Ostarine Review (MK2866)- The Strongest Sarm!?

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Ostarine Review Introduction

Welcome to our Ostarine Review! Below we’re going to go through the benefits and side effects of this powerful SARM and some legal alternatives that you may prefer to take.

What is Ostarine

Ostarine is a selective androgen receptor modulator or SARM. The investigational drug has other names including enobosarm, GTx-024, MK-2866 and S-22.

Ostarine is an investigative SARM and not a typical anabolic steroid. It improves endurance or stamina, strength and agility.

Ostarine is available as a standalone drug and health supplement. Ostarine or enobosarm is also used in other supplements that may be branded or marketed under other names. 

ostarine review

History of Ostarine

Ostarine was first developed by a pharmaceutical firm named Merch & Company.

The drug was tested for its effects on muscle wasting or muscle atrophy and osteoporosis. American pharmaceutical company GTx, Inc. later developed the drug further and presently sells it as GTx-024 .

The Memphis, Tennessee, based company is not the only pharmaceutical brand that makes and sells Ostarine. Competing brands make MK-2866 and S-22 among other enobosarm variants.

The Memphis, Tennessee, based company is not the only pharmaceutical brand that makes and sells Ostarine. Competing brands make MK-2866 and S-22 among other enobosarm variants.

GTx, Inc. is a twenty-two years old company and it started working on enobosarm after securing the rights for the same from University of Tennessee Research Foundation.

Karen Veverka and Michael Whitt are credited as the inventors of the SARM that is now known as enobosarm or Ostarine.

Both the inventors joined GTx, Inc. and worked on the development and trials of the drug from 2005 until 2014.

The drug has been tested to treat muscle wasting in cancer patients. Trials have also been conducted to test the drug as a remedy for stress incontinence or urinary incontinence triggered due to stress and osteoporosis.

Benefits of Ostarine

  • Increases muscle mass

Ostarine is available as a drug, dietary supplement, and health supplement. The primary benefit of Ostarine is a substantial increase in muscle mass, thereby also enhancing muscular strength.

The investigational drug can treat muscle atrophy or muscle wasting disease. The second most important benefit of Ostarine is its effect on bone density.

Increased bone density enhances skeletal strength and improves the range of motion. The effects on muscle mass also improve the range of motion.

There is a combined effect of enhancing muscle mass and bone density. The entire musculoskeletal structure of a person undergoes a transformation due to Ostarine.

This transformation does not happen overnight though. Enobosarm or Ostarine has a specific course and its dosage is phased to have the desired effects.

ostarine review MK2866
  • Improves the heart function and reduces bad cholesterol

Ostarine binds to certain hormone receptors and function much like some of the known anabolic steroids.

The impact of the drug is to an extent limited since the targeting of hormone receptors is targeted. There is no random targeting or suppression of too many hormones.

In due course of time, Ostarine increases lean mass in muscles, strengthens bones, supports insulin resistance, improves heart function and reduces bad cholesterol in the blood.

The effects are observable and can be diagnosed which is why professional sportspersons and athletes cannot take the supplement before official tournaments.

Bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts take this supplement routinely for its intended benefits.

  • Burns fat

Ostarine is taken by men and women. It is more useful for ageing adults who are vulnerable to muscle wasting, osteoporosis, high bad cholesterol and heart ailments.

Osteoporosis weakens bones and makes them more brittle. Ostarine can provide relief by increasing the bone density and hence remedying the brittleness of the affected bones.

Ostarine supplements stimulate healing of weak and brittle bones. Since the SARM also strengthens muscles, the supplement leads to regeneration of overall musculoskeletal health.

The supplement can also speed up healing of hairline cracks and fractures. Ostarine improves heart functions by strengthening the muscles.

There is effective regulation of bad cholesterol in the blood. Optimum dosage of Ostarine can reduce blood glucose levels in men and women, especially men aged around sixty or above and women who are past menopause.

Ostarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

Side Effects of Ostarine

Bioavailability of Ostarine is higher than that of some other SARMs, which is also why it is more popular. Its effects are experienced sooner and some people may experience a few mild side effects.

The truth is that there has been no extensive research into the side effects of Ostarine, so taking it can be extremely risky.

The human body does not have any problems with absorbing the drug or in its supplement form but tolerance levels do vary and hence the system may take some time to be acquainted with the active ingredients.

Mild side effects such as headaches and back pain are common.

The drug isn’t known to interact with any medicine but it is best to discuss your medical history with a doctor before taking Ostarine if you are anxious about possible complications.

Ingredients & Dosage of Ostarine

Ostarine, in its drug or supplement form, is patented. The chemical structure or formula, active ingredients and other information are not available in the public domain. There are variants of the drug available under different brand names.

The ingredients in such variants vary and depend on the specific formula used by the manufacturer. You will have to check the label of specific brands of Ostarine to know more.

Ostarine is mostly prescribed for those who have muscle atrophy. Normal healthy adults need not go for enobosarm supplementation. Those who wish to lose weight and develop lean mass may choose a more moderate dosage of Ostarine.

Losing fat often leads to loss of muscles as well, especially when anyone undertakes a stringent diet. Ostarine can prevent unnecessary loss of mass during such strict dietary routines.

The dosage of Ostarine has to be determined by the severity of muscle atrophy, symptoms of osteoporosis, bad cholesterol and blood glucose.

It is recommend to use Ostarine during a cycle of 8 weeks wih 10mg/day.

You can stack MK2866 with LGD-4033, MK677 or RAD 140.

The specific dose varies depending on the strength of Ostarine. Refer to the instructions on the label for the course and dosage.

Unlike some other SARMs, Ostarine has a half-life of twenty-four hours. This means that the ingredients remain active and have an effect inside the body for up to twenty four hours.

Hence, there is no need to split the dosage into two or three. Many other SARMs need to be split into two or three times a day because of much shorter half life.

However, like other SARMs, the dose of Ostarine should be moderate at the start and be gradually increased depending on the effects.

If there are discomforting side effects, then the dose should be contained and only increased when there are no unpleasant experiences. 

Please remember that there is no real research on the potential long term harmful effects of Ostarine, so if you do decide to take it, keep your dosage controlled. However, I recommend opting for a legal and safe alternative instead.

Price of Ostarine


Ostarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

Unfortunately Ostarine is currently illegal for human consumption. You may find it for sale on the internet but this is usually for research purposes only.

In addition, you may come across it on the black market, which means that it could be a dodgy knock-off substance or come from an unregulated manufacturer.

As such, we don’t recommend taking Ostarine. The legal implications aren’t worth it.

Instead, we recommend Crazy Bulk’s Clenbutrol – it provides similar effects as ostarine but is 100% safe and legal to use. 

Customer Reviews of Ostarine

Ostarine is one of the more popular SARMs. Some customers experience substantial improvements in a week up to a fortnight.

However, lasting effects are only realized after five to six weeks. Courses spanning eight or nine weeks are not uncommon for Ostarine.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our Ostarine Review. In summary, while Ostarine may seem like the answer to your weight loss prayers, it’s currently illegal to consume for body enhancement purposes.

In addition, the side effects and long term health risks of taking Ostarine are not truly known.

Ostarine is currently illegal for human consumption. Check out our recommended legal alternative here!

As such, it is extremely risky to take Ostarine for body enhancing purposes, and I don’t recommend doing so.

Instead, I recommend opting for a legal and safe alternative, such as Crazy Bulk’s Clenbutrol

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