5 Reasons Bodybuilders Should Commit to a Ketogenic Diet

By Mark / 9 months ago
The ketogenic diet plan may seem extreme to some, but it can be an effective way of losing weight while retaining muscle.

The ketogenic diet is a great nutrition option that can truly accelerate your results in the gym. Discover how to make the most of what this diet plan offers to bodybuilders.

A Great Diet Plan for Bodybuilders

Bodybuilding comes with diet suggestions aplenty. Chances are if you've been worrying about your mass for any real length of time you've already been given dozens of diets to consider and supplements to take.

You may have heard lectures from everyone you know talking about how someone in their life swears by a secret food doctors don't want you to know about.

In reality, the building blocks to cultivating muscle are simpler than we think and adhering to that simplicity through a keto diet can fit into almost any bodybuilding routine.

The ketogenic diet plan may seem extreme to some, but it can be an effective way of losing weight while retaining muscle.

For starters, knowing the basics of what makes bodybuilding work will get you further than jumping onto the first diet you see. Eating and training work in tandem primarily through your intake of protein weighed versus your calorie needs for the day.

Paired with proper stimulus to your body to prompt muscle growth along with hydration and other factors, you'll come out on top no matter how you eat. Cutting out carbs along the way is just an extra step towards keeping your calorie goals clean.

Is keto right for you? Chances are you could get serious results from its core principles.

#1.Keto Is Protein-Positive

Calling it a protein-centric diet might be an understatement compared to the average adult's protein intake throughout the week, but that only works to your advantage: bodybuilding requires a solid intake of protein.

There aren't any ifs, ands or buts about it considering how essential protein is as the building block from which your muscular frame is derived.

By focusing on a diet that works protein into your eating cycle you can skip calorie-loaded or downright unpleasant calorie shakes whenever possible, freeing you up to eat more proper food and spend less time choking down another whey drink.

#2.Diet Balancing Gets the Most Out of Your Protein

Confused yet? Bodybuilders have special allowances for their habits, but most adults just plain don't need the same amount of protein. What does matter, however, is how your diet complements your muscle maintenance and ensures your gains aren't lost to your body's natural burn-off processes.

This means a diet meant to be lower in protein knows how to get the most out of its protein. Simple enough, right? By adhering to a keto diet, you can ensure the foods you eat result in the body type you want and that your workouts give you maximum results over the long term.

#3.Diets Don't Have to Be Hard

Sources of carbs often come from baked goods that are complex and occasionally difficult to work into a busy schedule. Ketogenic diets, on the other hand, naturally lean towards fresh produce and strong protein sources that are easier to prepare than baking bread and working on time-intensive desserts.

Pan-fried steak, broiled fish, grilled vegetables and more are quick to set up and can make it from stove to plate faster than nearly anything you'd bake.

If you haven't built up a stock of bulletproof cookware to work with, make sure you consult trusted sources of cooking tips.

 Reading a couple of ceramic frying pans reviews might seem overly cautious but you'll doubtlessly be frying a lot more than you ever have, so there's no reason to skimp out and end up with shoddy pans that waste your time and energy.

#4.Fast Proteins Give Results

Proteins that are digested and utilized by your body are key in any bodybuilder's routine. This fact leads to all those whey protein drinks you've had to suffer through just to keep yourself in top form.

But you can skip the shakes and work with quickly-absorbed proteins that play along nicely with an average round of keto food intake. While there is a wide range of high-protein foods that are perfect for bodybuilders, the secret ingredient just happens to be eggs.

Scoring high on fast-acting proteins, eggs are quick to prepare, work with a variety of meals and fit perfectly into a ketogenic diet without throwing off your calorie and nutrient counts for the day.

Bodybuilding with eggs and other properly-digesting proteins such as milk means you'll likely see better results through their consumption than through slowly-transformed proteins in the form of most meat.

#5.Cutting Carbs Cuts Appetite

Last but certainly not least, many carb-heavy diets tend to lead to glucose level spikes that, among other things, lead to uneven appetites and unnecessary cravings.

On the other hand, a fat-centric diet with more protein often leads to improved satiety over long periods of time and other benefits. The fat in a ketogenic diet also boasts better calorie per gram counts versus other foods.

By cutting out carbs and ensuring your food keeps your body appropriately fueled you can stay sated without eating tons of snacks throughout the day and the food you do count stays nutrient-beneficial rather than neutral at best.

Putting it All Together

You may not be able to stick with a keto diet year-round and that's totally fine. Going into ketosis even in the short term can boost your body's performance and ensure the protein you eat is put to proper use.

This makes ketogenic diets a strong contender for a bodybuilder's best friend when it comes to getting the most out of what they eat.

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