How to Maintain your Gaming life and Fitness Together

A lot of times being a gamer myself I used to come home, grab a pizza, throw it in the oven, eat it and, play some games. I try to grab something which is very easy to make so I can play more games. But! That really isn’t healthy for you,eating unhealthy food all the time. Although this is what most of usually do.

A well-balanced diet is more important. Other people have three to four meals per day but those who are Gamers hardly spent an hour in the kitchen.

The perfect gamer food is mainly the best thing you can get which is easy to prepare and easy to eat, even with one hand. While having the best videogames accessories online you should also focus on eating the most healthy food while sitting in front of your screen for 5-6 hours straight.

  • These foods are easy to hold and can be eaten with one hand so it won’t interrupt your game
  • Oil-free so it won’t mess up with your keyboard or controller
  • Easy to make between breaks and loading time so you can get back to your computer screen as soon as possible
  • Most important – It’s healthy and keeps you energetic

Now let kick off our list with the best gamer good you can get

Mixed nuts and Dry fruits

Mix dry fruits and nuts like raisins, blackberries,cashews, Almonds, pistachio and, walnuts provide more nutritional values than chips and Doritos they also don’t keep flakes on your keyboard and table.

These taste awesome and has a good effect on your brain because of omega-3 fatty acid. You can also try Energy bars or dark chocolates which will increase the glycogen level in your body and glycogen is something which your muscles burn during activities like gaming.

And yes! Almonds and walnuts will help you remember the mistake because of which you died in the last game.

Boiled Eggs

Just boil a few eggs and spend a minute of time peeling them off to prepare a healthy snack which contains tons of vitamins and choline. In case you don’t know, choline is an essential nutrient which helps in the production of acetylcholine and acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter which helps in memory and other brain functions.

You can also increase the flavor by adding a pinch of salt, pepper or paprika. I personally like boiled eggs with pepper and beans and a piece of bread and you can try that too. You can also opt for Omelets because you can mix it with whatever you want.

Eggs provide carbohydrates and cholesterol benefits which will fuel up your day ahead.


Popcorn is the best snack you can enjoy between your game or a movie. These are healthy and very easy to make, just put a bowl in your microwave or buy a popcorn maker. Don’t just put butter on them like movie theaters do, instead try and discover some other flavors.

One bowl of popcorn contains around 300 mg of polyphenols while fruit contains 254 mg and vegetables even less 200 mg while popcorn don’t contain as many vitamins and nutrients than fruits and vegetables but you can ditch your chips and try some popcorn.


Try a delicious fruit salad by chopping and mixing fruits with sugar water or just bake a thin slice of your food and make your homemade chips these are far better than your greasy and fatty food.

You should also try freezing some grapes in your fridge for a few hours before your game. These are really easy to make and provide you sweet, sour and cooling bite. You can pick any variety of grapes,all of them has a high amount of antioxidants.

Fruits will boost up your Performance with their natural sugar so instead of candies you should go for fruits.

Final words

These foods are a healthier alternative than your normal snacks so the next time before you think of a slice of pizza while your game is loading then do try one of the things which we have listed above.