How to Lift Weights Like C.T. Fletcher: Arm, Leg and Full-Body Workouts

By Mark / a few months ago

Discover how you can build serious mass by commanding your muscles to grow. See how CT Fletcher achieves amazing results in the gym.

C.T. Fletcher - The Man

He’s not one of the Mr Olympia winners, but he's won the world championship in the bench press three times. He was the strength curl world champion three times. He’s benched pressed 650 pounds officially. Unofficially, he bench pressed 720 pounds and was able to squat with 725 pounds.

He accomplished these feats drug-free. He is C.T. Fletcher. If you want to learn the secret of lifting massive weight like C.T. Fletcher, keep reading.

C.T. Fletcher’s Commandments

C.T. Fletcher has gained a tremendous following as a result of his powerlifting accomplishments and his ability to motivate.

He’s created a set of 10 commandments that tell you exactly how to go beyond the ordinary. Going beyond the ordinary is the key to lifting massive amounts of weight.

C.T. Fletcher’s Training Routine

It’s obvious that getting huge requires tremendous amounts of training, but C.T. Fletcher believes that your mind should be trained harder than your body. He believes that your muscles will grow huge, when you tell them to grow huge.

Muscle growth is a very difficult process that should be supported by various bodybuilding supplements( This will give you the opportunity to achieve serious results in the sport and to be always in a great shape.

If you command your muscles to grow, they will do it. If they don’t, it’s because your mind is weak. Strengthen your mind and your muscles will follow.

Realize That There Are No Limits

Becoming the best occurs when you remove all obstacles. Sometimes the obstacles you face are not your own, but what others try to place before you. Never let anyone tell you that it can’t be done. When someone tries to tell you that it is impossible, they are wrong. The very word says I’m possible.

If you are going to lift massive weights, it’s going to hurt. If you’re going to fear pain, run away from pain or let pain dominate you, you will not get huge. C.T. Fletcher believes that you must accept and befriend pain. After you do these two things, you can make it submit to you until it no longer stands in the way of you gaining lots of muscles.

Your Body Talks to You

Your body doesn’t talk to you like your best friend does, but it does tell you in subtle ways when you are doing something wrong.

If you are lifting heavy weights and you wanted to do 5 reps and your body lets you do 2, listen to it. If you wanted to do 5 reps and you do 6, add more weight. If your mind is strong, your body will tell you exactly what it needs to grow and what it needs to avoid injury.

People with the greatest success stories always had a picture of what they wanted in their mind before they achieved their goals. If you can see the body you want to have, you can get that body.

The human body is a product of Mother Nature's engineering and it is always trying to adjust, adapt, and change to make your life easier.

You aren’t looking for the easy way out, you are looking to get the most muscle possible. That can only be done if you keep your body working hard by changing your workout routine when your body tells you this routine is easy.

Change Angles for a Different Result

In weight lifting, there are many ways to perform an exercise so it targets different muscles. If you are always performing the same exercise, you won’t grow.

But take that exercise and change the way you position your hands or do it on an incline or decline and you’ve got a different exercise, you are targeting different muscles and those muscles are growing.

Muscles grow as a result of little tears that occur during strength training. C.T. advocates that growth occurs not when you go to failure, but when you can go beyond it.

He believes in overloading the muscles. If your muscles aren’t screaming for mercy by the time you’ve finished with that set, you’re doing it wrong.

Obsession is the Key

If your goal is to be better than the rest, then lifting weights must be at the forefront of your mind at all times. Your desire to grow huge should dominate your thoughts. You should dream, eat, sleep and breathe it.

Many people get into a comfort zone and are satisfied with the results they’ve achieved in the area of bodybuilding. They look good and get tons of compliments and they feel as though they have arrived at their destination.

But if you truly want to be huge, you can’t arrive. The journey must keep going on. You can’t ever be satisfied. Your desire should always be to lift more, get stronger and be better.

Now It’s Your Set!

C.T. Fletcher has proven to the world that he is a force to be reckoned with. Now it’s your turn. If you want to lift massive weights like C.T. Fletcher remember the 10 commands. And, as long as you are still breathing, you must also remember that "it’s still your [expletive deleted] set."


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