Nandrolone: The Complete Guide

By Mark / 4 weeks ago

The History of Nandrolone

Originally cooked up in the 1950s, Nandrolone quickly became one of the most popular anabolic steroids on the planet – and for good reason.

When it was first conceived of it was a drug designed to help people combat anemia, to fight back against breast cancer, to help conquer the symptoms of osteoporosis, and to help those that were leading lives with muscle wasting diseases rebuild their muscles that their bodies had allowed to break down.


It obviously didn’t take long for athletes to recognize the amazing performance-enhancing benefits that this steroid had to offer. Because it was able to provide dramatic increases in protein synthesis, and because it elevated testosterone levels, HGH levels, and other biochemicals/hormone levels necessary for the production of lean muscle mass it became a game changer in the world of athletics – particularly popular with bodybuilders and weightlifters, both professional and amateur.

Like most other steroids, the US FDA classified it as a controlled substance and made sure that individuals weren’t able to purchase or use it on their own or over-the-counter. Today, Nandrolone is available with a prescription as well as on the black-market, and plenty of individuals are taking advantage of it for its performance-enhancing benefits as opposed to the medicinal properties it was once intended for back in the 50s.

The factor that makes this steroid so impressive and so powerful is that it is almost exactly the same from a chemical composition standpoint as natural testosterone, with only one small change – at the 19th atom. The 19th atom of Nandrolone is slightly weaker than traditional testosterone, which on the surface makes it a weaker steroid compared to anabolic testosterone solutions – but also increases its overall positive effect.

Because of this change, it isn’t going to break down into DHT and it isn’t going to invite the same kinds of side effects and health risks that traditional steroids might. This again helps to make it as popular as it is today.

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The Benefits of Nandrolone

Those serious about packing on pound after pound of lean muscle mass, without having to worry about gaining a lot of fat or retaining a lot of water at the same time, have obviously fallen head over heels in love with everything that Nandrolone has to offer – and for good reason.

The benefits of this steroid are many and varied, but at the very root core of this particular steroid nothing beats its ability to help anyone produce a lot more lean muscle mass (faster) than they ever would have been able to do on their own.

Individuals that take advantage of this powerful steroid are also able to see dramatic increases in overall strength and endurance, significant improvements in overall agility and speed, as well as major bumps in overall confidence and cognitive abilities.

Unlike a lot of other steroids available on the market today, this particular option also helps to promote smoother joint operation and more sustained joint/tendon health. There are a lot of options that break down your joints and tendons with too much use, but this steroid has the opposite effect.

Finally, you’ll also see an increase in red blood cell counts, and increasing your overall recovery rate, and a decrease in overall estrogen production. That means you will be able to heal from injuries and recover from workouts a lot faster than you would have been able to before but also that you won’t have to worry about potential gynecomastia as much as you might have with traditional steroids, too.

The Possible Side Effects of Nandrolone

Not all is sunshine and roses when it comes to Nandrolone, however.

Like every other steroid on the planet the you run the risk of some side effects should you choose to take advantage of this chemical compound, some of which are relatively mild and almost inconsequential but others that might have long-lasting or even permanent impacts on your short and long-term health.

Some of these side effects include, but are not limited to:

Fluid retention in your bodily tissue, increasing your resting high blood pressure levels

  • Swelling in your extremities
  • A deepening of your voice
  • Increased instances of acne and hair growth/hair loss
  • Dramatically increased hemoglobin counts
  • Irritable and itchy skin
  • Nausea, dizziness, and mental fogginess
  • Changes to your blood lipid composition
  • Anything but standard blood test results
  • Elevated and abnormal liver function

… As well as a number of other side effects that you may or may not have to worry about depending on your own biology, biochemistry, physiology, and the dosage or longevity of usage when it comes to this steroid.

Ingredients and Dosing Info for Nandrolone

As we made mention of above, the Nandrolone compound is almost completely identical to traditional testosterone except for one small change at the atomic level.

Other than that, you’re looking at the exact same chemical composition, the exact same structure, and (for the most part) many of the exact same results. Your body will respond to this steroid the same way it will to testosterone, though it isn’t going to produce DHT later down its biochemical lifeline – simply because of that atomic change we highlighted just a moment ago.

As far as dosage is concerned, like all other steroids you’re going to need to figure out exactly what your own individual dosage is and how you should go about cycling this steroid when you choose to use it.

Recommended dosages sit at about 2 mg of this compound for every pound of lean body mass per week, but that’s anything but a universal rule.

This isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” kind of steroid where you can just kind of wing it. You’ll need to make sure that you have your dosage down before you dive right in and will absolutely have to cycle this steroid to avoid serious and potentially life-threatening side effects.

Potential Pricing Details for Nandrolone

Again, it’s hard to pin down individual pricing details for Nandrolone considering the fact that it remains a banned and controlled substance in the United States.

That doesn’t mean that you aren’t going to be able to find Nandrolone for sale in the US, or that you aren’t going to be able to get your hands on this steroid – but it does mean that you’ll have to go through black-market channels, potentially ordering this substance online and importing it from other countries, or finding a doctor willing to prescribe you this prescription drug.

At the end of the day, it’s one of the more popular and accessible options as far as steroids are concerned and shouldn’t break your bank account into tiny little pieces – no matter how you go about getting your hands on it.

What People are Saying About Nandrolone

It would be impossible for this steroid to be as popular as it is today without providing some very real, very serious, and instantly recognizable results.

The overwhelming majority of people out there in the fitness world that have used this steroid speak very positively about it, finding it to be one of the more consistent, reliable, and safe steroids that an individual can use today. It’s one of the better options for those just getting started out with steroids as well, particularly because of its accessibility but also because of its low level side effects (for the most part).

Final Thoughts

If you want to be sure that you are flooding your body with performance-enhancing compounds that can help you build lean muscle mass a lot faster than you would have been able to on your own, taking advantage of a proven steroid that has shown over multiple decades that it gets the job done, you really can’t go wrong with Nandrolone.

You will want to be sure that you are healthy enough to take advantage of this steroid and you’ll also want to make sure that you get your dosage and cycling process/protocol down pat before you jump right in.

Other than that, it’s one of the most widely used steroids on the planet today for a real reason – it flat out works!

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