Four Critical Muscle-Building Benefits of Nitric Oxide Supplements

By Mark / 8 months ago
Discover the many benefits that Nitric Oxide can offer to bodybuilders.

What can nitric oxide supplements do for you? If you want to build a great body, you need to know the answers. Find out how nitric oxide supplements can accelerate your work in the gym.

Nitric Oxide is a Beneficial Supplement

If you’re a bodybuilder, you’ve probably heard about Nitric Oxide, more commonly referred to as NO in bodybuilding circles. This substance is produced by the body, but it’s also available in supplemental form. If you are looking for maximum lean mass gains in the gym, you need to know about the muscle-building benefits of Nitric Oxide supplements.

What is Nitric Oxide?

Within the human body, there is a molecule that enables our cells to communicate with one another by transmitting signals. This molecule is called nitric oxide. In addition to enabling communication between cells, nitric oxide regulates blood pressure.

Discover the many benefits that Nitric Oxide can offer to bodybuilders.

Nitric oxide supplements are a viable option for bodybuilders. 

It also helps the immune system fight off foreign substances that enter the body and which could potentially cause cell damage. It improves the quality of your sleep, reduces inflammation, and helps with memory and behavior. These are some extraordinary benefits, but the most important benefits for you as a bodybuilder is how it helps you build more muscle.

Recover Faster

One of the many benefits of nitric oxide is increased blood flow. Increased blood flow in the body is responsible for helping muscle tissue heal faster. Nitric oxide helps to relax the smooth muscles in the body, which then increases the amount of oxygen circulating through the body.

When this increased blood flow is coupled with a good diet, it ensures that nutrients will be transported quickly throughout the body when they are needed. This quick transport of nutrients will allow your body to recover quickly, helping you build muscle and get back into the gym as soon as possible so you can start the process of building more muscle all over again.

Increase Energy Levels

Another benefit of the increased blood flow you get from taking nitric oxide supplements is more energy. This increase in energy is achieved through regulation of your core temperature. As you know, when you work out hard in the gym your body temperature rises. You get hot, start to sweat and when you sweat your body starts working hard to cool you down. With the increased blood flow you get by taking nitric oxide supplements, the process of cooling down your body is easier, so less energy is directed toward cooling you down. This will leave you with more energy to pump out those extra reps.

Burn Fat Faster

In a study conducted by the American Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism researchers found a direct correlation between nitric oxide, or more specifically its precursor L-arginine (commonly found in nitric oxide supplements), on glucose metabolism. In this study, 9 endurance athletes cycled for 2 hours straight and then cycled as quickly and as hard as they could for an additional 15 minutes. After this workout, researchers measured the levels of glucose in the bodies of these athletes.

What they discovered was that those athletes who had taken the precursor to nitric oxide were able to use up glucose at a faster rate as the exercise continued. An increase in fatty acids and glycerol in the bodies of the athletes was also noted, signifying that the body had begun to burn fat for fuel. If you are looking for a way to get your body to burn more body fat, a nitric oxide supplement can help you get leaner

Get Fuller Looking Muscles

You’ve just completed a chest or bicep workout and your muscles look huge and feel really tight. It’s a great feeling isn’t it? Not only does it feel good, but you get more attention and admiration from people who see you. Supplementing with nitric oxide will help you get a pump that makes your muscles look even fuller and that stays around just a bit longer. The reason for this extra pump when using nitric oxide supplements is, once again, increased blood flow. This happens naturally when exercising, but with nitric oxide, you get a little bit extra which will turn lead to even more muscle growth.

Nitric oxide is vital for the proper functioning of cells in the body. Although it is produced by the body from the amino acid L-arginine, bodybuilders require higher levels in order to guarantee that it will perform its primary function as well as helping with muscle growth. A nitric oxide supplement will help you recover faster, increase your energy levels, burn more body fat and help you get a better muscle pump.

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