take a look at them in turn, and see how these guides will set you on the path to a dream body:

How to Get Bigger Muscles, Faster (Value: $47)

This information-rich guide is packed with all the facts you need...and none of the ones you don’t! Forget the fluff. Here I get right down to the nuts and bolts of what really works in terms of total body transformation. You will discover:

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    How to maximize your muscles
  • check

    The secrets of setting the right expectations

  • check
    Muscle science 101
  • check
    Body recomposition essentials
  • check
    The principles of correct diet and nutrition
  • check
    Workouts that actually work
  • check
    How to motivate yourself to succeed

Put this powerful advice to good use and you will soon see your muscles growing faster than you thought possible. You will achieve bigger muscles, faster - and grow to a truly impressive size.

Blow Torch Your Body Fat! (Value: $47) 

Putting on muscle is just one dimension of bodybuilding success. There is no point in building huge muscles if they are obscured by ugly fat. The good news is that cutting fat doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think.

In this detailed guide, you get all the actionable information you need to start cutting fat today. Learn the secrets that helped me burn excess calories and trim unwanted fat from my body. You will get invaluable insights into:

  • check
    Setting the right goals
  • check
    Understanding how weight loss really works
  • check
    Motivating yourself to succeed
  • check
    Eating the right foods
  • check

    Managing your meals

  • check
    Getting fit with cardio
  • check
    Working with weights
  • check
    Resisting temptation
  • check
    Managing failures
  • check
    Rewarding successes

Armed with this information, you can get rid of that unwanted body fat for once and for all. Trade excess fat for bulging muscle, and build a perfectly-proportioned body.

The Definitive A-Z Guide to Bodybuilding Supplements (Value: $47) 

With the help of the right supplements, you can accelerate your progress in terms of both building muscle and cutting fat. But make the wrong choices, and the results can be indifferent - or even downright dangerous.

That’s why you need our detailed A-Z guide at your side. Here you get the full run down on all the important bodybuilding supplements. Find out what they are, what they are do - and whether you should use them.

This comprehensive resource provides all the information needed to select the supplements that are right for your body and your bodybuilding goals. Check this out before spending money on any supplement.

With the help of this guide, you can increase your rate of progress exponentially. Take your success to the next level and achieve everything you hope for in creating your dream body.


The Best-Ever Guide to Fitness Motivation (Value: $47) 

You can have the best workout plan and nutrition regime in the world. But if you can’t stick to these plans, then it’s all for nothing. Motivation is perhaps the single most important factor in bodybuilding success - and it’s where most people fall short.

But don’t worry - I’ve got your back. In the ‘Best-Ever Guide to Fitness Motivation,’ you get all the info you need to inspire yourself to success. You will discover the motivational secrets that pros use to build amazing bodies. This action-packed guide includes all you need to know about:

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    Defining your ‘why’
  • check
    Setting realistic expectations
  • check
    Choosing the right goals
  • check
    Setting milestones to help you
  • check
    Making yourself accountable
  • check
    Buddying up
  • check

    Tracking your progress

  • check
    Fitting workouts into your schedule
  • check
    Getting past plateaus
  • check
    Rewarding yourself for success
  • check
    Dealing with failure
  • check
    Inspiring quotes and videos

With this guide to inspire you, success is guaranteed. You will never again need to worry about putting off workouts on cold mornings, or ruining your nutrition plan with bad food choices. This is the missing ingredient in your bodybuilding success plan - so get it today!

Special, Exclusive Bonus

(Four Visual Guides!)

In addition to the four advice-packed guides detailed above, you also get a special exclusive bonus. Purchase today and you will also get an additional four visual guides. These are designed to summarize all the important information you need in a simple-to-follow form.


Here you get all the information you need at a glance. Our professionally-designed visual guides cover all the essential topics:

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    10 Ways to Get Much Bigger Muscles, Faster (value: $27)
  • check
    10 Sneaky But Effective Ways to Lose Weight (value: $27)
  • check
    The Quick & Easy Guide to the Top Ten Bodybuilding Supplements (value: $27)
  • check
    10 Awesome Ways to Motivate Yourself to Get Fit (value: $27)

These exclusive bonus guides are only being offered free for a limited time. So be sure to grab your copies today

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