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Welcome to our Primobolan review article! We’ll get into the benefits and side effects of this performance enhancer a bit further down this article, but first, let’s discuss what Primobolan actually is. 

Introduction to Primobolan

Primobolan is the brand name of metenolone enanthate, also known as methenolone enanthate.

The androgen and anabolic steroid is sold as an oral supplement and an injection.

The latter is typically used as a drug. The supplement is often labeled as Primobolan Depot.

The most notable brand name of the drug is Nibal Injection.

Primobolan or metenolone enanthate is primarily used to cure anemia caused by bone marrow failure.

The drug is injected into the muscle. There is an alternative drug available now that is taken orally, called metenolone acetate.

Metenolone enanthate is no longer available as a drug. Primobolan is available as a supplement.


History of Primobolan

Metenolone enanthate was developed and introduced 1962 for medical use.

It was found that metenolone enanthate improved performance and physique. It became a controlled drug and nonmedical use was not approved.

There are some countries where the drug is still prescribed for medical use, two examples being Turkey and Spain.

Nibal Injection or Primobolan Depot has many names other than methenolone enanthate such as metenolone heptanoate and metenolone 17β-enanthate; SH-601, NSC-64967, SQ-16374, 1-Methyl-DHT heptanoate, 1-Methyl-4,5α-dihydrotestosterone 17β-heptanoate and 1-Methyl-5α-androst-1-en-17β-ol-3-one 17β-heptanoate.

The drug is administered through intramuscular injection and the supplement is taken by mouth.

The drug is classified as an androgen ester or androgen and anabolic steroid. It is listed in Schedule III in the United States.

The half life of metenolone enanthate is ten and a half days when administered as an intramuscular injection.

The half life of Primobolan varies and is much shorter when taken orally. The chemical formula of metenolone enanthate is C27H42O3 and its molar mass is 414.621 g/mol.

The original brand name of metenolone enanthate was Nibal Depot. It is no longer available in the United States.

The androgen ester is not approved for use by athletes. There are anti-doping provisions banning the use of metenolone enanthate during competitions.

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Benefits of Primobolan

Primobolan, often referred to as Primo, has lasting anabolic effects but milder than some other similar supplements and low androgenic effects that do not last much long.

The supplement has become popular as a performance enhancer because it does not pose much risk to liver functions.

Oral steroids can cause liver toxicity and even lasting damage. Primobolan has no such effect.

When taken orally, which is metenolone acetate and not enanthate, the half life is four to six hours. The injection which is metenolone enanthate has a much longer half life.

The most significant benefit of Primobolan oral is its effects on bodybuilding. It is a potent androgen ester or androgen and anabolic steroid.

Unlike some other similar supplements that play a role in bulking up, Primobolan assists the cutting phase.

It can improve the effects of a well planned cutting cycle. The supplement helps in the maintenance of muscle mass even when a bodybuilder or fitness enthusiast undertakes a diet low in calories.

The cutting cycle requires a diet to be low in calorie content to facilitate the fat burning process.

One must shed the excess fat, even the last ounce of stubborn adipose tissues, for the cutting cycle to have the desired outcome.

Many tend to lose mass during this process as the body does not always turn to fat for energy.

Primobolan maintains muscle mass and also retains the gains in strength through the bulking up phase.

The cutting cycle often leads to depletion in strength since there is some loss of muscle mass. Retaining the mass helps in maintaining the strength gains and hence it is easier to get through the cutting phase onto the next cycle.

Primobolan can be taken by men as well as women. The mild supplement does not lead to excess estrogens, even if the dosage is increased somewhat.

The supplement also has an effect on levels of testosterone in men. It prevents conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and hence men feel more energetic and experience greater endurance during workouts.

The increase in levels of testosterone also enhances libido and hence improves sex drive.

Side Effects of Primobolan

There are a few common side effects of Primobolan.

Masculinization is a common side effect, including symptoms such as acne, voice changes and excessive hair growth.

While these may not be much of a concern for men, they are worrying side effects for women.

Men may experience enhanced libido but women might have fewer sexual urges while taking the supplement. The supplement does not affect the liver or its functions.

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Primobolan can be abused and excessive overdosing will lead to serious side effects. Abuse of the supplement can cause depression, oily skin and severe acne.

Men may develop male boobs, a condition known as gynecomastia. Men who have testicular atrophy or testicular cancer and prostate cancer should not take this supplement.

Women with breast cancer must not take Primobolan. Anyone who has a history of stroke, chronic high blood pressure, respiratory ailments, damage to liver or kidneys should also avoid taking the supplement.

The supplement is not meant for children. Those who are allergic to metenolone acetate should not take the supplement.

The androgen and anabolic steroid should not be taken by pregnant women and breastfeedig mothers.

Those who take Prasterone, Androstenedione, Tamoxifen or DHEA should exercise caution or simply avoid taking the supplement till their effects wear off.

Users should avoid taking more than one dose of the supplement simultaneously.

Adhering to the course and dosage instructions will reduce the chances of side effects.

When used moderately and if there is no prevailing health condition, an adult man should not experience any serious side effect.

Ingredients and Dosage of Primobolan

The primary active ingredient in Primobolan is metenolone acetate.

The recommended dosage is 200mg to 400mg per week. Women should limit the dosage within 50mg and 100mg per week.

The daily dosage for men can vary from 50mg to 100mg. It is best to start with less than 50mg per day.

If the supplement is being stacked with others, then the dose should be reduced.

Customer Reviews of Primobolan

The supplement has a longer cycle than some other similar steroids. Most men and women need to take Primobolan for as many as ten weeks for optimum results.

This does not affect most bodybuilders since the cutting cycle is usually longer than four weeks.

The supplement is often stacked with others for a more profound effect. Stacking should be practiced carefully as it is always possible for some hormones to get seriously suppressed if the cumulative effect of multiple supplements takes a toll.

Primabolan must be kept at room temperature, now lower than 20°C and not exceeding 25°C or 68°F and 77°F respectively.

The supplement should not be exposed to sunlight or moisture. Users should not consume the supplement beyond the expiry date.

Where to Buy Primobolan

Unfortunately, Primobolan is 100% illegal in the United States. This means that it cannot be purchased from any health or medical retailer.

If you do happen to come across it for sale, it will almost certainly be from an illegal trader or from the black market. 

This doesn’t mean that you can’t buy legal steroid alternatives that can provide basically the same effect.

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Primobolan Review: Conclusion

Primobolan is a mildly potent androgenic ester. It can help bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts and also professional athletes to have a sculpted physique.

The supplement can facilitate fat loss while maintaining muscle mass, which is the most desirable outcome of a cutting cycle.

Primobolan is used by men and women but there is a substantial difference in dosage. Women should not exceed 100mg of Primobolan per week for the first fortnight.

The dosage should be increased by 50mg per fortnight, maxing out at 400mg in the seventh to the ninth week. The dose should be reduced to 300mg per week in the tenth week.

With all this said, the bottom line is that Primobolan is illegal to purchase or consume in the United States.

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