SARMS: The Magic Pill or Too Good To Be True?

By Mark / 7 months ago

Introduction to SARMs

So you’ve probably heard of SARMS already, right? In the past 2 years, SARMS have grown tremendously popular by gym rats and bodybuilders. Even fitness enthusiasts who do not necessarily want to bulk up enormously are using SARMs to grow larger and stronger muscles. It is told that SARMS have almost no side effects but is this too good to be true or are SARMS really the next generation muscle building supplements?

SARMs are selective androgen receptor modulators. They are often mistaken as steroids. SARMs are not steroids. They are selective and investigational drugs. SARMs are mostly used for supplementation by bodybuilders, athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and powerlifters. They are available as pills and some companies make them in powder form. There are dozens of SARMs with distinct formulas or compositions.

There are a total of 8 different SARMS which are very popular for their benefits. Ligandrol and Ostarine, for example, are popular to increase lean muscle mass, where Cardarine is popular for increasing stamina and endurance ( great for runners, cyclists, etc…)

These 8 SARMS are :

We wrote a detailed guide on each specific SARM so we recommend reading them if you plan to use SARMS in the near future.

History of SARMs

SARMs were first developed in the 1940s. They have been studied for their effects on certain hormones. SARMs did not become popular until the early nineties, which is when steroids were banned by anti-doping agencies and various sports federations including the Olympic body. SARMs were initially developed for medical use. They were tested to be included in hormone replacement therapy. It was found that SARMs increased bone density and hence improved the health of joints and bones. SARMs can prevent and even reverse muscle wasting. O

One of the most common medical uses of SARMs is a remedy for muscle atrophy or muscle wasting. SARMs can also increase appetite and boost levels of testosterone. SARMs are presently used for bulking up. Many use it during their cutting cycle as well, which follows a bulking up phase.

What are the Benefits of SARMs

  • SARMS Prevent Muscle Wasting

The most widely noted benefit of SARMs is its preventive effect on muscle wasting or muscle atrophy. People suffering from muscle atrophy lose healthy lean mass. Their muscles are weaker and also visibly smaller. It is not uncommon for people to have varying sizes of the same set of muscles, which is clearly an anomaly. A person may have a larger bicep in one arm and a smaller one in another. Muscle wasting can be genetic. Some babies are born with muscle atrophy. Muscle atrophy is also common among adults, but usually they are genetically predisposed. Muscle atrophy is a chronic health condition. It does not get better with time. Proper intervention is necessary but traditional medicine does not have much to offer. SARMs can prevent and to a large extent reverse muscle wasting.

  • SARMS can help fighting tumors

Selective androgen receptor modulators can treat tumors in the breast, prostate and colon. More research is required to establish the same with irrefutable evidence. Trials and tests are underway. SARMs were initially meant to be used for multidisciplinary medical purposes. SARMs can be used in treatments for metabolic disorders. These supplements have been found to be effective at improving appetite, thereby facilitating metabolism. Such supplements can increase bone density and hence strengthen skeletal strength. SARMs were used in treatment of osteoporosis, a condition that causes brittleness in bones. SARMs can hence prevent the worsening of such chronic conditions and may also prevent them from developing. The supplements can make bones strong and also improve the range of motion.

  • SARMS help with healing

Whether it is a fracture or fatigued muscles due to extensive workouts, the supplements speed up the recovery. This is important particularly for bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. Burnout during and after intense exercises is quite common among those who have a stringent routine. Muscles and the overall body must recover from the sheer physical onslaught. Recovery determines subsequent development of muscles and also increases in strength and endurance. SARMs play a vital role in such processes. These supplements can also reduce inflammations in joints and tissues.

  • SARMS increase lean muscle mass

SARMs lead to the development of lean mass. They also assist in fat loss. While the supplements can help you to lose weight, it is the loss of fat that contributes to the desired outcome and not loss of healthy and lean mass. This is primarily why bodybuilders use SARMs during bulking up and then during the cutting cycle. One does not want to lose healthy and lean mass during cutting. One also does not want to gain fat during the bulking cycle. SARMs can instill the right balance of developing lean mass while not gaining fat and then losing fat but retaining the gained lean mass in the muscles.

  • SARMS increases fat loss

SARMs can also help ordinary people to lose more weight. The supplements target the fat in various parts of the body. They increase the levels of testosterone, boost appetite and some of these supplements also increase the production of red blood cells. A few supplements can target the most stubborn fat in your body and shed it during its course. However, it is always better to have a regular workout routine and a planned diet to realize the benefits of SARMs.


Side Effects of SARMs

SARMs are safe but overdosing or any kind of abuse has serious side effects. There are some common side effects of SARMs even when the dosage and course instructions are adhered to. These are not serious and in case they are severe then one must consult a doctor. SARMs can cause some digestive issues in the first few days. This can be countered by combining the supplements with or without meals, depending on when one experiences some stomach upset.

Some people experience changes to their normal sleeping schedule. It is not uncommon for people to experience a heightened sense of alertness while a few users may experience headache and dizziness. These side effects are mostly experienced during the first few days when the body tries to get accustomed to the supplement chosen.

Some SARMs are more potent than others. These may lead to some hormonal problems. If a SARM is too strong and a high dose is chosen, then there could be virilization issues, androgenic side effects including insomnia, heart strain, hair loss, prostate problems and acne, estrogen problems, mood swings, anxiety, depression and aggression. There can be suppressed hormones, which is why a post cycle therapy is almost always necessary to restore the natural secretions of all hormones. Prolonged misuse or abuse of SARMs may lead to reproductive dysfunction.

SARMs are selective in how they work inside the body. Hence, they do not pose any threat to vital organs and bodily functions. There is no permanent suppression of hormones, unless someone uses the supplements for years. The courses are usually a few weeks. SARMs, when taken wisely and as instructed, do not cause any prostate problem or reproductive damage, men do not lose hair unnecessarily but women may experience some excess growth of facial hair.

Dosage of SARMs

The general rule is that you should start with 10mg/day for a cycle of 8 weeks. Depending on the results experienced users increase the dosage to 20mg/day ( 10mg in the morning and 10mg in the evening)

Price of SARMs

The price of SARMs also varies depending on the brand and the specific supplement you choose. Overall, for a bottle of 60ml (25mg/ml) you will pay on average $80.

Customer Reviews of SARMs

SARMs have had innumerable positive reviews over the years. Since there are many types of SARMs and their effectiveness varies, it is quite possible you will find one particular supplement to be better than others. Many customers have reported amazing results by stacking SARMs. It is alright to use multiple supplements simultaneously but stacking is only good when sufficient caution is exercised. Those who have no prior experience with SARMs or any such supplements should not start stacking straightaway. It is better to get accustomed to the supplements. People also have varying tolerance thresholds so taking things slow and steady is always wiser.

Last but not least

This section is maybe the most important one you need to read. If you plan to buy SARMS in the future there is one important rule you need to keep in mind and that is : quality, quality, and again quality.

The online market for SARMS is becoming a Wild Wild West and you don’t want to gamble with your health. ALWAYS buy SARMS from a trusted seller or a company with strong authority and background. SARMS are still research products so make sure you buy the real thing and not some rip-off product. For the past 2 years we used Proven Peptides as our Sarms Supplier but if you plan to buy it somewhere else, always do your research about the company.

SARMs are safe and they are effective. Compare the relevant SARMs depending on your specific objectives and choose the most credible brand for a particular supplement. Do not buy SARMs from unverified sources.


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