The Top Twenty, Best-Ever Motivational Fitness Quotes

By Mark / a few months ago
Keep yourself motivated to keep workout out.

No less than 20 totally inspiring quotes to motivate you and help you get moving. Check these out and you will soon be packing your gym bag and heading for your next workout.

The Best Fitness Quotes to Motivate Your Lazy Ass Down to the Gym

Motivational fitness quotes? Who needs them? Oh, yes…we do…

Come on, admit it…you skipped a workout, right? Or maybe it was two or three – or even a whole month. But that’s OK. We are all human, and sometimes life seems to have more to offer than sweating away on a bench press.

But you know you are going to regret it when you look in the mirror and see your muscle definition fading, or step on the weighing scales and see your weight going up. Not good, right?

But don’t worry. If you are short of gym motivation, we’ve got plenty. Here we are going to give you no less than 100 of the very best fitness quotes to inspire you to get off the sofa, switch off the TV, throw that pizza in the trash and start working out.

Here you will find words of wisdom from some of the greatest names in bodybuilding, plus superstars from the world of sport and other achievers. They all have one thing in common – they understand that you have to focus and work hard in order to get results.

So get yourself a cup of Joe and sit down to check these out. But pack your gym bag first. Because when you are done reading these, you will be raring to get down to the gym and start working out.

"I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."
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Don’t Just Read Motivational Fitness Quotes…Act on Them!

So now you have enough gym motivation and fitness quotes to inspire the creation of the body of your dreams. Be sure to act on this now while you are hyped up and ready to go.

Because we all know there are no excuses in the world of bodybuilding. Success is all about putting in the hours, lifting the iron and sticking to your nutrition regime.

Start lifting now, and you could achieve amazing things in the next few months. And then who knows, maybe you will be the one who is generating the next most memorable motivational fitness quotes.

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