What are the Health Benefits of Coffee?

By Mark / last month

There seems to be so much news flying around about how coffee is quite disadvantageous for our health. Well, the impact of coffee on the health is not totally negative; as a matter of fact, recent research suggests that coffee is good for us and there are so many positive points about the consumption of coffee and the wonders it does to our health. So, if you belong to the group of people who love to kick-start the day with a rich cup of coffee goodness, then you have nothing to fear. Listed below are the “goodness” caffeine has to offer.

Coffee and Depression.

Researchers have found that coffee can act as an antidote to the blues. It was discovered that caffeine, an important constituent of coffee, when introduced into the body, activates neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. Neurotransmitters function effectively in regulating blood pressure. Several studies also indicate that heavy coffee drinkers have the lowest tendency to fall into depression.

It contains so many antioxidants

Isn’t it amazing that coffee contains so much antioxidant? I mean, we expect cocoa and other tea forms to contain more antioxidants than coffee, but scientists have proven that unprocessed coffee contains more antioxidants than other hot beverages. Antioxidants are responsible for helping to maintain a healthy body. They help to fight free radicals in the body and by so doing; they help prevent the occurrence of chronic illnesses and various forms of inflammation. There is also a significant correlation between coffee consumption and a reduction in cardiovascular disease occurrence.

Memory booster

It has also been discovered that drinking at least a cup of coffee per day has a role to play in boosting your short-term memory.  This is because caffeine affects the parts of the brain that are responsible for memory retention and concentration. Research conducted revealed that individuals who consumed caffeine exhibited sharp memory retention and improved concentration when compared with those who steer clear of coffee.

Coffee and cancer

There just seems to be so many advantages when it comes to coffee consumption! The antioxidants present in coffee possess anti-carcinogenic properties that help in boosting immunity. People who consume at least four cups of coffee per day have been found to have a lower risk of developing various types of cancer including prostate cancer, endometrial cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and rectal cancer.

Coffee and the liver

The benefit of coffee consumption is wide-spread. It significantly reduces the risk of developing liver cirrhosis which is a form of chronic injury to the liver. This is achieved by the reduction in the levels of the liver enzymes. Caffeine in coffee helps in reducing the level of the liver enzymes which are indicative of liver inflammation.

Coffee and diabetes

As the prevalence of diabetes is on the increase, it has been discovered that taking a single cup of coffee daily helps to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes by about 7%. Isn’t that good news?

It clearly seems that coffee has a whole lot more benefits to offer than we thought. Even moderate consumption of coffee seems to offer some health benefits. Don’t hold back, incorporate about two to three cups of coffee into your everyday schedule and savour the wonderful effects this can have on your health.

After reading this article maybe you will start to see this popular beverage in a completely new light!

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