C.T. Fletcher Arm Workout: Command Your Muscles to Grow!

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ct fletcher arm workout

If you want to know how build truly huge biceps and triceps, then C.T. Fletcher is your go-to resource. Find out all about C.T Fletcher's arm workout below!

Order Your Biceps and Triceps to Grow

If you want to get bigger arms, then CT Fletcher is the man to turn to for advice. However, you should be prepared for that advice to come peppered with a whole lot of four-letter words and to be practically screamed in your face.

CT Fletcher doesn’t do subtle. Throughout his long career in bodybuilding, he has focused on pushing on everything to the max. And the approach has paid off.

It has earned him a few titles, plus a reputation as a guy not to mess with. More importantly, it has showed him to be an unusual but informed expert on the subject of growing muscles.

CT Fletcher simply commands his muscles to grow.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the proof of Fletcher’s knowledge can be seen by looking at his body. Even though he is well into his 50s now, he still has biceps and triceps of piledriver calibre.

So how do you get biceps and triceps like Fletch? Here are some tips from the big man himself (swear words removed!).

Be Prepared for Pain

When you do things the CT Fletcher way, it’s going to hurt. He doesn’t believe in taking the easy option. Pain is expected…you just have to deal with it. Everything in the CT Fletcher plan is based on doing every exercise to the point of failure.

And that means total failure…the point where you physically can’t move the weights another inch. As for rest periods – you only get to rest while your buddy is doing a set. As soon as he finishes, you are back on the weights.

This approach to bodybuilding is hard work, for sure. You will be putting a lot of hours in at the gym, and you will be getting home totally exhausted. But the pain has a purpose. You are pushing your muscles to the point where they have no choice but to grow – it’s the only way they can respond to the pressure you are putting them under.

Getting Warmed Up

The all-out-action approach starts from the warm up. You will do a triceps cable pull-down or biceps cable curl. But don’t expect to get away with just a few reps. You will be warming up with a full 200 reps, so that you are fully primed and pumped for the real workout.

This might seem a lot, but you are just getting started. Remember, this workout is not for wimps. You have to be prepared to give it 100 per cent effort – and that starts with your warm-up routines.

Single-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl

This is a CT Fletcher favorite because it allows you to totally isolate the biceps and focus on getting those muscles growing. As usual with Fletcher, there is no fixed number of reps – you just do as many as you possibly can.

Try mixing things up during the set by slowing down the tempo. Alternatively, you can incorporate rest-pause stops. This allows you to take just a few seconds of rest, so that you can then pack in a few more reps.

French Curl

The French curl is a Fletcher special that gives your arms an alternative workout. It might not sound like a tough exercise, but when you start doing this with heavy weights, you will find that it is incredibly effective.

Start by gripping a heavy dumbbell behind your head with two hands. Then slowly lower the weight behind you, until your arm is parallel to the ground. Then lift it up, using your triceps to get the necessary lift.


When you do the T-Curl, you are combining hammer and dumbbell curls into a tough movement that really works your arm muscles. You need to get the form right, but if you do, this is a fantastic arm exercise.

Start with your arms out to the side in a T pattern, holding the dumbbells. You need to maintain the T-position as you perform the reps. This is a tricky exercise, so expect to spend some time perfecting it.

Two-Position Dumbbell Kickback

This exercise does actually have a limited number of reps, but that doesn’t make it easy. You are expected to rock out 40 reps per set, per arm. Be warned…this is really going to be a killer.

Make sure you keep the working elbow pointed toward the wall behind you. If you maintain this position, you will do the exercise much more effectively, and get a lot more from it. It’s easy to slip into poor form and not get the best results.

Three-Position Chin-Up

In this exercise, you perform standard chin-ups in three different positions – close grip, normal grip and wide grip. Keep your palms facing towards you so that you can emphasize the biceps. Do 10 reps in each position, making 30 in all.

That may not sound too tough, until you try it! You will find that just doing one set is more than enough. But keep going…this is a great exercise that will really help you.

Under-Bar Triceps Extension

By this time, you are probably ready to drop…but CT Fletcher has more planned for you. The under-bar triceps extension is a simple exercise in theory, but a hard one to pull off properly in practice.

This exercise uses your bodyweight only. You lean in and dip your head under a fixed barbell. You must ensure that your head goes right under the bar, so that you can target your triceps properly. If you want to make it even harder, narrow your grip.

Triceps Gauntlet

You’re nearly there! Just one more routine to do…but this one’s a killer.

Lie down and get your partner to pass you the heaviest dumbbells you can handle. You do 20 reps of skull crushers with these, and then gradually work your way down the lower weights. You are aiming to do 100 reps in total. It’s OK for the weights to touch the ground, but don’t rest them there…no shortcuts allowed!

Done that? Great…now do the whole exercise again in reverse, starting with the lightest weights and working up to the heaviest.

C.T Fletcher's Arm Workout - Conclusion

So there you go. As CT Fletcher would say himself, that is one [insert expletives here] of a workout. It is designed to break you – and it might even kill you. But if you are able to survive the ordeal and keep repeating it, you will soon be on the track to massive arms.

CT Fletcher’s approach is tough, but it certainly works. We all know that in order to get real results in bodybuilding, you have to be prepared to lift heavy weights – and a lot of them. CT Fletcher’s arm workout is clear proof that this concept works.

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