Stenabolic (SR9009) Review- Benefits & Side Effects

9 months ago

What is Stenabolic

Stenabolic or SR9009 is a synthetic drug. It was developed to assess circadian rhythm but it showed positive effects on endurance, anxiety, cholesterol, inflammation and weight in animal studies. Tests are presently underway to explore observable effects in humans. Stenabolic is available as a drug and supplement. It is not a prescription drug and is not widely available for over the counter sale. Stenabolic as a supplement is on sale online.

History of Stenabolic

Circadian rhythm is the twenty four hour cycle of all our bodily functions that are naturally adjusted to the time from sunrise to sunset and thereafter through the evening and night. The circadian rhythm is a pattern but it is not identical in every human. The rhythm depends on loop mechanism when some genes turn on or off at distinct times. There is a reset every twenty four hours and hence the cycle.

The circadian rhythm is an integral part of what is more commonly referred to as the biological clock, also known as internal clock of the human system. One of the most important components influencing or rather stabilizing the circadian rhythm is the pair of proteins known as REV-ERBs. These proteins get activated and turn off BMAL1 to stabilize the internal clock. Stenabolic or SR9009 can enhance the activity of the pair of proteins REV-ERB, also called agonists.

While the synthetic drug was primarily developed to study circadian rhythm and to know more about the internal clock, it has found more takers in the bodybuilding community due to its myriad effects. Many call it exercise in a bottle. Stenabolic or SR9009 can improve alertness during activity and also influence sleep pattern. The drug also plays a role in production of energy. The pair of protein playing a fundamental role in stabilizing the internal clock is found mostly in liver and muscles, also in fat tissues.

The protein pair REV-ERB in liver influences the circadian rhythm of as much as ninety percent of around nine hundred genes that are under the control of the pattern. The protein also deactivates the genes responsible for producing glucose but does not alter the sensitivity to insulin. The protein also activates genes that facilitate the generation of new fat tissues and cells, hence reducing possible inflammation or inflammatory response. REV-ERB in muscles burn more fat and increase mitochondria activity. The protein in fat tissues deactivates genes that lead to storing more fat. It also reduces production of triglycerides.

Stenabolic or SR9009 increases consumption of oxygen by cells, reduces production of new fat tissues in the liver, reduces cholesterol as well as bile acids, strengthens mitochondria in the muscles and reduces fat storage. It also increases use of fatty acids and glucose in the muscles.

Benefits of Stenabolic

Stenabolic can help with weight loss. It reduces fat storage. It also prevents formation of new fat tissues. The fat in muscles is reduced as more energy is produced. If there is no major change in diet and exercise, then supplementing with Stenabolic can lead to weight loss. The loss in weight is primarily due to burning fat and not reducing lean mass. The fat mass is reduced with Stenabolic supplements.

Stenabolic reduces cholesterol in the blood. The drug does not affect the good cholesterol or HDL. It reduces LDL or what is commonly referred to as bad cholesterol. The drug also reduces triglycerides in the blood. The drug increases endurance, which is much desired for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. The drug reduces inflammation, especially inflammatory responses in the lungs. Stenabolic can also reduce the secretion of inflammatory molecules in nerve cells.

There is sufficient reason to believe that the drug can prevent some types of heart disease. Heart function may improve in due course of time without any affect, positive or negative, on blood pressure. The drug can change sleep patterns and boost wakefulness. However, there is no sustained effect on wakefulness. The effects of the drug are usually short lived, lasting not more than twelve hours. This is not a problem since bodybuilders are only looking for better alertness and more tedious activity for a few hours.

Stenabolic can reduce anxiety. It reduces damage caused to tissues and hence is a remedy for fibrosis. The drug can boost muscle growth, increase strength and enhance agility. It regulates glucose levels and can help in both bulking and cutting phases of bodybuilding.


Side Effects of Stenabolic

There are no serious side effects of Stenabolic. There is no toxicity reported unless someone goes for an excessive dose, which is strongly recommended against. There is no extensive analysis of the effects that can be caused by overdosing so regulating the intake is the key. Some people report experiencing insomnia after taking the supplement. This is not concerning as increased wakefulness or alertness can cause changes in the natural sleep cycle. The body gets accustomed with the drug and the heightened alertness does not impair the quality of sleep in the medium to long term.

Ingredients and Dosage of Stenabolic

The ingredients Stenabolic vary from one manufacturer to another. The synthetic drug has a patented formula and hence all the ingredients are not known. The dosage of Stenabolic is 10mg to 40mg every day. It is best to start with a low dose of 10mg to 20mg. This should be split into four to six times a day. The aim is to go for 5mg once in two hours for a total of six times in a day. This amounts to a daily dosage of 30mg. If six times a day is too many then you may choose three to four times daily. You can start with 20mg and go for 5mg for a total of four times a day. The interval between two doses should be two hours or more.

Price of Stenabolic

The exact price of Stenabolic varies from brand to brand. You should choose a credible brand that has an impeccable track record. There are companies selling Stenabolic or its variants. There are drugs marketed as SARMs that contain SR9009. You should choose a reputed manufacturer. Do not just go for the cheapest priced Stenabolic.

Sr9009 stacks well with Ligandrol and Nutrobal.

Customer Reviews of Stenabolic

Many customer reviews have highlighted the use of the drug as performance enhancer. Bodybuilders have reported improved strength and endurance. There are some who have reported no real benefits or changes to their activities and wakefulness. Some people have complained about the need to have the drug four to six times a day, which is not always convenient for everyone.

People have had varying levels of boost to energy and alertness. Some people have reported feeling an instant kick. They have enjoyed the increased strength and endurance during workout. There are bodybuilders who have not felt as much of an instant kick or a great boost. Tolerance threshold varies from individual to individual. The same dosage will not have an identical impact on everyone or even two people. Bodyweight, age, gender, workout routine, medical history and overall health will play a role in determining the actual impact.


Stenabolic is a reasonably safe drug. It is one of the less potent SARMs but that is a good thing since you do not want to deal with severe side effects. Stenabolic effects can be pronounced in some and may be subtle in others. Regulating the dosage as per the instructions and understanding individual tolerance level is necessary. The synthetic drug can help with bulking and cutting but there should be a post cycle therapy for sustainable results. Those who already have insomnia or other sleep disorders should exercise caution.


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