Fat Burner Supplements (Are They Worth the Money?)

There are many fat-burning supplements on the market. But do they work, or are they just a waste of money? Find out which supplements have real value, and which should be left on the shelf.

Can You Short Cut Yourself Slimmer?

Shredding isn’t easy. You know the body fat percentage you are aiming for, but somehow you just can’t shift those last few pounds of excess baggage. So it’s hardly surprising that many people try to speed up fat loss through the use of weight-loss products.

Fat-burning supplements can be good or bad, depending on how you use them. Read on to discover the advantages and disadvantages of using any of the dazzling array of fat burners now available.

The number of fat-burning supplements on the market is so numerous that it would probably take years to count them all. Some come with caffeine, green tea and raspberry ketones. There are thermogenic formulas (to increase metabolism), stimulant-free formulas (with no caffeine) and formulas that will help decrease your appetite.


The primary reason to choose a fat burning supplement is to help you control hunger levels while dieting. One of the greatest challenges to losing fat is that the calorie deficit is felt by the body. Your body is used to a certain intake of calories and when you decrease fat intake, it sends a signal to the brain.

The brain then responds by giving you hunger pangs. Fat burning supplements that help curb your appetite, thereby stopping that signal. This helps you lose weight indirectly by letting you maintain your caloric deficit without constantly thinking about food.

Fat burning supplements can also help you increase your energy levels. Your body relies on food as its energy source, and a decrease in calories often means a decrease in energy level. Fat burners that contain caffeine, for instance, help keep your energy levels high. This translates in two ways. For one, usually higher levels of energy mean less hunger.

When you are constantly on the move, it’s very easy to put aside feelings of hunger. Movement suppresses hunger for short periods of time and sometimes that’s all you need to avoid eating that extra snack.

Another benefit of increased energy levels is the potential to burn more calories. The more you move, the more calories you burn. So, instead of sitting around focusing on how hungry you are, you’ll be moving around and getting closer to your fat loss goals.

Some fat burners can also help you increase your concentration levels. This increase in the ability to concentrate doesn’t burn fat, but it helps you adjust to your new level of caloric intake. It will help you switch your focus from your diet to work, family, friends and all the other activities in your life.


Although fat-burning supplements have their benefits, they also come with some disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage comes from expectations. Some people think that by taking a fat burner, they can eat whatever they like.

This is a common misconception and leads to frustration and disappointment. All fat burning supplements are just that, supplements. In order to lose weight, you have to decrease the amount of calories you consume.

There is no way around that. Unfortunately, companies marketing fat burning supplements often lead dieters to believe they can just take a pill and lose tons of body fat. Don’t believe the hype.

Lots of fat burners contain caffeine, and while this substance can increase your energy levels, taking too much of it will do the opposite. The problem with too much caffeine intake will be apparent when using a caffeinated fat burner and drinking multiple cups of coffee throughout the day.

Your body can only take so much stimulation. After a while, it will demand the rest it needs. Eventually, your workouts will start to suffer, you will sleep less and your energy levels will decrease.

When taking fat burning supplements, you must find the one that best suits your lifestyle. If you drink a lot of coffee, a fat-burning supplement containing a lot of caffeine may not be the best choice for you.

Some think that they can speed up fat loss by doubling or tripling the recommended dosage. Fat burners come with specific instructions which need to be followed.

Overdosing on fat burners can lead to catastrophic results like heart attacks or strokes. Instead of losing the fat you wanted to lose, you’ll end up in the hospital with a life-threatening illness.

If you’re going to use a fat-burning supplement successfully, you should always follow the recommended daily intake.

How to Lose Fat

Fat-burning supplements are worth the money when you use them correctly. Follow instructions on the label, choose the one that is most appropriate for your diet and lifestyle, and above all, keep one thing in mind: there is no fat burning supplement on the market that will work if you don’t change your diet.

The true key to fat loss is a moderate caloric deficit, a healthy diet, and a consistent workout routine. If you follow this advice, you’ll lose the fat and keep it off.

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