Mutant Mass Review (Facts, Pros and Cons for Bodybuilders)

By Mark / a few months ago
Mutant Mass is very powerful, but it is not for everyone.


Mutant Mass is a supplement that many bodybuilders swear by...but is it right for you? Check out all the facts and decide if it's right for you..

One of the Most Popular Protein Powders

Getting huge is no easy task. It becomes even more difficult if you are a hard gainer (ectomorph), have reached a plateau or you are in a hurry to pack on muscle. Enter Mutant Mass.

This dietary supplement is purported to help you pack on muscle quick, fast and in a hurry. In this Mutant Mass review, you’ll learn the facts about this dietary supplement and the pros and cons for bodybuilders.

The Basic Facts

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Mutant Mass is a protein powder that is specifically designed to help bodybuilders gain muscle fast. It’s great for hard gainers, for those in a bulking phase of their training and even for those who have reached a plateau.

Each serving of Mutant Mass contains 1,060 calories. This is an enormous amount of calories, but they aren’t empty calories.

Mutant Mass is a very popular protein powder.

One serving of Mutant Mass contains 52 grams of protein (a blend of whey, casein and egg proteins), 32 grams of Branched Chain Amino Acids, essential amino acids, and glutamine.

Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) are responsible for increasing protein synthesis and glutamine helps prevent muscle wasting and promotes muscle growth.

Usually protein powders contain no carbohydrates, but when you want to get big you need lots of carbohydrates. Mutant Mass contains 182 grams of carbohydrates derived from waxy maize (fast acting starch that digests quickly) and also contains the fast digesting, healthy fats that come from MCT oil.


If you are interested in increasing strength as well as muscle, Mutant Mass can help you achieve your goals. One bodybuilder who used mutant mass gained seven pounds of muscle and increased his bench press from 190 pounds to 210 pounds.

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Another benefit of using Mutant Mass is the ease at which you can get in a lot of quality calories. The calories from this supplement come from whey, casein and egg proteins, waxy maize and MCT oils.

The proteins are combinations of fast and slow digesting proteins, the carbohydrates and fats are filled with nutrients and fast digesting as well. When you take this supplement, you will be getting calories that will not only help you gain muscle but are good for you as well.

Not only is this supplement filled with nutrients, it tastes great. Consumers have boasted about the deliciousness of this supplement and were pleased with the variety of flavors. Cookies and cream, triple chocolate, and strawberry banana cream are some of the flavor options that are available.

Another benefit of Mutant Mass is its ability to help you recover quickly. BCAA’s, glutamine, and the protein blend all contribute to helping your body repair muscle tissue after you destroy it in the gym


One big side effect of Mutant Mass is that it is hard on the digestive system. Gas, constipation and bloating are among some of the side effects noted by users. One user likened drinking a serving of Mutant Mass to digesting cement.

Another con is that it’s best prepared with a blender. Lots of protein drinks can easily be prepared by adding water or juice and shaking it up in a bottle. If you try this with Mutant Mass, you’ll get large clumps that will stay around even after vigorously shaking the bottle.

Mutant Mass – Consumers

Mutant Mass has way more fans than critics. One consumer said that it’s not for those who can’t stomach a big meal and it was honestly the best mass gainer ever.

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Another consumer highly recommends this product for athletes who are trying to gain weight and those who train at high intensities, and a third just said it tastes great.

It’s not all rave reviews, though. Numerous consumers remarked on the exceptionally strong stench that’s produced when passing gas.

One consumer said that while it is helping her husband get more muscular, the air quality has become very poor since he started using the product. She fears that they both will perish before getting to see his huge gains in muscle.

For Serious Bodybuilders

If you’re really serious about getting huge, then Mutant Mass is the dietary supplement for you. You’ll gain strength and muscle with the high-quality nutrients and great taste of this mass gainer supplement.

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Some might experience problems with gas and bloating, but you can get around that by adjusting your quantities or just accepting that getting huge comes with a price.

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