Basic Guideline to Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Employee drug abuse kills quality, affects the safety and impairs productivity at workplaces.

To prevent workplace injuries, employers offer training and protective equipment to their employees. Pre-employment drug testing is also another preventive method when hiring employees.

Oftentimes, employers will want to test potential candidates for drugs before hiring them. This is what is called pre-employment drug testing and is used to detect whether an individual has taken illicit drugs for the past few days or hours. It is similar to alcohol and workplace drug testing. All these tests are helpful when it comes to guaranteeing safety at workplaces. But the employer should let an employee know this beforehand.

Since having a drug-free workplace is important to when it comes to workplace safety, employers must ensure to test individuals to ensure they hire clean candidates. This way, there will be no headaches of dealing with drug-related cases in the workplace.

Pre-employment drug testing is a practice that both the employer and employee must understand and know its benefits.

In this article, we will discuss about pre-employment drug testing, just keep reading to learn more.

What is Pre-employment Drug Test?

The pre-employment drug test is a screening method used to detect the presence of illicit drugs on a potential hire. Today, with the sporadic consumption of illicit drugs among people, employers have opted to perform pre-employment drug testing to ensure only those who do not abuse drug get employed.

What Types of Pre-Employment Drug Tests Are Used

Different types of pre-employment drug tests are performed depending on the employer’s drug and alcohol policies. Usually, an employer will hire an independent testing firm to perform the test. The drug testing company may then decide to do the test within the workplace premises or do it at their premises.

The testing company will collect saliva or urine samples and sometimes blood and then the test will be conducted.

What Kind Of Drugs Do Pre-Employment Drug Tests Identify?

Pre-employment drug tests are administered to detect different kinds of drugs such as:

  • Amphetamines, THC(Marijuana, cannabinoids, hash)  which are detected by a saliva test.
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin, morphine angel dust

Oftentimes saliva drug test is thought to provide accurate results fast and is cheap. The collection of saliva samples is also easy and simple.

Why It’s Important for Employers to Administer Pre-employment Drug Tests.

Illicit drug consumption can be dangerous in the workplace. Some drugs are believed to make the users lose concentration which puts them and their coworkers in danger. Drug abuse cases range from accidents, injuries and lost productivity which is very costly to the employer. An employee causing accidents under the influence of drugs could cost the employer millions. That’s why it is important for employers to perform pre-employment drug testing as it will help to reduce such costs and risks.

How Legal Is Pre-Employment Drug Testing

Pre-employment drug testing is legal. The employer is responsible to ensure a drug-free workplace. But the laws concerning what employers can do when it comes to drug testing differ from one state to another.

For instance, each state has laws that govern how employers can administer drug tests.

In this case, employers must enlighten potential candidates about their drug testing policies. That means the applicant is made aware beforehand that he or she will have to undergo through the testing process during the hiring process. Once the candidate passes the test and they have qualified, they are then offered the job.

In some countries, there are no regulations when it comes to pre-employment drug testing. So, employers will decide whether to hire a potential candidate based on the results or refusal to go through the screening process. Some jobs will require the employer to perform pre-employment drug testing randomly, for instance, school bus driving, teachers, and nurses.

What Are Your Rights When It Comes To Pre-Employment Drug Tests?

Usually, the employer should explain the following before administering the drug test

  • The workplace policy when it comes to drug abuse
  • The drug testing process
  • Whet the employer will do once you test positive or if you decline the test

Final Words

A pre-employment drug test is not a forceful practice, so you have the right to accept to or reject it. However, the employer has the right to refuse to employ you if you fail to go through the drug screening process.