How to Do Spiderman Plank Crunches that Build Superhero Abs

By Mark / a few months ago

If you want to tighten up your abs, then Spiderman Plank Crunches are the way to go. These simple but effective exercises will give you a real six-pack.

The Power of Spiderman Plank Crunches

This is a fantastic exercise that works your entire core and strengthens your body right down the middle.

It’s a great way to work your abs and your obliques, and to really tone up your body overall. Do these crunches on a regular basis and you will see a real difference in your body tone and shape.

You don’t have to do Spiderman plank crunches at the gym. In fact, you don’t need any equipment at all.

You can do them anytime, anywhere, using the power of your own body to get the physical workout you need.

How to Do Spiderman Crunches

Although these Spiderman crunches are not difficult, it is important that you do them right.

If you cut corners or only do half the effort, you will be wasting your time. Worse still, you could do yourself an injury.

So take your time to get the movement right, and you will find that the results are impressive over a relatively short time.

As the name suggests, these crunches require you to stretch your legs in a manner resembling Spiderman climbing a wall.

Fortunately though, you don’t have to defy gravity. If you don’t have any superpowers, you are allowed to do these at ground level.

Here’s how your Spiderman Plank Crunches should look:

As you can see, the motion is very simple. You just need to pay attention to getting the details right.

Getting Started

To get started, get into the same position as you would to do push-ups – lying down and supporting your weight with your hands.

To do proper plank-style crunches, drop down onto your elbows.

Stretch your legs out backwards and hold your hips up. Your toes should be hip width apart on the ground, and your head should be held up as an extension of your spine.

Aim to have as straight a line as possible running through your body.

Executing the Spiderman Crunch

To do a perfect crunch, all you need to do is lift one foot and pull your knee towards your arm.

If possible, your knee should touch your arm. Keep your body as stable as possible.

Then allow your leg to return to the starting position.

Now repeat the exercise with your other leg.

Keep alternating between the two legs, keeping your body as straight and firm as you are able to.

At first, you will find that you can only do a few reps. But if you keep practicing, you will find the number of possible reps increases rapidly.

Making it Harder

We all know that the secret to success in exercising is to keep pushing your boundaries. So don’t rest on your laurels.

Keep increasing the number of reps that you do over time.

Another way to step up the difficulty is to use weight cuffs.

These will really add to the difficulty, but will also ensure that you get maximum benefit from the exercise.

Spiderman Plank Crunches - The Perfect Everyday Exercise

Spiderman Plank Crunches have the benefit of not only being a great exercise, but being easy to do, too.

This is an exercise that you can do anytime you have a spare few minutes – in your lunch break, before going to bed, etc.

Make the most of your spare time by packing in a few crunches. You will not only tighten up your core but build up fantastic abs, too.

What more could you want from an exercise?

Spiderman Plank Crunches - Conclusion

There you have it! The method for doing a perfect spiderman crunch.

Keep doing these crunches every day and you'll have a Spiderman 6 pack in no time. 

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