The Top Ten Bodybuilding Blogs of the Year (Must Reads)

By Mark / 10 months ago

Check out these hot bodybuilding blogs and discover a wealth of information you can use to build an impressive body. All the info you need to lose fat and build muscle.

Top Bodybuilding Blogs to Follow

Serious bodybuilders know that the road to success in bodybuilding lies in getting the best information possible. You need to keep abreast of the most effective workout routines, best foods to eat and the most effective recovery methods.

You can easily get all this information and more by following the top ten bodybuilding blogs of the year.

Follow the top bodybuilding blogs to keep abreast of news.

#1. Stronglifts

Stronglifts is a comprehensive blog that offers advice on exercises, nutrition and a specific type of workout routine. This site advocates the 5×5 routine, which says that one of the best ways to gain muscle is by doing an exercise for five sets with five repetitions. They give detailed advice on form and offer videos as well. There is also a section that lists rules for nutrition and gives some examples of super foods.

#2. Dave Draper

Dave Draper’s blog has information on all things related to bodybuilding. It gives you information on training, nutrition, recovery and dealing with injuries. There are also articles on working out at home and properly setting up a home gym. This blog is huge and there is a lot of information to cover, but if you have a question about bodybuilding, you’ll probably find the answer here.

#3. Iron Magazine

Iron Magazine will give you lots of information on bodybuilding. It contains in-depth information on the usefulness of supplements, training videos and a forum where you can talk with other bodybuilders. The format is a little hard to navigate, but you can search for articles based on the name of the author or you can just get a whole list of all the articles on the website.

They also have Iron Mag radio, which gives more information on bodybuilding and you can tune in for interviews with professional bodybuilders and see what advice they offer on diet, training, and recovery.

#4. Enter the Pit

This blog is geared for those who are serious about getting huge muscles. They have a variety of bodybuilding exercises that include the basics of weight training, cardio workouts, toning workouts and strongman training. Also included in this blog is information about nutrition and recipes, as well as videos that will help you see exactly how exercises should be performed. If you are looking to add supplements to your diet, you can get information about different bodybuilding supplements on this blog.

#5. Labrada Bodybuilding Nutrition

This blog has all you need to know about nutrition. It features a variety of delicious recipes, as well as information on training and recovery. You can also find information on injury prevention on this blog. There is also a store that sells some of the famous Labrada products like Lean Body.

You can also purchase athletic apparel, books, videos as well as different supplements from this site. Articles are sorted according to your fitness goals. If you want to build muscle, lose fat or learn about CrossFit, you can learn all that and more on this blog.

#6. Will Brink’s Brinkzone

The Brinkzone is a blog that focuses on the scientific aspect of bodybuilding. If you’re interested in learning how supplements work and the potential side effects they can cause, this site is geared towards you.

There are articles on training, fitness, hormone replacement therapy and lots of other subjects. Will Brink also offers videos and a bodybuilding program book that will help you if you are looking to build mass. Reviews of products and training programs, motivational stories and some free items are also available to you when you visit this blog.

#7. Bodybuilding Supplement Blog

This blog, while not as comprehensive as the other blogs, does offer good information on different protein powders and supplements. The blog reviews products like Muscle Milk, EAS, MuscleTech and others. It gives opinions on the taste, ingredients, price of the supplements and consistency and then gives each supplement a rating. If you are having problems deciding on which brands of protein powders or supplements to purchase, then this site can help you.

#8. T-Nation

T-Nation, or Testosterone Nation, is a bodybuilding blog that really holds no punches. The articles are straightforward, hard-edged and accurate. You will get a variety of information on training, diet and recovery and you can participate in their forum. The articles are updated frequently and it’s a very popular website among serious bodybuilders.

#9. Muscle for Life

This blog is created by Mike Matthews and it covers lots of different topics. There are tons of articles on training, motivation, losing weight and even some on happiness. He offers a lot of books on the subject of bodybuilding, and even offers meal plans specifically customized for you. If you want to learn more about Mike Matthews and his success as a bodybuilder and get some tips, this blog is definitely for you.


While this isn’t a blog per se, this website has to be mentioned for the extreme amount of information provided. This website has thousands of articles on bodybuilding, recipes, videos and the most popular bodybuilding forum on the internet. There is also a store that has nearly every supplement on the market. The best thing is you will get reviews from others who have used the product so you can decide whether it’s right for you. Every bodybuilder needs to visit this website.

Summing Up the Blogs

These ten bodybuilding blogs all have some great information and great products for the bodybuilding enthusiast. If you are looking for articles on training, recipes or want to make sure you are performing exercises correctly, these blogs will help you do that. If you want to purchase supplements or chat with bodybuilders around the world, you can use these blogs for that as well. Let these blogs help you reach all of your bodybuilding goals this year, and in the years to come.

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