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Instant Knockout Review Introduction

Welcome to our Instant Knockout review. This bodybuilding supplement was formulated primarily in response to the special fitness and dietary needs of athletes and professionals including boxers and MMA fighters. Manufacture research and development efforts were made in order to create a formula that facilitates rapid fat burning without having to make further food cuts out of the already strict dietary routine of these sports athletes.

With the success of Instant Knockout, the benefits are now on offer for the wider public to experience.

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What Are the Benefits of Taking Instant Knockout?

With a supplement meant to work on pro boxers and MMA fighters, you would take the top benefits to be faster results and better physical appearance and condition. The supplement takes into consideration the overall health of the person while also considering that time is of the essence. The formula works to meet these two considerations while producing the following benefits:

  • Faster Fat Burn

A formula of 10 natural ingredients works to facilitate a faster rate of fat burn in your body.

  • High Energy, More Muscles

A selection of ingredients works to promote longer endurance and higher energy levels to enable you to burn the fat and to build healthy muscles.

  • Healthy Appetite, Structured Dietary Plan

A combination of ingredients helps suppress food cravings that contribute to unhealthy snacking.  The healthy meals you take prove sufficient to carry you between meals and may only require moderate snacking in-between, depending on your daily activities.

Are There Side Effects?

Product users report positive experiences with taking Instant Knockout. There have been no significant issues about safety or undesirable effects. Remember though that each body responds differently to medication and supplementation. So remember to check in with a health professional before taking Instant Knockout.

What Are the Ingredients and How Do You Take Instant Knockout?

Instant Knockout uses a combination of 10 natural, highly potent, and high-quality ingredients that help the body burn unwanted fat. This formula works to stop and slow down the food and body properties that trigger the storage of fat inside your body. This supplement tunes up your metabolism so you can use fat or block fat effectively.

Green Tea Extract is a reputed fat burning ingredient in supplements. The high caffeine content helps power your workouts and metabolize what you eat. It breaks stored energy and facilitates a thermogenic activity with the release of norepinephrine. This extract raises energy levels and expenditures so that you burn more calories throughout the course of your daily routine.

Cayenne Pepper Seeds is a well-loved spice of those who like meals hot and punchy. Did you know that the capsaicin in pepper boosts insulin sensitivity and helps improve carbohydrate storage and break down? Cayenne also aids thermogenesis, boosts metabolism, and helps facilitate fat burn and oxidation.

Glucomannan comes from the konjac plant. It works to improve appetite and reduce cravings for food. You feel full for a longer period of time because of this complex carbohydrate that passes through the stomach undigested. Glucomannan helps prevent food binging and helps you lose excessive snacking.

Caffeine anhydrous helps promote endurance as it stimulates the nervous system to overdrive. It enhances power and energy so you can last long in the gym or outdoors on a run. It is a fatigue-reducing property that boosts alertness and focus.

Vitamin B6 helps synthesize energy. Also identified as pyridoxine, it promotes the absorption of amino acids to help you build muscle efficiently. It regulates carbs and fats, helping you acquire calorie deficits more effectively.

Vitamin B12 helps turn those food intakes into useful energy. This vitamin also helps elevate mood and immunity as it burns down fatty acid and improves digestion of carbs. It also aids protein synthesis, which is responsible for that lean and athletic physique.

Instant Knockout also has GTF Chromium, a trace element that helps manage insulin and carbohydrate storage. It helps metabolize fat and sugar in your body.

Zinc is also a component. It helps boost testosterone and assists in lean body mass sculpting. Piperine is another component. This black pepper extract helps with weight loss. It aids in proper food digestion, raises thermogenic levels, and suppresses new fat cells from forming.

The last component, Green Coffee Bean is an unroasted coffee bean extract. This extract helps slow down fat absorption from the food you consume. It lessens your craving for sugar and helps you avoid habitual, multiple snacking in between meals.

Instant Knockout is prescribed at a limit of 4 capsules each day. This dosage makes 1 bottle of 120 capsules good for one month of your supply. Take it with water. Don’t drink it with caffeine products or other stimulants. This supplement is not prescribed for the pregnant or nursing. Those who take other medications for medical conditions should consult a doctor first before taking this supplement.

How Much Does Instant Knockout Cost?

You have different options available in the way you purchase Instant Knockout:

The Ultimate Shredding Stack at US$185 offers the most savings. It is good for three months. You get 3 bottles of 120 caps in each bottle. You also get a free bottle thrown in, so that’s an extra free month’s supply for you. Delivery is free worldwide and you get a money back guarantee. You can make the payment with PayPal or Amazon Pay.

The Two-Month Supply Pack at US$118 comes with 2 bottles of 120 caps each bottle. Delivery is free in the USA and UK. You can make the payment with PayPal or Amazon Pay.

The One-Month Supply Pack at $59 comes with 1 bottle containing 120 caps. Delivery rates vary according to location. You can make the payment with PayPal or Amazon Pay.

The one-month product offer of Instant Knockout is good for first tryouts. But if you’re satisfied with your research and product user inquiries, you can go full on with the Ultimate Stack to save on shipping costs and to avail the free bottle worth $59.

The money back guarantee is also a safety net. It allows you to return the product if it proves unsatisfactory for you. You won’t get stuck with an inventory you won’t consume.

You can purchase Instant Knockout directly from the retailer online here.

As always, consult with your health specialist before making the final decision to take any health and wellness supplements, especially if you have existing medical conditions you take other medications for.

Customer Reviews

Product users share their favorable experiences from using Instant Knockout. A well-known personality in the MMA scene is The Ultimate Fighter Season 1 champion, Diego Sanchez. Instant Knockout takes credit for supporting him as he made the drop of two weight classes; from 190 pounds to a featherweight, 145-pounder. Greg Jackson, a top MMA coach, reminds fighters training with him to take the supplement as well.

Non-athletes also find success from using Instant Knockout to improve their physique. One mother, Katie, speaks of successfully and healthily getting back into shape after two pregnancies. She decided to join her husband after seeing the bodybuilding product working for him.

Eighteen-year-old Lucas was preparing for college life and decided to take the bodybuilding supplement to help cut the fat but build body muscle. After three months of using, plus a good eating habit and regular exercise, he did come through with sculpted muscles.

Alex Grandos started using this supplement to support him with his HIT training. The intensity exercises could really be tiring but he found the product effective at increasing his strength and endurance while burning fat and toning his body.

Conclusion: Should You or Shouldn’t You Take It?


Instant Knockout is a natural body supplement that aids in burning fat, increasing body metabolism and energy levels. It manages eating habits, working to suppress appetite and to foster a healthy dietary routine.

If you desire a different means to achieve these goals, the product may be a good choice to try. It does not eliminate the need to eat healthily and to expend physical energy. It is not a magic pill that works on its own without any contribution on your part.

Instant Knockout is suitable for both men and women, so anyone can try it; as long as you are not pregnant or nursing.

Again, if you have any medical condition and should you be currently taking other regular medications, seek your doctor’s advice before including this supplement into your medicine supply.

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