The Rudest and Truest Motivational Quotes from C. T. Fletcher

By Mark / a few months ago
CT Fletcher simply commands his muscles to grow.

Don't mess with C.T. may not live to regret it! Check out these inspiring and motivational quotes from the meanest bodybuilder on the planet.

Be Inspired By Quotes from C.T. Fletcher

He’s mean and foul-mouthed and he doesn’t pull any punches. But when C.T. Fletcher opens his mouth, you’d better listen.

Because this super strong man has forgotten more about weight lifting than most of us ever knew. He didn’t get to be an amazing power lifter by being a cissy – he got there by working out like a $%^&*#%()^%$!!!

Are you brave enough to ignore the advice of C.T. Fletcher?

He's not a conventional bodybuilder trainer like Kris Gethin. But he has a lot to say that can help you. So listen up, and listen up good – because here are some great motivational gym quotes and workout advice from the big man C.T. Fletcher himself.

And you’d better listen well – or else he might just come around to your place and spit these words in your face. So listen well, and listen hard…

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Don’t Let C.T. Fletcher Kick Your Butt

So know you know what the big guy thinks. Don’t mess around – get your butt down to the gym ad start working out before he catches you slacking…

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