How to Get Big Arms with Preacher Curls

By Mark / a few months ago
build arm muscles with preacher curls

If you want to build bigger muscles, then preacher curls are a fantastic exercise to turn to. But you need to do them right. Find out how to do perfect preacher curls and build truly impressive arm muscles.

Preacher Curls for Big Biceps

Some telltale signs of a successful bodybuilder are six-pack abs, huge pecs, and big biceps. If you’ve managed to get your six-pack and a huge chest, but you are still struggling to get huge arms, then you may need to add preacher curls to your workout routine.

Read on to find out how to get big arms with preacher curls.

preacher curls for big biceps

Preacher curls are fantastic for helping you to develop your arms.

Muscles Worked and Variations of Preacher Curls

Preacher curls are an isolation exercise that specifically targets your biceps. You can perform this exercise with dumbbells or barbells. If you choose to use dumbbells to do preacher curls, you can do one arm preacher curls or you can do two arm preacher curls. Whichever variation you choose, you can rest assured that this exercise will help you get huge biceps.

Performing the Exercise with Dumbbells

Preacher curls are very easy to perform and you just need to focus on three areas when doing this exercise. The first is setting yourself up correctly at the preacher curl station. The next is to correctly perform the movement and the last step is to monitor your breathing.

When performing two arm preacher curls with dumbbells, first you need to choose the weight you will be working with. Then, approach the preacher curl station and sit with your elbows completely supported on the pad.

Your armpits should be on the top edge of the station in order to make sure you are in a stable position. Your arms should also be shoulder-width apart. At this point, you should be holding the dumbbells in your hand and your arms should be fully extended.

To actually begin the exercise, you need to curl your arms until your forearms touch your biceps. In order to get the most out of this exercise, you need to aim for the highest level of contraction possible.

To complete one repetition of this exercise, you will need to slowly return to the starting position. Continue doing the exercise until you have completed the desired number of repetitions (aim for eight) and then you are done.

One arm preacher curls are done in the same manner, except you hold one dumbbell in your hand and rest the other hand on the preacher station. You can also rest your hand on your thigh if that’s more comfortable for you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was a big fan of using preacher curls to build arm muscles.

Performing the Exercise with Barbells

Preacher curls can be done with straight barbells or an EZ bar. The initial position will be the same as if you are performing dumbbell preacher curls. The only difference is that the barbell will rest on the posts of the preacher curl station.

When you are ready to begin the exercise, just take the barbell and curl until you have reached the maximum contraction. This is achieved when your forearms are touching your biceps.

As with the dumbbells, slowly return to the starting position and continue with the desired number of repetitions.

Many people prefer to use the EZ bar instead of straight barbells, because of the design of the bar. EZ bars are ergonomically designed to put less stress on your wrists.

This could help you lift more weight and also help you avoid injury. Be sure to try out both pieces of equipment, to see which suits you best.

When performing preacher curls with dumbbells or barbells, you must be attentive to your breathing. When you are raising either the dumbbells or barbells, you should exhale. When you are slowly lowering the dumbbells or barbells, you should inhale.

Helpful Tips

In order to get the most out of this exercise, you have to completely follow through on each phase. When raising the bar or dumbbells, seek to get the maximum contraction.

When lowering the barbell or dumbbells, your arm must be fully extended. If you only go halfway down when lowering the equipment, you won’t get the most out of this exercise.

Big Arms are Within Reach

If you are looking for a different way to help your biceps grow, preacher curls will definitely help you. You can perform the exercise with dumbbells or barbells and you have a choice of different variations of this exercise.

Your goal of getting big arms is definitely within reach if you add preacher curls to your workout routine.

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