Massive Testo – Should you buy this Testosterone booster?

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What is Massive Testo

Massive Testo is a testosterone booster. It is also marketed as a bodybuilding supplement. Massive Testo is a natural supplement. It uses organic ingredients to increase the level of free and available testosterone in men. The supplement is for adult males and is one of the moderately priced testosterone boosters available today.

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History of Massive Testo

Not much is known about the company that makes Massive Testo. There are multiple sellers online. Massive Testo succeeds similar products and uses a combined formula for more effective results. It is not just a testosterone booster as there are substantial effects during bulking up and cutting cycle. Men who have naturally low levels of testosterone, either due to age or owing to hormonal imbalance, can take the supplement for optimal secretion. Those who work out extensively and are trying to develop bulkier muscles but a ripped physique can also benefit from Massive Testo.

Benefits of Massive Testo

Massive Testo boosts testosterone in men. The naturally available and free testosterone wanes as a man ages. Many young men also have low levels of testosterone due to health and lifestyle choices. Diet also plays an important role. Men above the age of forty and in some cases in thirties too experience a phase called andropause. This condition is more common in men aged fifty and above. The condition is mostly characterized by low energy and a certain level of chronic fatigue. Lethargy is one of the first signs and it may seem to be a transient problem. The real issue is declining levels of testosterone. The level of testosterone in the male body does fluctuate but a steady decline and then stagnation causes andropause. The only remedy is to boost testosterone.

Massive Testo provides an instant boost to testosterone levels. In the process, the supplement helps a man to be more energetic, one does not feel lethargic anymore and the feeling of perpetual fatigue is no longer there. The boost to energy has a ripple effect in other aspects of life. Those who work out can exercise longer. They experience much greater stamina or endurance. They also get to generate more power or strength. An increase in available energy makes users more active in their personal life and at work. One of the most important benefits of Massive Testo is its impact on libido. Testosterone influences libido, which is basically sex drive. Men taking this supplement will have stronger sexual urges and they can perform better.

Increased libido enables men to have stronger and longer erections. In addition to be more active sexually, men can also have better orgasms. Massive Testo plays an important role in the sex life of a man and hence also of woman. However, the supplement is only meant for men. The effect on sex life is the most common reason for men above the age of forty to take this supplement. Younger men are more drawn to the supplement for its effects on bulking and cutting. The bodybuilding benefits of Massive Testo are quite remarkable if a user has a well planned workout routine and appropriate diet.

Massive Testo increases energy and hence boosts performance. It also enhances endurance and strength. Users are able to work out much longer and the results are more effective. The availability of more testosterone in the system contributes to gain in healthy and lean mass. Testosterone also accelerates fat burning and hence weight loss. The loss in weight is not due to depletion of lean mass but of fat. Men struggle to lose fat, especially the rigid fat that is hard to shed even with diet and exercise. These fats can be burned much easily and more effectively with Massive Testo.

The supplement can not only help in the development of lean mass but it also plays a role in the cutting phase. Bodybuilders, power lifters and fitness enthusiasts usually have a bulking up phase followed by a period of recovery and then there is the cutting cycle. The cutting phase is when a man tries to shed excess fat so the muscles become more pronounced. The objective is to have profound contours of muscles, thereby leading to a well sculpted or chiseled body. Massive Testo helps in this quest for a ripped physique. The testosterone booster has several benefits and hence has become popular among men with poor libido and those who want rapid gains in muscle while losing fat.

Side Effects of Massive Testo

Massive Testo is a natural testosterone booster. There are no chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Hence, there is no risk of getting exposed to harmful effects on the body. There can be some mild side effects of Massive Testo, usually for the first few days. There could be changes in appetite and sleep schedule. Some people have stomach upset due to improper digestion. These side effects subside naturally. Heightened sense of alertness is a side effect but it is desirable. The trouble is if the enhanced focus or concentration is during nighttime when it may interfere with sleep. Taking Massive Testo at the right time so it can be fully utilized during a workout is the best way to avert such side effects.

Ingredients and Dosage of Massive Testo

Massive Testo has Boron, Nettle Root Extract, Bioperine, Tongkat Ali Extract, Horny Goat Weed Extract, Orchic and Saw Palmetto Berry Extract. These are natural ingredients and some of them are also used by other manufacturers in their testosterone boosters or bodybuilding supplements. The recommended dosage is two capsules per day. It is not necessary to increase the dose unless there is absolutely no effect. Some men require higher doses, especially those who are in andropause. It is best to start with two capsules per day and assess the effects over a week to a fortnight before making any changes to the recommended dosage. The standard course is thirty days. The bottle comes with sixty capsules, good for a month.

Price of Massive Testo

The standard bottle of sixty capsules of Massive Testo is priced at $69.99.

Customer Reviews of Massive Testo

Most customers have reported positive effects of Massive Testo. Fitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders have reported faster gains and quicker recovery during downtimes. There is a sustained boost to athletic performance. The supplement also improves concentration or focus and hence helps in activities other than workouts. The most reassuring endorsements have come from men dealing with low levels of testosterone and poor libido. The supplement can instantly energize and keep men active throughout the day. Fatigue or lethargy is rarely felt, unless the effects of the capsules wear off. It is not necessary to take the capsules twice a day as the effects last long enough to cover work hours and exercise.

Massive Testo has also been found to be effective at both bulking up and cutting. Very few bodybuilding supplements work during both these distinct phases. Bodybuilding or even dietary supplements usually have an effect on either bulking up or cutting. Massive Testo can be taken throughout the month of bulking up. There can be a period of recovery after that and one can start taking the supplement again during the cutting cycle. The effects of the testosterone booster on mass gain, fat loss and enhanced energy work make it a much more holistic supplement than others.


Like other testosterone boosters and bodybuilding supplements, Massive Testo has a tendency to suppress some hormones. A post cycle therapy is hence imperative. Every month or course of Massive Testo should be followed with a post cycle therapy.

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