The Top Bodybuilding Magazines You Should Be Reading

By Mark / a few months ago
Check out all the bodybuilding magazines and find the one that is right for you.

Get all the inspiration, information and advice you need to achieve amazing results in your workouts. Check out these fantastic bodybuilding magazines and fulfill all your dreams in the gym.

Top Bodybuilding Magazines

Bodybuilding magazines are a fountain of information and a great form of entertainment. Some of the best bodybuilding magazines will give you valuable information on nutrition, training, and will give you a chance to look into the lives of professional bodybuilders.

This article will focus on magazines that provide you with this information plus a whole lot more.

Iron Man Magazine

Longevity is a tell-tale sign of success. Iron Man magazine was founded in 1936 by Peary and Mabel Rader. Since its inception, the focus of the magazine has been to educate people on bodybuilding, weightlifting, and powerlifting. Many decades later that magazine continues to educate, motivate, and entertain people.

Iron Man is a popular magazine with lots of great content.

Iron Man magazine is filled with articles about the science of nutrition, consuming the correct amounts of protein, carbohydrates, and fats for your weight, together with in-depth articles about supplements. The magazine also includes a plethora of articles on training. Training articles are broken down by body part and ideas for complete workouts are also given. You will even see articles that will help you if you are preparing to enter a bodybuilding contest.

The wealth of information does not end here. You can find articles on sexual health, ways to motivate yourself through plateaus, and stories about people who have been able to transform their lives through the sport of bodybuilding. Whether you are looking for new recipes, trying to find new ways to work out, or just interested in looking at the models in the magazine to admire their beautiful physique, you cannot go wrong with Iron Man magazine.

Flex Magazine

Another outstanding magazine is Flex magazine. This magazine has not existed as long as Iron Man magazine, but it is still a very informative and successful magazine. It was founded by Joe Weider in 1983 and is published worldwide. Flex magazine frequently showcases top bodybuilding athletes. You can learn what they are doing with their lives, businesses they are involved in, and best of all, you will learn how they train.

Flex magazine is perfect if you are seeking to compete in the sport of bodybuilding, or if you just like seeing and learning about the lives of professional bodybuilders. If you purchase this magazine you can learn more about people like Phil Heath (one of the most successful Mr. Olympia’s ever).

Take a peek at his nutrition plan, or see what body part he is training and how he is training it. You can also get information on taking supplements like BCAA’s, increasing lean mass without eating massive amounts of carbohydrates, and learn the best ways to stay anabolic so you can keep those muscles growing. If you love all things related to the sport of bodybuilding, you will absolutely love Flex magazine.

Muscular Development Magazine

Bob Hoffman founded this magazine in 1964 and it has been going strong ever since. The magazine began as a way to enlighten readers on bodybuilding and the science of nutrition. Many years later, it continues to gravitate toward the science of both bodybuilding and nutrition.

The magazine frequently features top bodybuilding athletes, as well as enlightening articles on supplements, true strength training, and the McGough Report. This feature showcases specific bodybuilders or contests and allows you to get a look into their world. This magazine is a true celebration of the sport of bodybuilding and it is sure to inspire you to continue on your bodybuilding journey.

Natural Muscle Magazine

Natural Muscle magazine is perfect for those of you who are exclusively interested in gaining muscle naturally. This magazine hit the market in 1996 and has acquired a large readership since then.

The magazine focuses on topics related to health, natural bodybuilding contests, and weight training. It features natural bodybuilding athletes and people just looking to lose weight and learn how to live and eat in healthy ways. The magazine is truly an inspiration because it shows you that you can gain lots of lean mass without using harmful steroids.

Four Magazines to Help Guide You

These four magazines will help guide you no matter what bodybuilding goals you are pursuing. If you feel that being natural is for you, you can pick up a copy of Natural Magazine or look at their site online. If you are more interested in learning about professional bodybuilders and just want to train hard and gain as much muscle as possible, then Flex magazine and Muscular Development are for you. Iron Man magazine just has it all.

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