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Welcome to our Ghost Pre-Workout review! We will get into the benefits and side effects of this pre workout supplement a bit further down this article, but first, let’s discuss what Ghost Pre-Workout actually is and how it was founded.

Ghost Pre-Workout Review – Introduction

Ghost Pre Workout is a well-known supplement in the weight training world and it’s used by serious athletes all over the country. 

ghost pre-workout

The History of Ghost Pre-Workout

The Ghost pre-workout mixture was designed in 2016 as an answer to the weak formulations being offered by other companies.

Founders Daniel Lourenco, Payl Haverland and Ryan Hughes wanted a supplement that offered all the most potent workout enhancing compounds in a single solution, and that’s what prompted them to create GHOST® LEGEND® the top-performing supplement mixture.

Since then it’s taken the world by storm and it’s received positive reviews from users all over the country.

Ghost Pre-Workout Benefits

Ghost pre-workout is designed to get you pumped up for an intense workout while physically and mentally helping you prepare for the work ahead. By adding the supplement to your routine just before you head to the gym you’ll get a good blend of useful compounds in your body to supercharge your workout routines.

Each serving of Ghost pre workout comes with a whopping 202 mg of caffeine which will get your heart beating, wake you up and could also help boost your performance whether you are lifting weight or getting in some cardio.

You’ll also get a strong dose of Beta Alanine which should help reduce muscle fatigue during your workout while helping you to push yourself harder than you ever have before.

Get in a couple workouts with Ghost pre workout in your system and you’ll wonder how you ever made it through a tough weight training session without it.

Good blood flow is essential when pushing your muscles hard, and the L-Citrulline found in this pre-workout supplement will help get your blood flowing fast. L-Citrulline is proven to relax blood vessels, reduce blood pressure while helping blood to flow freely. Not only will it help your muscles remain oxygenated when pushing your body hard, but it should also help with recovery once you’re finished with the workout.

Ghost pre workout includes a good dose of Agmatine Sulfate to help you maintain your mental focus during workouts, while giving you an improved pump when really pushing your muscles. The substances is also known for enhancing insulin sensitivity to help with building lean mass and weight loss.

Ghost pre workout might actually help increase the amount of growth hormone you release during workouts, which can help increase strength and muscle development. Not only that but it can help improve fatty acid oxidation for further fat loss along with the muscle development. This is all thanks to the Alpha-GPC that’s included in Ghost pre workout.

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Overall Ghost pre workout should increase your blood flow, your pump, your energy levels and your body’s ability to generate muscle mass and to burn fat all at the same time. These effects will vary from one user to the next, but most people that try the pre-workout supplement out experience at least a few during their tests.

All these different benefits make Ghost pre workout into an exciting supplement for athletes looking to improve their workout intensity and strength.

Side Effects You Should Know About

Any effective pre-workout supplement blend comes with some side-effects, especially if you take more than the recommended dosage.

Things aren’t any different with the Ghost pre workout mixture. There are a range of different potential side-effects that come along with using the supplement and you should be aware of them before you try it out.

First of all, don’t take this supplement if you are on erectile dysfunction medications such as Viagra or Cialis, because the L-Cittruline in the mixture can interact negatively with those medications.

The same goes for nitrates for any heart-related illnesses. You should have a healthy heart if you plan on taking this pre-workout supplement.

Taking the supplement can lead to a racing heart and feeling jittery because of the high levels of caffeine contained within the product.

It’s also common to experience flushing and a tingling sensation from the mixture because of the Beta Alanine in the formula.

You might experience an increase in appetite or even a headache or upset stomach from the Ghost pre workout supplement as well, although those side-effects are much less common. Finally it’s possible that you

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There’s always a risk for side-effects to develop from the use of pre-workout supplements like Ghost pre workout, which is why it’s a good idea to take a half or quarter dose first to see how it affects you.

If you feel fine with the lower dosage you can up your dose to the full amount slowly over time to get the full benefits of the supplement.

Ingredients and Dosage

  • 202 mg of Caffeine
  • 2 g of Beta Alanine
  • 4g L-Citrulline
  • 500 mg of Agmatine Sulfate
  • Alpha- GPC
  • 1 mg Rauwolfia


Ghost Pre Workout is offered at a competitive price for those looking for a serious workout. For less than $50 per container you can get 30 servings of pre-workout to supercharge your workouts and enhance your pump. The supplement is easy to take, comes in several delicious flavor types and

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Customer Reviews

It’s hard to decide whether or not a pre-workout supplement is going to work well for you without testing it for yourself, but one of the best ways to judge a new supplement is to read through reviews from other users.

By taking the time to hear about the experiences of users that actively rely on a supplement you can find out what you can expect if you make the purchase as well. We spent time reading through customer reviews to learn what other customers have to say about this Ghost’s pre-workout supplement, and we were impressed by what everyone had to say about it.

We summarized the most popular feedback for the product in the list below, just to give you an idea of what you can expect from the solution.

  • Great tasting product
  • Works fast
  • Offers an energy boost
  • Creates a full feeling pump
  • Offers a boost without the jitters of other pre-workout
  • Costly

While a few reviewers remarked about the supplement being expensive, most were happy with the value offered by the product and thought that the pump and the clean energy were the perfect addition to a serious workout.

Ghost Pre-Workout Review – Conclusion

To sum up our Ghost Pre-Workout review, this supplement certainly isn’t for everyone, but it’s a powerful solution for athletes looking to take their performance to the next level.

It has an impressive amount of important compounds like Beta Alanine, L-Citrulline and Alpha-GPC that should give you an energy boost and also enhance muscle development over time.

If you decide to try this pre-workout solution take it slowly and start with a lower dose first. You’re likely to enjoy the benefits that it offers, and it could become your new favorite workout companion.

It’s impressive what a quality pre-workout solution can do for you when used along with a high-quality weight training routine.

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As with any other supplement, Ghost pre-workout isn’t a magic solution and it doesn’t guarantee results.

It won’t make you into giant bodybuilder if you aren’t doing the right weight training routines and putting in the necessary time in the gym.

Use a proven workout routine, spend enough time training each week and use Ghost pre-workout to enhance already proven methods for faster results.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Ghost Pre-workout review!

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