Nine Proven Ways to Build Bigger Muscles, Faster (These Work!)

By Mark / a few months ago
how to build bigger muscles faster

So you want bigger muscles, huh? Here's how to get them in a hurry. These simple techniques will force your muscles to grow at your command.

Gaining Muscle Mass

Did you ever look into the mirror and think you need more muscle mass? If you want to build bigger muscles in a hurry, then tighten up your seat belt and join us while we talk about how to get larger and stronger in no time.

First, let’s discuss what affects our muscle growth. People often make the mistake of saying that muscles grow while we are training.

That is wrong, because when our body is relaxing after a good workout, our muscles will slowly start to cool down.

If during that time we get the right nutrition our muscles need, we will force them to grow faster.

Some of the ways to get bigger muscles are through:

  • Muscle overload
  • Recovery period
  • Proper nutrition

Let’s look at how to increase your muscle mass:

#1. Overloading our Muscles

Overloading your muscles means that you should not let them get used to the same daily routine over and over again.

Instead, you should try to increase the difficulty of your training after some time, so your body will always be prepared for harder workout sessions.

That will speed up your muscle-building process.

#2. Allow The Right Recovery Period

What is the recovery period and how does it affect our muscle growth?

It is the period after our workout routine during which our muscles are slowly getting used to the overload and getting prepared for the exertion to come.

It is important to keep our body rested if we want to keep increasing the speed of muscle gain.

#3. Getting the Right Nutrition

Imagine this: you do the perfect workout every time, you rest enough each time after it, and you repeat it for let’s say two months, always increasing the difficulty of your training, but in the end, your muscles don’t grow.

This indicates that you may need to change your diet.

 Proper nutrition is the key to developing bigger muscles, and if you don’t take care of nutrition, your body will stay the same, no matter how hard you work out.

#4. Creating a Caloric Surplus

Caloric surplus occurs when we eat more calories than our body requires.

If you don’t train your body enough those extra calories will result in an increase of fat in the body.

#5. Applying Medicine in Cream Form

If you overdid things during your training, your muscles and joints would probably start to hurt and during that time, it is important to rest.

If you continue, you will only slow down the muscle-building process.

If the pain from your muscles and joints doesn’t go away, be sure to use joint relief medicine and make sure it is in the form of cream so you can apply it directly to your muscles to speed up the healing process.

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#6. Having a good workout schedule

Many people make the mistake of working out each day, not giving the body enough time to recover.

If we spend too much time working out, exhaustion will prevent us from progressively increasing intensity.

So our muscles will remain as they were.

For most people, the best workout schedule for optimal results is four days per week of activity,while using the other three days to rest. Try a program like Kris Gethin's to organize your training.

#7. Working Your Big Muscle Groups First

Studies show that building up muscle mass on your larger muscles groups will increase the speed at which you build up muscles in other groups.

So concentrate on your back, chest and leg muscles. Make sure also to work them at least once a week since that will speed up the general process of building big muscles.

#8. Reducing Cardio Activity

Cardio activity is perfect for staying in shape and forming the already achieved muscle mass, but if you want to build up bigger muscles faster you should probably avoid it for some time.

During your regular cardio activities, you burn out your calories, and that will stop caloric surplus which will possibly slow down your muscle mass gain.

You should return to your cardio activity after you gain some muscles since that would help you by shaping the muscles.

#9. Speeding up Muscle Growth

Supplements are a bonus to your regular nutrition which increase the rate at which you gain weight and muscles.

Some of the supplements you can use are Casein Protein, Creatine, and Glutamine.

Remember only to take additional supplements only if you want to get bigger and if the previously mentioned ways didn’t help you in your goal.

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Building Bigger Muscles, Faster

Following this advice you will surely notice that your muscle gain speed has increased, but also do note, which even if you follow all of this, it will still be a long road to get really big muscles.

In the end, the biggest factor in getting big muscles is motivation.

It doesn't matter whether you are an endomorph, ectomorph or mesomorph.

Keep yourself motivated, take the time to rest so your muscles, remember to have proper nutrition and a good workout schedule, and you will be half way to achieving big muscles.

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