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MaxedMuscle.com is dedicated to helping bodybuilders around the world build muscle and achieve a muscular and attractive physique. We provide high-quality information and advice on workouts, nutrition, supplements and motivation to help everyone reach their full potential – both in the gym and beyond.

This blog was written by me, Mark, and my team of writers who are all experts in the bodybuilding field. I am a former bodybuilder and have over 10 years experience in this industry.

photo of me

Me (Mark) during one of my bodybuilding competitions a few years ago!

When I first started bodybuilding, I found it very difficult to find accurate, reliable information about diets, supplements and effective workout routines. That’s why I created this website – so that fellow bodybuilders can hit the ground running with all the facts without having to go through the trial and error that I did.

Please click on the link below if you’d like to get in touch with me, or to read our privacy policy. We also accept quality guest posts written by experts, so if you have a great idea for an article, I’d love to hear from you!

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Please note that while every measure has been taken to provide correct and accurate information on this website, we are not medical professionals and in no way claim to provide information that does anything more than inform and entertain our users. Here is our disclaimer:


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