The Top Ten Bodybuilding Channels on YouTube (Great Videos!)

By Mark / a few months ago
If you work out hard, you can bulk up over time.

Check out these very impressive bodybuilding channels on YouTube and learn the techniques of building a body to be proud of. Here you will find successful bodybuilders sharing all their muscle-building secrets.

YouTube Bodybuilding Channels

YouTube is the third most-visited site on the internet. On YouTube, you can find videos on anything you can imagine. There are videos about videos, movies, music, cooking, and of course, bodybuilding.

These YouTubers will show you how to train hard, eat right, and how to get and stay motivated to build muscle. This article will showcase the top ten bodybuilding channels on YouTube.

YouTube is a great source of bodybuilding information.

This YouTube channel is connected to the website On this channel, you will see videos about training by professional and amateur bodybuilders, diet, the science of bodybuilding and much, much more. This channel has 940 videos and new ones are added frequently. If you are interested in bodybuilding and have a question, you will find your answers here.

CT Fletcher Motivation

Are you motivated to train insanely? If you aren’t, visit the CT Fletcher Motivation channel. CT Fletcher is a natural bodybuilder who bench pressed 650 pounds.

He’s often called the strongest man you’ve never heard of and his physical strength comes second only to his ability to motivate others. CT Fletcher truly trains insane, but if you watch his videos he will tell you how you can do it too.

Sean Nalewanyj

Sean Nalewanyj channel can teach you about bodybuilding in a scientific way. In his videos, he talks about training, supplements, and why sleep is so important to bodybuilders. In addition to his YouTube channel, he has his own website where you get more information about bodybuilding through his specially created program.

Six Pack Abs

This channel is created by the founder of the six pack shortcuts program, Mike Chang. This channel contains 435 videos that will tell you what you need to do to get a chiseled midsection.

You won’t only see Mike Chang’s fabulous midsection, you will see videos from different bodybuilders, all telling you how to get not only six pack abs, but monster arms and shredded shoulders, too. You will also learn ways to boost your testosterone naturally.


This channel features a natural bodybuilder whose training is focused on ways to prevent injury, gaining muscle by training at home or outdoors, and good nutrition.

He’s a more subdued type of bodybuilder, but he will show you how to get the job done. He’s informative, witty, and personable. If you like someone who is down to earth and shows you alternative ways to train, you will really enjoy this channel.


Another popular bodybuilding channel on YouTube belongs to Chris Jones. Chris Jones is a natural bodybuilder who shows you through his own physique and coaching techniques that natural bodybuilders can get huge.

His videos focus mainly on training and nutrition. His videos are entertaining and informative.

Matt Ogus

This channel features Matt Ogus who is a natural bodybuilder and fitness model. One look at Matt Ogus will tell you that he knows about bodybuilding, and watching his videos will help you get a physique to die for.

You can watch him train hard or get tips on how to make boring chicken dinners tastier. This channel has over 1,000 videos and you are sure to find something that will help propel you forward in your bodybuilding goals.


This YouTube channel features the immensely popular Hodge twins. These muscle building twins have over 1,500 videos on YouTube showing you how to build more muscle.

You will learn how to train correctly, the right supplements to use, and you will have lots of fun laughing at the antics of these two men. If you truly want to be entertained as you watch videos on bodybuilding, this is the channel to visit.

Maxx Chewning

The Maxx Chewning channel on YouTube mostly talks about the life of powerlifter Maxx Chewning. It features Maxx performing various lifts including deadlifts and squats and has a lot of videos of Maxx eating. A lot. If you want to know more about the personal life of a powerlifter, check out Maxx’s channel.

Strength Camp

Elliott Hulse channel strength camp has something for everyone. Elliott Hulse teaches you how to get huge, train correctly, and even helps you worth through injuries. In addition to strength camp, Elliott Hulse has a channel under his name, and this channel is more cerebral.

He still addresses issues in bodybuilding, but he ventures out into other areas like destroying negative thought and solving problems. Both of these channels are interesting and informative.

Tune In

If you want to get different perspectives on bodybuilding, you need to tune in and watch these YouTube channels. These channels are informative, motivational, and entertaining.

These YouTubers share their training and dieting tips with the world with the hope that they will make a difference in the lives of others. Tune in because you may be the person that they help the most.

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