20 Signs That You Are a Gym Rat: Is This You?

By Mark / 9 months ago

Are you a true gym enthusiast? Check out this list and see if you qualify as a true gym rat - a serious bodybuilder who understands the need to put health and fitness first.

How to Know if You Are a Gym Super User

You love the gym. You get excited just thinking about the free weights, resistance machines, and cardio equipment.

When you are not in the gym, you are probably thinking about going there. If this sounds like you, you might be a gym rat. Keep reading to learn about some signs that will tell you if you are truly a gym rat.

1. You Prefer the Gym to the Pub

If you would rather spend your time sweating and lifting iron, instead of having drinks with your friends and trying to pick up in the pub, you are probably a gym rat.

2. You Know Everyone at the Gym

If you go to the gym and know the names of all the personal trainers, gym goers, and maybe even the people who clean the gym, there is a good chance you are a gym rat.

3. You Have Favorite Equipment

You are a gym rat if you specifically know which set of dumbbells you use all the time, have a favorite spot to perform calisthenics, or know exactly which machines are perfect for you.

4. You Have Become a Fashionista

You are a gym rat if you can tell who has worn the same workout clothes in any given week.

5. Missing a Workout Makes You Sad

You really have it bad for the gym if you feel guilty or sad when you miss a workout. It could be for a very good reason, but that does not matter. You would rather be at the gym than anywhere else.

6. You Are Treated as an Employee

If the gym staff invites you to holiday parties or let you participate in special events that the gym is holding, you can consider yourself a gym rat.

7. All of the Staff Know Your Phone Number

It is one thing if your trainer has your phone number to contact you if he or she has to reschedule, but you are a gym rat if all the staff know your phone number and will call you if they don’t work out for a day or two.

8. Other Gym Goers Think You Live There

You see people in the gym often, or rather they see you, and comment on the fact that you are always there. They may even ask if you have stashed a mattress somewhere in the gym so you can sleep there.

9. You Are Asked if You Are a Trainer

You are there a lot, you are in good shape, so people ask you if you are a personal trainer and start asking you questions about how to do this exercise or the best ways to lose fat.

10. Most of Your Wardrobe is for the Gym

If your wardrobe is about 50% comprised of outfits that are best suited for the gym or working out, you might have gym rat tattooed on your forehead.

11. You Spend A Really Long Time at the Gym

To you, spending less than two hours at the gym is a waste of time. In fact, two hours is when you are doing a “quick” workout.

12. You Only Date People at the Gym

You have specific goals for life and the primary goal is the gym. Why waste energy on someone who doesn’t go to the gym often? If you only date people at the gym, you are a certified gym rat.

13. Everything Comes Second to the Gym

You are ten minutes late for work because you are at the gym. You are late to your friend’s party because you were at the gym. You are late or forgo many events because you are at the gym and you’re damn proud of it.

14. you Get Annoyed when other Gym Goers Use a Machine You Need

It’s chest day and you need to use a bench, but someone else has the audacity to be using your favorite bench.

15. Your Mail Goes to the Gym

If you have had packages mailed to the gym instead of your home, you can rest assured that you are a gym rat.

16. You Can’t Understand the Meaning of Rest Days

If you think that a rest day means working out for one hour instead of three hours, there is no doubt that you are a gym rat.

17. You Love the Equipment So Much You’ve Named It

If you’ve named the treadmill Hillary, the Smith Machine Ben, and you commonly refer to the bench as Thor, then you truly are a gym rat.

18. Every Time You Hit a New Personal Record You Do a Special Dance

You are a gym rat if hitting a new personal record makes you break out into a dance that looks like you are auditioning for a spot on Dancing with the Stars.

19. When Your Workout is Too Hard for a Trainer

If personal trainers look at you in wonderment as you are working out, you are a hardcore gym rat.

20. You Forget Your Protein Shake and Worry that Your Muscles Will Disappear

The strongest sign you are a gym rat is when you miss a protein shake after a workout and start panicking. You rush home as soon as you can and down a shake within seconds, hoping you did not ruin a month’s worth of work.

Gym Rats Are Cool

It is okay if you are a gym rat. It just means that you are truly dedicated and truly in love with bodybuilding. It is what drives you, what makes you tick. Some may say you are obsessed, but a wise person once said that obsessed is what the lazy call the dedicated.

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