How YK11 Can Increase Your Muscle Mass

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Introduction to YK11

YK11 is a drug that increases muscle mass by increasing follistatin growth (myostatin inhibitor), which is a muscle-building protein. This was found after a cellular study conducted to know the effects and actions of YK11. Another study says that it can stimulate proteins, which helps in the bone-building, which allows individuals to acquire healthy bones. Bodybuilders who have used it can strongly agree that it can enhance fat loss while increasing the gain of muscles without any notable side effects. But there is no human or animal study conducted to prove these claims. Just like most SARM, YK11 substance which is banned according to “World Anti-Doping Agency,” which implies that its off-limit for athletes and bodybuilders.

History of YK11

In the year 2011 Yk11 was at first studied by Yuichiriro Kanno, a Japanese researcher. According to Kanno, this drug came out to be a “selective androgen receptor modulator”, and recently, researchers view it otherwise. Afterward, many pieces of research have been held out, and the results have claimed that it behaves like myostatin inhibitor. It has a very different and unique structure of the molecule. Till up to date, there is no known-established naming of this drug since it is still new to the market.

YK11 benefits

Increasing the size of muscles: When YK11 is not necessarily a SARM per se, it has the power to enhance the growth of muscles. It is famous for being as powerful as S23. It naturally improves the level of follistatin, which, as a result, improve the individual’s body’s ability to manufacture muscles cells. Follistatin also suppress myostatin thus opening an individual to limitless growth of muscles

Strengthens bones: Sex hormones are very crucial in maintaining healthy and strong bones. There is available evidence to show that YK11 increases the strength of the bones by attaching itself to androgen receptors, and that is more similar to what most SARMS works. YK11 increase the level of activated protein kinase B, which is found in the body’s cells that enables bone cells growth. If an individual wants to have healthy, strong bones to minimize structure, then one should consider YK11.

YK11 Dosage

Bodybuilders who have used YK11 previously claim that taking a dose of between 10 to 15 milligrams every day works best. Some few individuals reported positive outcomes by using 5mg a day. There are no claimed side effects concerning the dosage. Since there is limited data concerning it hence, there is no established half-life. Most of the users like splitting it into two dosages a day to optimize its half-life and to stabilize it. For best yields, many users are advised to stack it with other SARMS as they lower the YK11 dose to 5 milligrams every day.

Side effects of YK11 

Till now it is only cellular studies which have been conducted about it. There are no animal studies or clinical evidence to support the claims that were made by users about the drug. There are some claims that YK11 can be toxic to life. In some other cases, it might interfere with the growth of the hair, prostrate health, vocal cord, and other crucial body organs. Below are few of the known side effects;
• Mild acne, presence skin acne is one of the known side effects, and at times may be experienced for some day’s weeks in the cycle or after completing the cycle. Also, this not present to all users, so some individuals may not at all experience it.
• Damaging of the liver, just like other steroids YK11 affects the liver by causing severe damages. The structure of it is more similar to those of steroids, and therefore, there are high chances of damaged liver. 
• Chances of getting cancer, according to research, large amounts of follistatin puts individuals to the risk of getting cancer. Some of the critical organs which in most cases affected are stomach, prostate, esophagus, and skin. 
• Hair loss, according to individuals who have used YK11 drug, they claim that it causes loss or shedding of hair. This may be as results of an increased amount of follistatin, but this affects individuals differently. This implies that some users may not go through the loss of hair in most cases, females.


Yk11 is among the listed strongest compounds available and have the most potent effects. However, there is no adequate data concerning it, and hence, it is not compared precisely to any other SARMS. If one is interested in getting SARMS, then he or she should reach for other alternatives available in the market.

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