Six Star Testosterone Booster Review 2021: Pro’s & Con’s

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Introduction to Six Star Testosterone Booster Review

Six Star Testosterone Booster is one of the most widely available t-boosters in the market. You can get this supplement over the counter in big stores such as Walmart, and you can also buy it on multiple platforms online. This is good news because many supplements are usually sold through the manufacturer’s website alone or in selected stores.

Six Star T-booster is also likely to capture your attention due to its affordability. You can get this supplement for as low as $10. Yes, you heard me right. With just $10, you can get enough Six Star Testosterone Booster to see you through your cycle.

six star testosterone booster review

Now, the moment I see prices such as $10, my mind shifts to potency immediately. I mean, how often do you see an effective supplement retailing for just $10? Personally, I’ve never come across a powerful testosterone supplement retailing at such a low price, and there is a very good reason for that. Most of the effective ingredients that are required to make an excellent supplement are usually costly.

In fact, some manufacturers have to import some of these ingredients from as far as Asia. So, take a moment and ask yourself; if a manufacturer has indeed collected all the potent ingredients from different corners of the world, would they really sell a month’s supply of the supplement for a meager $10?

As you can see, my mind was very skeptical about this supplement before I even started looking at how it works and the ingredients used. However, I still gave it the benefit of the doubt, did my research and prepared this review to help you decide whether Six Star Testosterone Booster is worth your money or not.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Overview

Six Star Testosterone Booster is a supplement from the well-known manufacturer known as MuscleTech. The company has produced some rather impressive bodybuilding nutrition products in the past. They, therefore have a slightly above average reputation in the industry. But, has this been reflected in this particular supplement?

According to them, Six Star Testosterone Booster has the perfect formula to turn your life around. They claim that it will stimulate your body to increase testosterone production. They go a step further to explain that your body can expect an increase in t-levels within seven days of using the supplement. This should then benefit you in various ways including:

  • Enhancing training
  • Improving libido
  • Increasing muscle tone
  • Promoting athletic performance
  • Enhancing testosterone to cortisol ratio

How exactly does Six Star Testosterone Booster claim to achieve all this? One of the objectives of this supplement is to increase the levels of free testosterone in the body. According to scientists, around 60% of testosterone is usually trapped by the Sex Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG).

All the testosterone trapped here cannot be utilized by the body in any way. A significant majority of the remaining testosterone is also trapped by albumin. This means that a tiny percentage of your total testosterone remains free in the body and in most cases, it is never enough to meet the demands in terms of muscle growth, sex life, and other functions.

Six Star Testosterone Booster claims to have the right blend of ingredients that won’t just increase the production of testosterone, but it will also increase the amount of free testosterone that can actually be used by the body.

This supplement is also formulated to improve the balance between testosterone and cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone that can affect your body in more ways than you may know. Other than making you feel so stressed; Cortisol will also suppress the production of testosterone in the body.

When this happens, and you don’t take any measure to counter it, your body will get into a catabolic state, and this is where all the muscle you worked so hard to gain will now start getting broken down. Six Star Testosterone Booster is supposed to restore an optimal balance between testosterone and cortisol to ensure that cortisol levels never get too high to affect your fitness journey.

Six Star Testosterone Booster Ingredients

We all know that the success of any t-booster or supplement for that matter is determined by its formula. You should be able to know whether a supplement will be effective for you by simply looking at and reviewing the specific ingredients used. You must also look keenly at the doses of the individual ingredients used to determine how effective they are likely to be.

At low doses, most ingredients are usually ineffective, or they are likely to deliver average results. Meanwhile, high doses will improve results, but when they go beyond a certain point, the risk of adverse reactions increases significantly.

With that in mind, here are the ingredients used in making this t-booster:

Calcium 45mg

Calcium is vital for strong bones. This metal will make sure that your bones are strong enough to keep up with all the muscles you are gaining in the gym. The strong bones are also vital as they’ll prevent unnecessary fractures and other injuries.

Okay, so calcium is vital for healthy and strong bones but what role does it really play when it comes to testosterone production? As far as I can tell, calcium has no impact on testosterone production. I couldn’t come across any reliable scientific paper showing any correlation between calcium and t-levels.

However, I did find some evidence showing that it can actually increase cortisol levels which is against everything Six Star Testosterone Booster is supposed to achieve.

Rhodiola Extract as Rhodiola Crenulata 386mg

Rhodiola Extract has been linked to several benefits; the most crucial of them is its ability to increase endurance. This is a benefit that has been proven by numerous studies. The extract increases the uptake of oxygen which will then keep your muscle functioning for a more extended period before fatigue sets in.

Unfortunately, most of the studies that confirmed Rhodiola Extract’s ability to boost stamina showed that the subjects were consuming lots of it. For instance, the subjects in one of these studies were consuming around 1080mg per day. When you compare this to the 396mg found in Rhodiola Extract, it is highly unlikely that its presence in this supplement will be felt.

Rhodiola Extract has also been linked to various other benefits such as the ability to fight oxidative damage and the regulation of blood pressure and heartbeat.

Ginkgo Extract as Ginkgo Biloba 2.7mg

Ginkgo Extract does an impressive job of boosting blood circulation. With enhanced blood flow, different tissues in the body will receive sufficient nutrients, and this boosts their growth and development. One of such tissues is muscle tissues.

With improved blood circulation, getting erections will also be much easier. Even better, the erection will be very hard. In essence, Ginkgo Extract’s ability to boost blood flow will improve both your gym and sex lives.

However, there is no evidence showing that it increases the levels of testosterone in the body. In traditional medicine, it was believed that this extract improved one’s sex life by increasing t-levels, but recent studies have shown that it actually boosts erections by increasing blood flow to the dick.

Boron Citrate 100mg

Boron Citrate is perhaps the only proven testosterone boosting ingredient added in this supplement. The manufacturer has added 100mg of this mineral but the only 5mg of it is actually active, and this is enough to influence the secretion of testosterone in the body. It’s also believed to be good in dealing with bone-related issues such as arthritis and osteoporosis.

Side Effects of Six Star Testosterone Booster

The 100% natural formula makes this supplement very safe. You shouldn’t experience any serious health complications while consuming it.

In my research, I found a few users who reported a couple of side effects such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Migraines
  • Stomach upset
  • Insomnia

You should stop taking the supplement if you end up experiencing any of these adverse reactions and they don’t disappear even after reducing the dosage.

Final Thoughts

After seeing this supplement’s price tag, I was very curious to see what it could really offer. I had my doubts about its performance, and my research proved me right. Looking at its formula, there is only one proven testosterone boosting ingredient.

The other four have no impact on t-levels whatsoever. I think you are better off toping up your $10 and investing your money on a more proven supplement where results are guaranteed.

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