Monster Muscle X Review : Should you Buy?

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What is Monster Muscle X?

Monster Muscle X is a bodybuilding supplement. It is also marketed as a dietary supplement for those who want to bulk up but are unable to do so due to inadequacies in their daily diet. The supplement is not an anabolic or androgen steroid. It is a legal alternative to such steroids and esters. Monster Muscle X is not a testosterone booster but it does have some effect on libido. The supplement is primarily targeted at men. It is unclear if the supplement is also good for women.

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History of Monster Muscle X

There is limited information available pertaining to how the supplement was developed or the history of its manufacturer. The product is presently listed for sale on the official website and there is a free trial. It is unclear if the manufacturer has made other similar products in the past. Monster Muscle X is apparently an all natural supplement. It does not have any steroid as its active ingredient. It does not use chemicals or synthetic ingredients.

Benefits of Monster Muscle X

Monster Muscle X benefits bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts by increasing their energy, strength, and stamina. Rigorous workouts every day can lead to fatigue. Burnouts are common among powerlifters and those who are undertaking the intensive bulking up phase or a cutting cycle. This supplement is meant to provide the extra energy required to push the body further, to exercise for a longer period of time and with greater intensity. Every man has a threshold of endurance. Working out beyond that threshold becomes difficult and nearly impossible. This also leads to injury and the slow recovery of muscles during the downtime. Monster Muscle X not only makes muscles stronger and firmer, but the supplement also aids recovery and thus prevents burnouts.

Monster Muscle X works quickly as its ingredients have high bioavailability. Most of its ingredients are herbal or natural extracts. The supplement has an effect on free and available testosterone. However, it is not marketed as a testosterone booster. In the strictest sense, this is not a testosterone booster and that is a good thing since such products tend to suppress various hormones. Monster Muscle X increases strength and enhanced endurance without suppressing hormones. This implies there is no need for a post cycle therapy.

One of the indirect benefits of Monster Muscle X is its impact on libido. Since there is some effect on the available testosterone that is free to be used up as energy and to enhance strength, there is an indirect impact on sex drive. Men are likely to experienced enhanced libido and can have better sex while taking this supplement. Yet, this product is mostly meant for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Those who have low energy and experience premature burnouts during workouts can also use the supplement. The objective may not be to bulk up but to get the necessary energy and to have enough endurance to complete a chosen exercise routine.

Energy, strength and stamina can be on the wane for various reasons. Men who have low levels of free and available testosterone are usually lethargic and can experience fatigue during workouts. They also tend to have less strength and endurance, not only during exercise but also while having sex. Energy and strength also wane with age. Men who are older than thirty have longer recovery times. Men older than forty and nearing fifty tend to get into a phase called andropause. This is a state when testosterone is on a steady decline. Monster Muscle X can help men in these situations and experiencing the obvious symptoms.

Monster Muscle X can help men who experience wasting syndrome. Many people tend to lose lean and healthy mass when they try to lose weight. The cutting phase is also tricky as many men lose lean mass instead of shedding the excess fat. Monster Muscle X can help retain the lean and healthy mass while promoting fat loss. This leads to better management of weight without losing healthy lean mass. The lean body mass is intact but there is substantial weight loss as one loses the rigid fat, including subcutaneous fat.

Side Effects of Monster Muscle X

The supplement is not meant for children. Anyone who is suffering from a serious disease should consult a doctor before taking the supplement. Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers should not take Monster Muscle X. Healthy adult males do not experience any major side effect. There can be some digestive issue in the beginning when the body is yet to adapt to the supplement. The herbal ingredients are safe and have been found to pose no risk to overall health. There can be some transient side effects but they will subside naturally. Such effects depend on the tolerance threshold of a person.

Ingredients and Dosage of Monster Muscle X

The bodybuilding and dietary supplement has several active ingredients. These are L-Valine, Creatine Monohydrate, D-Ribose and L-Leucine. L-Valine is an amino acid that is essential for the growth and development of skeletal muscles. Creatine Monohydrate boosts power and hence strength. It also boosts stamina. D-Ribose boosts available energy. L-Leucine is another amino acid that helps the muscles in the body to recovery quickly. Recovery of muscles is quintessential to bulk up effectively. Not only must one recover fully during the downtime but the daily recovery is also necessary to avoid a burnout. Many men experience stagnation when the body does not transform any further. There are many reasons for such stagnation and one key factor is burnout, which also causes fatigue. The dosage instructions are mentioned on the label of every bottle.

Price of Monster Muscle X

The price of one bottle of Monster Muscle X is $87. There is a free trial available for those interested. Signing up is free and one can test the supplement before placing an order for a bottle or more.

Customer Reviews of Monster Muscle X

There are few customer reviews available in the public domain right now. Monster Muscle X is one of the latest bodybuilding supplements so it may be a while before enough people try the product and share their feedback. Some people have reported that the price is a tad higher than they would like to pay. It should be noted that bodybuilding supplements and especially those that facilitate bulking up are priced in the same range. Testosterone boosters are also priced around eighty to ninety dollars.

Monster Muscle X does not have any serious side effect. It does boost libido, while it is not a testosterone booster in the strict sense. The company making the supplement has published the information pertaining to the ingredients and there is enough third party studies inferring them to be safe. The natural supplement is a better alternative to anabolic steroids. However, many bodybuilders prefer the steroids over natural supplements due to their faster turnaround time. Dietary supplements are often slow and do not work for everyone. Monster Muscle X is more effective in that regard since it does not use any proprietary ingredient that has varying bioavailability for different customers.

Customers who have taken the supplement have endorsed the claim of the manufacturer that the product does aid muscle recovery. There is limited evidence to suggest it can help to phenomenally bulk up muscles in a fortnight or a month. But there is substantial growth of lean mass and fat loss.


Monster Muscle X is a safe and an all natural supplement. It is a tad pricey but also effective. It can be stacked with other supplements.

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