GenF20 Plus Review: Does This Growth Hormone Work?

By Mark / a few months ago

Welcome to our GenF20 Plus Review! Before we get into the benefits and side effects of this body-enhancing supplement, let’s first dive into the history of GenF20 Plus. 

The History of GenF20 Plus

One of the more popular weight loss supplements and fitness supplements on the market in the last five years or so, GenF20 is produced by Leading Edge Marketing – a health and wellness company that has dozens of supplements and beauty products available across their product lineup.

Promising to help people (men as well as women) naturally and dramatically increase the amount of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) that they produce in their body naturally, this supplement has been advertised as everything from a weight loss solution to a muscle building product as well as a supplement designed to help naturally heal even old injuries.

genf20 plus reviews

While these kinds of promises have been made by all kinds of companies in the fitness supplement industry for years and years, there aren’t any other companies in this line of work that have not just one and not just two but actually THREE medical professionals on their board of advisors.

These medical experts lend a lot of credibility to the supplements produced by Leading Edge Marketing, particularly when it comes to GenF20 Plus.

One of the medical experts on the board, Dr. Steven Lamm, is a director at New York University and specializes in ADHD, obesity, male sexual dysfunction, and a variety of other health ailments that have been shown to be positively impacted with HGH treatments.

The research produced by this company states that GenF20 Plus is going to help men:

  • Dramatically improve their muscle mass and muscle tone

  • Dramatically increase their sexual appetite and libido

  • Overhaul the way they look and the way they feel, rolling back the clock considerably

  • Providing almost limitless and endless energy around-the-clock

  • Elevate the metabolism through the roof to melt fat like a furnace

… And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Again, all of this is done through taking advantage of a specific 100% all-natural formulation that triggers a natural release of higher quantities of HGH sources that already exist in your body.

Everything that this supplement promises to offer comes down to flooding your body with natural HGH, your own HGH, and not injecting yourself with HGH sources from external supplies.

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The Benefits of GenF20 Plus

HGH is one of the most powerful hormones in the human body, a chemical compound stored inside of the pituitary gland – a relatively small organ that sits just at the base of our brains.

Depending on a number of specific triggers it may respond to, your pituitary gland is either going to ramp up or slow down the natural production and release of HGH.

It basically modulates how much HGH you have in your body at any one particular point in time.

Essential for helping us to grow when we are in our younger years (particularly when we are young children and teenagers), HGH also is used to manage and regulate bodily fluids, to metabolize fat and sugar, to help restore and recover from injuries, to improve our overall immune system and homeostasis across the board.

By elevating our natural levels of HGH we are able to flood our system with more of this critical compound, all without having to resort to external sources – sources that can be tainted, poisoned, or anything but good for our short or long-term health.

As we get older, our levels of HGH naturally taper off as the pituitary gland starts to slow down production.

Injecting HGH or consuming HGH pills from external sources can help to counteract this slow down, but again you’re running some serious risks of potentially exposing yourself to health threats you wouldn’t of with the natural HGH your body produces on its own.

GenF20 Plus increases your body’s ability to produce natural HGH and that’s where the heavy lifting on this supplement comes into play.

You also don’t have to worry about shopping for external HGH sources on the black market by choosing to take advantage of GenF20 Plus, and can instead order this supplement online and have it shipped directly to your doorstep without running afoul of any laws or legislation ever

That’s because this supplement does not contain any HGH itself.

Instead, it simply uses a variety of powerful amino acids to help increase the level of HGH your body produces naturally. Your pituitary gland will kick into high gear when exposed to these amino acids and you are off to the races.

The Possible Side Effects of GenF20 Plus

One of the biggest benefits you will be able to enjoy should you choose to supplement with this product is the ability to avoid the nasty and potentially life-threatening side effects that traditional external sources of HGH bring to the table.

Externally sourced and synthesized HGH can carry with it some serious health risks, including the swelling of your brain, high cholesterol carpal tunnel syndrome, increased risk of diabetes, and that just only barely begins to scratch the surface of the trouble external HGH might bring about.

With this supplement, however, you aren’t ever exposing yourself to those kinds of risk factors – again because you aren’t exposing yourself to any outside source of HGH in the first place.

Your body will only ever be producing its own HGH (more than normal, sure – but it is your own) and the side effects are almost nonexistent.

Ingredients and Dosing Info for GenF20 Plus

14 active ingredients act as the “backbone” for this supplement, though there are a variety of nonactive ingredients that are included in this supplement as well for a variety of different reasons.

Of all the different ingredients contained within GenF20 Plus, however, the ones that handle the bulk of the heavy lifting for your natural elevation of HGH production are going to be:

  • GABA
  • Colostrum

  • L-Arginine

  • L-Glycine

  • L-Ornithine

  • Pituitary powder

  • GTF-Chromium

These are the amino acids that have been clinically proven to elevate HGH production in humans, and these are the game changing ingredients that make this supplement so special in the first place.

Potential Pricing Details for GenF20

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Because you can enjoy so many benefits when you begin supplementing with GenF20 this supplement certainly carries a higher price tag than some of the other options out there, with prices for the pill form of this supplement sitting at anywhere between $69-$369 (give or take) and the prices for the spray form sitting at $39-$239 (or so).

A full moneyback guarantee is included on every purchase of this supplement without exception, and on top of that you have the opportunity to earn a completely free year of this supplement directly from the manufacturer if you send in before and after shots of your body after you have used this product.

What People are Saying About GenF20

The overwhelming majority of people out there that have tried this supplement find it to be one of the most impactful solutions on the market for transforming your body in a hurry.

HGH is obviously a big piece of the puzzle when you’re looking to build lean muscle mass, lose fat fast, or repair old injuries.

It’s why so many professional athletes spend millions and millions of dollars every year taking advantage of HGH, even if they have to go to the black market to do so.

With the health of this supplement you get all the benefits of HGH without having to put any external sources into your body – and you don’t have to worry about going to the black market, either.

It doesn’t get much better than that!

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GenF20 Plus Review – Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our GenF20 Plus Review!

At the end of the day, the clinical results, case studies, and testimonials that backup everything the folks behind the GenF20 Plus product promise are difficult to ignore.

This is obviously a product designed to help provide tremendous performance, has a slightly premium price tag for all the benefits it brings to the table, but is certainly an option that can be expected to “deliver the goods” should you choose to take advantage of GenF20.

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