Untold Facts About Over Exercising

By Mark / a few months ago

It is a proven fact that exercise is good for you. It does not only help you become physically fit, it is also known to improve mood and mental functioning. But how much should you really exercise?


The amount of time you take to exercise should depend on your body goals. Some people exercise to lose weight while some exercise to gain muscle. But you cannot make the results come faster by over-exercising. Many trainers recommend at most 60 minutes of exercise a day for moderate workouts and at most 35 minutes a day for vigorous exercise. Any more than this may push your body to extremes that it is not usually used to and this can be quite unhealthy. More is not always better. Here are four important things you need to know about over exercising.

1. Too much exercise can actually make you gain weight.

Not very many people exercise to gain weight. In fact, the opposite is true. It can be frustrating putting most of your time in working out only to find out that you are gaining weight from it. Excess exercise, especially if you are lifting weights, can make the body start burning muscles to use as fuel for your workout. This will in turn force it to store more fat, resulting in small gradual weight gain. However, Skinny 2 Fit recommends CBD oil to help with muscle recovery. But this does not really make it okay to over exercise. In fact, they only recommend it for people doing moderate exercise but still suffer muscle problems.

2. Risk of heart damage and heart rhythm disorders.

Too much exercise can put you at risk of heart damage and heart rhythm disorders. Extreme exercise puts a lot of stress on your cardiovascular system which may cause its muscles to thicken. This will change the mass of your heart and as a result, its beat rhythm gets disrupted and this can lead to heart damage.

3. Disrupted sleep.


While exercise can make you relax, too much of it will make you restless and even disrupt your sleep. This will happen because your body will always be adjusting from the daily exercise responding to the stress put on the muscles. The stretching of the muscles will disrupt your sleep, making you toss and turn for the most part of the night. Some people may even lack sleep completely.

4. Weaker Bones.

When the body is subjected to too much physical stress, a hormone known as cortisol is usually secreted by the adrenal gland. While the hormone helps to curb the inflammatory effects developed in the muscles, when it is secreted in plenty, the negative effects can outweigh the benefits.

When cortisol is constantly in the bloodstream, it interferes with bone formation. It causes more bone tissue to be broken down than formed. This puts people who exercise too much at risk of bone fracture and breakage.

Exercise is good, but too much of it can have drawbacks. This is both in terms of duration and intensity. It will do you more harm than good. Your body is not a machine, it requires time to recuperate after being put in stressful activities. You can still achieve your body goals with moderate amounts of exercise.

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