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By Mark / 6 months ago

Gaspari Halodrol – everyone’s heard about this bodybuilding supplement, but is it as good as some of the hype would indicate? Read our review below to find out!

An Introduction to Gaspari Halodrol

It seems when it comes to our bodies, none of us are ever satisfied.  We push ourselves harder with our exercise or diet more stringently or take the latest in a line of supplements to assist in the process we can’t seem to perfect on our own.  That’s mostly because our version of perfection is distorted and unreachable.

This has been going on since the beginning of time, but our obsession with supplements and pills to aid our efforts didn’t really get talked about, at least not out loud, until probably the 1950’s with DHEA.

This was the beginning of the steroid phase that would take men from the lean, tall, dark handsome dreams of the golden age into the beefed-up bodybuilders of the new generation. 

It flew out of control in East Germany from the 60’s through to the 80’s with the Sport’s Doping Program where body-enhancing drugs were used to regulate athletic competitions.  Then came Gaspari Halodrol.

Gaspari Halodrol Review

Gaspari Halodrol Origin

In 2005, a nutrition guru by the name of Rich Gaspari came on the scene with a product called Halodrol which he termed a prosteroid self described as a supplement for nutrition.

Because of a 2004 restriction being placed on anabolic steroids by the FDA, this product soared in popularity and, with the results being achieved, it peaked curiosities as to what was actually in it.

A scientist at UCLA opted to test Halodrol to find out. The results came back to show that there was a steroid component almost identical to that in the Oral Trinabol which was used in the East German scandal.  There was also Madol which is an agent that changes to estrogen. 

The media caught on to the hype which led to the FDA stepping in, but Gaspari opted to shut down his operation voluntarily rather than have his product forcibly removed.  He chose to sell Halodrol Liqui Gels which had no prohormones in the ingredients.

Halodrol Liqui Gels

In 2006, Rich Gaspari began selling Halodrol Liqui Gels.  There are 60 tablets per box. It’s recommended that you take no more than three times per day and for no more than six to eight weeks. 

If you exceed that, you will have a stronger effect but you will increase the probability of excessive liver damage.

Gaspari indicated these are for anyone over the age of 21.  The warnings on the packaging indicates not for anyone under the age of 40. 

This product is not for women, anyone with any kind of cancer or medical condition of any nature, autoimmune disorder, or if you’re taking any medications on a regular basis.  It is not intended to be used on a long-term basis.

Side effects vary from person to person but the possibilities include skin outbreaks, unusual growth in hair on face and body, hair loss if genetic, a rise in bad cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, raised blood pressure, severe liver issues.

The benefits of taking the pills seem to range from increased muscle mass, to loss of fat, increased overall size, to increased sex drive, to elevated mood. You would have to weigh these against the side effects.  Are these things worth the potential end results?  It’s a risky venture.

The price for these tablets run around $70 per bottle which is about $1 per unit.  Again, these are not recommended for long-term.  Ultimately, the gains that you make will need to be sustained by your own hard work and healthy diet. 

A few people who took the Halodrol Liqui Gels gave their opinions after their course.  The overall rating from this group was 3.5/5. In general, there were several who took the entire course and had no results with it. 

Some had good results and we’re going to go for another course.  One gentleman in particular highly recommended it. Others found increased libidos, increased sizes, and still others just all together loved the product.

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Halodrol Prohormone Product

Currently, there is a prohormone Halodrol product available for sale by Gaspari’s nutrition outfit that he claims is legal.  This conflicts with the ban that was placed by former President Barrack Obama in 2014 against prohormones, along with any other substance that did not occur naturally within the body. 

They were deemed unsafe, and it was said they were not to be sold.  They are definitely being sold online.

These tablets are 250 mg with 30 tablets per box. You’re to take no more than one time per day.  It says you should take it 30 minutes prior to training, but if it’s a off day, then either one in the morning or in the afternoon whichever you choose. 

You’ll pay $59.99 for this product which is $2 per pill.  So, a bit more than the gels.  They’re also more potent.

Potential Side Effects of Gaspari Halodrol

Halodrol has a lot of uses.  It is a testosterone boost which then increases the sex drive, builds muscle, enhances performance in athletics, reduces fat in the body, increases strength.  It makes you a beast. 

Quite literally actually because it also makes people very aggressive and edgy and hyper which are just a few of the side affects. If you are a migraine person, know your triggers because this will give you a headache.

One doctor described the results of taking it as a snowball effect.  The damage to the liver makes a person bloat up which brings about cardiovascular issues along with increased high blood pressure.  The thing, though, is all of those things are side effects of the Halodrol all by themselves.  So, if the liver damage creates those issues and the pill causes those issues, you’re in a lose-lose.

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With the folks who reviewed the Halodrol, they gave it a 4.5/5 rating.  They were all very pleased with this product. 

There was one who used it for two months and got nothing. A couple others  saw no results after a shorter period of time.  One complained of lethargy, low libido and aggressive behavior. 

There were those that thought it was not as good as the old but still worked and will go another course.  The positives felt it was a high-quality product and would definitely recommend it. 

One enjoyed it, felt “pumped” and will miss that energy.  A few mentioned headaches but felt like new and will go again.  It exceeded some expectations and did what it said it would do. Some were just wow-ed.


After the course of Halodrol is done, you’re left with low testosterone.  It takes months to get it back, if you do.  You have to take a multitude of supplements to counteract the side effects that could possibly happen to you, a massive list.

Then post taking the tablets you have to take supplements to get your body back, your testosterone boost, possibly one to battle estrogen.  

Some people experience a loss of all of the artificial results that they gained and go to the illegal side because they’ve gotten themselves obsessed with an image that isn’t real.  It messes with your mind, and you’ll never be happy or satisfied with the true version of yourself again.

This cycle needs to stop, but you have to stop it.

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