How to Workout at Home for Natural Bodybuilders Who Want Results

By Mark / 9 months ago
By varying your abs routines, you can work your abs muscle tissue in different ways.

Natural bodybuilders need to work harder to stay in shape, but you can still create a home-based workout that gets great results every time.

The Natural Bodybuilding Home Workout

While the lack of performance enhancers is one of the most obvious differences between traditional and natural bodybuilding, it isn't the only one. Since they don't have the assistance of enhancers to help get muscle results, natural bodybuilders must both exercise more frequently and take a different approach to that exercising.

The good news is that some of these exercise changes can be accommodated by adopting at home exercise routines. Read on to learn more about adopting and using home training methods for natural body building and to acquire natural, healthy muscle mass.

Should you work out at home or at the gym? There are pros and cons to both options...

Funny man Kevin Hart and award-winning bodybuilders Phil Heath and Robert Timms all credit home training with fantastic results. But you don't need lots of fancy equipment or the space of a mansion to get your own great results. You can create a great home gym even with some very basic equipment and some free space. 

#1. Straddle Press

Equipment Needed: One dumbbell (various weights)

How to Do It:

Sit down on firm, flat ground and assumes a bestride position. The dumbbell should be held in one hand and lifted to the shoulder. You'll then raise the dumbbell above your head. During this press, your body and legs should be completely straight. You should avoid the temptation to lean into your back. One press equals one repetition.

Number of Repetitions:

The number of repetitions done is based on a bodybuilder's level of expertise and dumbbell weight. For example:

  • beginning women do five reps each hand holding five to eight pounds
  • beginning men do five reps each hand holding eight to 10 pounds
  • intermediate women do five reps each hand holding 10 to 15 pounds
  • intermediate men do five reps each hand holding 12 to 20 pounds
  • all advanced bodybuilders do five reps each hand using a dumbbell that's 35 percent of their heaviest weight
  • all expert bodybuilders do five reps each hand using a dumbbell that's 50 percent of their heaviest weight

What This Helps: Hips, hamstrings, core muscles, flexibility

In exercising your hamstrings, not only are you enhancing flexibility and balance, you're improving circulation. This keeps vital oxygen and blood flow to muscles, preventing muscle wasting and muscle death. And in giving hips and core muscles a workout, you're enhancing balance, improving flexibility, and are preventing the muscle imbalance that can lead to serious injury

#2. Bench Press

 Equipment Needed: One dumbbell (various weights)

How to Do It:

Stand with a dumbbell in one hand. Raise it to shoulder level. Position the feet as though doing a windmill. Raise the dumbbell above the head while shifting the hips to one side. Keep the opposite arm on the ground. One rep equals one hip shift.

Number of Repetitions:

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced men and women bodybuilders should follow the rep and weight instructions given for the straddle press workout. All expert bodybuilders should again do five repetitions on each hand, this time using 60 percent of their heaviest weight.

What This Helps: Planar muscles. This also increases pressing strength.

"Planar" actually refers to a type of movement that affects isolated groups of muscles that are involved with one another, such as deltoid muscles and chest ones. You can exercise "planar muscles" both in isolated and compound form.

#3. Windmill Press

Equipment Needed: One dumbbell (various weights)

How to Do It:

Standing, raise the dumbbell above your head. Move your feet a hip's length apart. Leave a 45-degree distance between the feet and the arm holding the dumbbell. Keep the arm straight through the entire exercise. 

Begin moving the hips towards one side and towards the ground. As you move your hips, rotate your dumbbell holding hand above your head. Use your entire arm and shoulder for this. Bring that arm back to your side to complete one rep.

Number of Repetitions:

Bodybuilders of both genders and all skill levels should follow the rep and weight instructions given for the bench press exercise above.

What It Helps: Shoulder stability.

Shoulder stability is very important for lifting and a range of motion. This stability helps to protect the scapular, which helps to safeguard all over arm functioning.

Why Dumbbells?

Dumbbell exercises are focused on here because they make perfect equipment for home workouts. Dumbbells are relatively inexpensive, easy to store, require very little room to use, and are easy to manipulate. But you certainly have other options. Click here for more great ideas.

Final thoughts

Try to find a regular area to work out in. It should be comfortable, free of distractions, and if indoors, well ventilated. Not only is it more fun to work out with friends, should a workout not go as planned help will be close at hand. 

While you shouldn't shun more professional workout venues in your bodybuilding efforts, there's definitely no place like home for some great workouts as well.

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