Cardarine SARM Review (GW501516)

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Cardarine SARM Review Introduction

Welcome to our Cardarine SARM GW501516 Review. This SARM is known to shred fat and build muscle at impressive rates.

However, there can be some side effects of this supplement too. Read on to find out whether it’s worth adding to your bodybuilding regime.

What is Cardarine SARM

Cardarine or GW501516 is a SARM, usually sold as a supplement. The chemical can increase metabolism and facilitate fat burning.

It is hence effective at preventing and remedying obesity. It can also boost growth of muscles.

There are some side effects and potential risks of taking Cardarine, especially if dosage instructions are not followed.

cardarine sarm 501516

History of Cardarine SARM

The chemical GW501516 or Cardarine was developed by pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline.

The primary purpose of developing the drug was to improve heart health. The chemical can strengthen blood vessels. It can also help in regulating diabetes.

The history of developing Cardarine has its roots in the quest for substances that can activate the PPAR-delta pathway, thereby speeding up fat burning and boosting endurance.

There was also the objective of finding substances that could aid muscle building and reduce lipids in blood.

Sedentary lifestyle in our modern times leads to metabolic disorders, inflammations, diabetes, heart disease and accumulate of more fat than what is necessary or healthy.

Cardarine is one of the few chemicals that have been developed in recent years to counter the ill effects of sedentary lifestyle.

However, it has become more popular among bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts.

Cardarine or GW501516 has the ability to burn more fat, produce energy, build stronger muscles and boost endurance.

It can bind to the PPAR-delta or peroxisome proliferator activator receptor delta pathway and activates the genes that trigger production and use of energy.

The drug effectively improves heart health, metabolism and muscle growth. It reduces inflammations.

Cardarine is also known as Endurobol. It is used in some supplements.

You can check for GW501516 on the label to know if a supplement contains Cardarine.

The chemical is not classified as a SARM. The more appropriate classification of Cardarine is PPAR-delta activator.

Cardarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

Benefits of Cardarine SARM

Cardarine can protect the brain vessels from stress caused by oxidation. It can regulate optimum blood flow to and from the brain.

As a PPAR activator, it facilitates the development of nerve cells. The chemical does have an impact on inflammatory responses in the brain.

However, it may also cause some inflammation, which is why moderation is necessary when taking the chemical in any supplement.

  • Cardarine can speed up fat loss

It supports fat burning and also increases the use of available energy.

The chemical can also reduce fatty acids, triglycerides, VLDL proteins and bad cholesterol. It can increase good cholesterol.

The effects are not realized overnight. A steady course of several weeks is necessary to have the effects on cholesterol, triglycerides and fatty acids.

  • Cardarine can prevent obesity

Those who are already obese may benefit from the fat burning effects of the chemical.

People who have been diagnosed with metabolic syndrome or other types of eating disorders may experience relief.

The chemical can reverse some of the symptoms associated with metabolic syndrome. The chemical increases carnitine in the muscles and reduces liver fat. It also reduces fats in blood.

Cardarine can slow down activity of substances that can trigger inflammatory responses.

Chronic inflammations can be regulated. Insulin resistance caused by obesity can also be managed.

Due to its myriad effects on blood, fat and muscles, the chemical can improve heart health.

It can be useful for those who are already vulnerable to heart disease.

However, medical history and overall health of a person should be factored in before starting a course of Cardarine.

  • Cardarine can boost growth of fibers in muscles.

This is regardless of diet and exercise. It can prevent weight gain and help with weight loss, regardless of diet and exercise.

But those who have a healthy diet and work out regularly will experience much better results. The chemical has some direct effects on the blood vessels.

It prevents or reduces oxidative damage and hence strengthens blood vessels. It also reduces plaque buildup in arteries.

The chemical can increase the level of nitric oxide that can relax and protect the blood vessels.

  • Cardarine can reduce damage caused to tissues due to inflammations

It can clear blood vessels and hence reduce the risk of heart disease. Complications associated with heart disease can be averted.

The chemical can also facilitate the growth and development of new vessels, especially in the heart cells.

  • Cardarine can reduce inflammation in kidneys

Cardarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

It can reduce the chances of developing a kidney disease. The chemical is an antioxidant and has effective anti-inflammatory properties.

It can suppress different kinds of inflammations and fight free radicals. Its effect on inflammation is liver is pronounced.

The chemical also speeds up the natural healing process. It can also protect skin cells, thereby helping them survive longer.

  • It can prevent liver damage

Liver is a vital organ tasked with many responsibilities. It stores, burns and releases fats as and when needed.

The chemical can enable the liver to effectively switch from one source of energy to another, for instance from fatty acids to glucose and vice versa.

This can reduce the content of blood sugar in the body. Cardarine can help reduce insulin resistance by the cells in the liver.

The chemical can also reduce the risks of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.

  • This Sarm facilitates muscle growth and stamina

It increases stamina or endurance. This is the primary reason why bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts take the supplement.

There is a substantial improvement in sheer physical performance or ability. The supplement can also prevent some skin diseases such as psoriasis.

It can reduce inflammation in skin cells. It can aid blood flow and speed up the healing of wounds.

Side Effects of Cardarine SARM

Cardarine can cause death of liver cells. There can be some damage caused to liver if the dosage is not strictly regulated.

Long term use of Cardarine is not recommended. Prgenant women and breastfeeding mothers should not take the supplement.

There are other side effects of Cardarine but they vary from one person to another.

The chemical does cause many changes in the body so being observant and regulating the dose, starting it slow and then keeping it moderate, is absolutely necessary.

Ingredients and Dosage of Cardarine SARM

Cardarine is a chemical. Supplements containing Cardarine have GW501516 as its main active ingredient.

Other supplements may contain the chemical. Such supplements are likely to have a few other ingredients that can only be checked on the label.

The standard dosage of the product is 2.5mg to 10mg per day. The standard course is twelve weeks.

It is not necessary to take the supplement longer than twelve weeks. It is also wise not to start with 5mg or 10mg straightaway.

One should begin with 2.5mg a day and then increase the dose if required. Experiencing the effects and changes is crucial.

Every individual has a certain tolerance threshold. Adaptability also varies from person to person.

Price of Cardarine SARM

Cardarine is currently illegal to purchase for human consumption. You may find it available on the internet but in this case it’s generally being sold as a substance for research purposes, not human consumption. 

Due to it’s legal status and it’s high-risk side effects, I do not recommend taking Cardarine. 

Instead, I recommend Crazy Bulk’s range of legal steroid alternatives such as Clenbutrol – it’s a powerful fat burner that will give you the same results as Cardarine without the health risk.

Cardarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

Customer Reviews of Cardarine SARM

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts have positive reviews of the supplement.

Since the chemical is not regulated or approved as a drug, there is little evidence to prove the other benefits or potential effects of Cardarine.

You can stack it with Ligandrol, Nutrobal and Stenabolic.


The side effects of Cardarine are inconclusive and more clinical trials and research are necessary to know if the chemical truly does not cause any negative effects on health or bodily functions.

There are some studies that infer the potential negative impacts of the chemical, such as causing damage to the liver or aggravating cancers.

In addition to these risks, Cardarine is simply not legal to consume for performance enhancing purposes.

As such, I don’t recommend taking Cardarine. 

Instead, I recommend Crazy Bulk’s Weight Loss Supplements – they’re legal and designed to give you a very similar result!

I hope you’ve found this article helpful and informative!

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