Best tips how to make a ballet barre for your home

Ballet bars can be used for learning the different positions and steps of the ballet dance. The positions in the ballet dance need perfection and accuracy which can only get with the help of the ballet bars.

Sometimes you have to make the best and straight positions of your arms and you can check it that if there is no bar then you cannot keep your arms straight for certain period of time. For holding up the bars you need to have the ballet bar brackets. These ballet bar brackets are used to give a support to the ballet bar.

Some of the ballet bar brackets are produced and designed with a “locking system”. Locking system is one of the effective ways of installing the brackets as once you have installed the brackets in the wall then there will be no chance of displacing usage.

The installation of the brackets should be done perfectly and with care and make it sure that it is firmly fastened into the wall. You can use the screws to place them firmly into the place.

There are different types of the ballet bar brackets available in the market which can be varied according to different materials, brands and prices. You can buy them according to the types of the bars and also you can buy them according to your own requirement.

While selecting the ballet bar brackets the most important thing you need to consider is the durability and quality of these. The best options are those which are made of metals as the metals can provide the durability which is long lasting and can also bear the rough and tough conditions. You can easily clean the metal brackets as you only need to have the soapy water and just wipe it off without difficulty.

Unique barre-to-bracket mounting method allows full use of the barre without obstructions over the entire length of the barre; unlike other brackets that wrap around the barre causing obstructions every few feet along the barre. This system allows you to mount the brackets first, then mount the barre to the brackets. This is especially important when installing wall-to-wall full width barres.

                                      What we need to know to get started:

  • Single or double barre?
  • Floor mounted or wall mounted?
  • What are the dimensions of the space you are trying to fill?
  • What type of wood would you like?
  • Are there any columns, mirrors or doorways that we will need to work around?

                            Why Choose Aluminum Barres over Wood Barres?

                                  Aluminum barres have several advantages over wooden barres.

  • Unlike traditional wooden barres, Aluminum barres keep their structural integrity. Aluminum barres will not warp, splinter, or crack. You never have to worry about color inconsistencies because  aluminum barres have a beautiful, long lasting powder coated finish.
  •  According to this blog, aluminum barres have a unique anti-microbial powder coated finish that allows for worry-free use without spreading germs. Wooden barres tend to hold in microbes and germs, which can be spread to other users.
  • Aluminum barres are maintenance free and extremely easy to clean. Wooden barres require regular maintenance and cleaning.
  •  Aluminum barres have an obstruction free design, where as most wooden barres have obstructions from the bracket every few feet.
  • Aluminum barres are 100% recyclable and have less of an impact on the environment that wooden barres.


 Ballets is a sport that requires both skills and perseverance to be able to master the sport and move elegantly in front of a crowd. But more than the hours of rigorous training, this sport also requires the right equipment for its ballerina to practice and execute the sports the right way. Ballet equipment is specifically made for gymnastics, one can not excel in this sport without familiarizing the equipment for his or her kind of gymnastics.

These types of equipment can also help develop certain muscle groups for toning and strengthening which is very important for some activities like dancing, cheerleading, climbing, or other fitness related activities.